Con morriña desde Madrid

Miss lopez in Madrid
Hola a todos desde Madrid.  Al aterrizar me quede sorprendida de una hermosa luna casi llena de colores  rojizos. Cada vez estoy mas convencida que la vida es  un milagro, cosa que tambien corroboraba el mismo Einstein, si asi lo crees. Bueno mucho que contar y muy cansada de esra noche en velo esperando mi nuevo viaje. Tengo muchas ganas de disfrutar de  estas vacaciones en  cassa y tan pronto pueda os pondre al dia de mispensamientos y actividades. Y eso, si,  ahora  a cargar energias.

Miss Lopez en Madris

Nos vemos
Y por cierto he  hecho un video desde MADRID

Miss Lopez in Madrid…Matador dresses & more. Viva San Isidro!

I went to visit my uncle Antonio Lopez owner of the best matador dresses house in the world in La Puerta del Sol. Dresses made of gold. Check more here FERMIN Cool!

Here at my uncle´s business and one of the staff…really popular place full of famous people…sometimes, cool

All the matador dresses are taylor made and really expensive & high quality…really busy these days at San Isidro Feria

Here at FERMIN with my uncle on my right and El Juli matador manager all posing… 🙂

Then I went to El Retiro park in Madrid to get a boat. Nice!

Then I came too late but here you have at least the picture of Las Ventas bull plaza…
Worth visiting…!
Viva Madrid & Feelgood! Check more here TURISMOMADRID and let me know!

Miss Lopez in Madrid: Cibeles, Neptuno, Royal Palace, Queen Isabel square & Puerta del Sol! & Hotel Meninas!

Hola! Back to Sweden from wonderfull Madrid, I love it! 🙂

Neptuno statue on my back. Viva Madrid at night!

Sunny Madrid…Here in la Plaza de Queen Isabel close to my hotel in the historical Madrid…

I really love my suite at Hotel Las Meninas

I show you my room. Don´t you like it too?

Here at the Royal Palace in Madrid and one person without head… 🙂

Here outside Almudena church in Madrid…so big!

Here in my way to Plaza Mayor in a really old plaza…like in the really old days in Spain.

La Plaza Mayor in Madrid…really nice!

Here in 0 km in Madrid: La Puerta del Sol! So much fun!
Ok I´ll be back soon with more news from Madrid!
Wanna more info about Madrid? Check this: TURISMOMADRID & Feelgood!
I really loved being in Madrid! Hasta pronto amigos! 🙂

Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker in a real matador dress as Miss López!

Hola amigos! This is Sarah Jessica Parker in Spanish El Pais new fashion edition cover in a matador jacket. Isn´t it cool?
And here Miss López in a real one as well! This was a few months ago when I went to visit my uncle in Madrid at his company office Fermin where Almodovar from El Deseo film production among other film stars…from Hollywood as well used to order & buy his matador cloths. Check the post from that time:

Miss Lopez in a matador dress. Isn´t it brave? 🙂 Is not I am for bullfights (I am not actually) but I do admire brave people in general who dare. Isn´t it cool being brave? I do think so!In fact in order to be a real business woman & entrepreneur according to my opinion you´d better be brave as well! /by Miss Lopez! 🙂

Always Feelgood!

Viva brave women and Feelgood Womanhood!

By the way Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker believes in Cheap & Chic. So Coool!

Hola! Check a Shakira with dark hair and very "Rabiosa" in her last videoclip

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ has not forgotten so even today as everyday I write to you my news: Miss Lopez news! 🙂 I hope you like them! Today I went to see the last film of Pirates of the Caribbean with Penelope Cruz and I love it! Very Spanish the whole film by the way!
I think it´s great Miss Lopez´s repporters from Italy, Miss Marisa and Miss Miranda are sending you the news from Cannes right now. Isn´t it great?. For sure the next film I want to see. Are someone out there in the “interspace” who wants to come with Miss Lopez? 🙂 Let me know!
By the way, there have been so many that told me they love my posts from Madrid  in a real matador dress. This next week I think I am going to wear the vest I got as a present from my uncle from Madrid, but this time I may wear it in Stockholm. Cool with a new look sometimes! I love it! Miss Lopez in a matador vest in Stockholm!! 🙂
But talking about new looks, there is something I want to share with you tonight: Shakira´s new look! Isabel her real name or Shakira the artist name, with dark hair in her last videoclip in cooperation with the Dominican rappero El Cata. She is originally dark and I think she also looks very nice in her new look. And you, do you like it too?
Dare to change your look! Show you as you are and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood with a Latin touch! Check Isabel Shakira´s new video! COOOL!!

Miss Lopez tapas tour in Madrid part 3: Plaza Mayor. Beautiful!!

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ just arrived from Spain to Sweden! I am back in Sweden. I have just arrived for a few hours so tonight I am going to dedicate my time to blogging. While in Madrid I have been so busy with all my visits that at the end I didn´t have time to blog, so I do it now!! And I promise it´s going to be a lot of blogging tonight! Miss Lopez tonight!! All night Miss Lopez!!! 🙂

I must say I miss Madrid already. Such a big city and such a quality of life! Nothing like the Latin touch in your Lifestyle! 🙂

So now Miss Lopez Tapas tour nr 3 at Plaza Mayor! See really beautiful! In fact you can almost find nice plazas like this one in almost Spanish city but Madrid´s plaza is just awesome! When I have been there with my guide he took me to eat a typical “bocadillo de calamares”. I love it! 🙂 When I lived in Spain I used to eat bocadillo de calamares very often so this time was very special to me. Viva bocadillo de calamares in Spain!!! Try it you too! So cool!

When there it was an exposition about German language and German companies in Spain like Mercedes, Audi… Viva cultural and business interaction!

And then we when to a Tablao Flamenco to taste my favourite dish, Paella of course and see a bit of flamento music too. Cool!

By the way, for those in Stockholm, do you know you can see flamenco dancing at Kunsträdgården tomorrow around 7 pm. I´ll be there!

Viva flamenco in Scandinavia too and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez at Kungsträdgården tomorrow! COOL!!!

Miss Lopez going to Madrid today. See Madrid very soon with me by Miss Lopez!

Hola amigos!
What a nice job I have! Today I am travelling to Madrid, Spain to show you, my readers  the big city and capital of Spain where I am from too and I have been living before at Miss Lopez´s blog. Isn´t it great to be a blogger at Miss Lopez? 🙂
I think so…I must hurry up and I do not have much time to write right now. Sorry! I just wanted to say Good Morning to you all from a still cold Sweden and I want you to know I am really looking forward to blogging to you from Madrid. I feel like a reporter, Cool! Miss Lopez´s reporter!
I must thank very much my sponsors like Iberia, Tour Spain, Hotel Meninas, Oficina de Turismo de Madrid… Thank you all! Gracias!
Nice to be back to Madrid. I love it! 🙂
See you there tonight! Viva Madrid and Felgood!

So excited! Miss Lopez in Madrid next Thursday! Meanwhile see now Madrid in 3D with Google Earth

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ in Sweden in a special day here with Spring celebrations! Time to celebrate! 🙂 Viva la primavera!
Myself I am getting very excited about my trip to MADRID, Spain next Thursday! This is a very special trip to me as it´s sponsored by many companies from Spain like Tour Spain, Iberia, Madrid tourist office, my top hotel in Madrid…in order to show you in my blogg the beauty and grace of the capital of Spain, Madrid! Cool with Miss Lopez blog!
Well as you may already know most of my family is from Madrid, though I have family too in La Coruña, in the north west of Spain, Galicia. I feel too very close to Madrid as my father was a real Madrilian from the big city… 🙂 In fact before I moved to Sweden I used to live in Madrid and it´s so cool!
Now I feel I do not want to tell you too much to keep the mystery but while I am there I am going to blog a lot and take pictures as well so you can see Madrid in real time!!! I know there is a busy schedule waiting for me those days and it´s going to be so much fun! 🙂 Day and Night in Madrid! The city that never sleeps!
I´d be nice if someone of you wants to visit Madrid with me. Would you follow me? Shall we see Madrid together? Let me know! See more info about MADRID. Check it out!
Meanwhile take a tridimensional trip to Madrid with this video from Google Earth! So nice! Viva Madrid! I´ll be staying at Hotel Meninas in the historical very central area. Check it out!
I am looking forward to blogging in Madrid for You! And remmember don´t get too drunk today and wish me well!! Puss, Puss!!

Till startsidan