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Tour Spain affischer

Swedish/ allt börjar klarna sig och det känns som allt, varje sak börja falla på sin plats…bara bra. Jag var lite rädd att hämta posten hos min postbox men inga dåliga överraskningar hade kommit…däremot en bra grej, ett paket från Spanska turist byrå som hade skickat några affischer för kommande info event, Hitta bostad i Spanien (ADLINK)

Nu finns en gatupratare på Orient Tours, vår samarbetspartner som hjälper till med visningsresor till er.

Jag återkommer med mera nyheter om eventet nästa onsdag.
Under tiden kan ni kolla på Sol nu

Feelgood in Spain event at Puerta del Sol in collaboration with Tour Spain and Orient Tours


English:  Here you can see me yesterday in the company of Katarina & Don from ORIENT TOURS and Octavio, Director of  Tour Spain in Stockholm. It took a while before all people came but after all we had a great time in this promotional Spain event…for those who like travelling to Spain and have a good time with quality! So now enjoy the pictures & tapas too at Puerta del Sol Tapas restaurant in Stockholm. Cool!
By the way Orient Tours has made really good travel weekendtrips to you  so you can already start booking…Check
Spanish: Hola amigos! Por fin me funciona el internet! Bueno aqui os mando la informacion del evento que tuve ayer en el restaurante de tapas Puerta del Sol en Estocolmo en colaboracion con Tur Spain y la agencia de viajes, Orient Tours que ha hecho unos paquetes de calidad y muy interesanes para que podais disfrutar España de verdad…No os gustaria echaros una escapadita a Madrid o Barcelona? 🙂 Pues ya sabeis poneros en contacto con Orient Tours & Feelgood!
Espero que os gusten las fotos del evento!
Svenska: Kolla igår event på Puerta del Sol restaurang i samarbete med ORIENT TOURS och TUR SPAIN. Om ni vill åka till Spanien för en weekend, de har gjort extra intressanta paketresor för dig. Kolla på deras sida!
Hoppas att ni tycker om bilderna!










Viva feeling good in Spain!



TAPAS!: Miss Lopez Feelgood in Spain event coming soon in cooperation with Orient Tours & TurSpain

Hi! Don´t miss my new coming event on the 23 th of Octuer with the collaboration of ORIENT TOURS & Tour Spain…
Hola! Si vives o estas de paso por Estocolmo, no te pierdas mi proximo evento el 23 de este mes…
Hej! Missa inte mitt nästa event MÅ BRA I SPANIEN EVENT i samarbete med Orient Tours & Tour Spain. Här kommer inbjudan till er:
Vi kommer säkert att äta goda tapas på Puerta del Sol restaurang i Stockholm..Cool! 🙂
Men innan dess kommer jag snart att åka till Budapest i samarbete med resebyrån ORIENT TOURS som har hjälpt mig med resan…Ta Katarina! Där kommer jag säkert att äta gulash!! Jag ser verkligen fram emot! 🙂


So tasty! I love it too!

Viva culinary experiences & feelgood!

Viva good food to make you feel gooood!!!

Miss Lopez soon discovering Budapest with the collaboration of travel agency Orient Tours


Budapest! I´ll be there on Wednesday for two days and I have already done my luggage 🙂 it´s going to be interesting as i have never been there and i have heard very good about Budapest…cool!
and if short (only two days really), twice as good! 🙂 I think Budapest is perfect as weekend trip if you live in Europe, isn´t it?
By the way, I am having a new info event about Spain with the collaboration of ORIENT TOURS for a more interesting travelling,  are you coming? HERE you may apply:!/events/218535944978361/
Spanish: De viaje otra vez, esta vez a la bella Budapest por dos cortos dias pero ya sabeis, lo bueno si breve dos veces bueno :)…y el dia 23 de este mes, evento con esta agencia de viajes y TurSpain!/events/218535944978361/
Swedish: Nu på onsdag, Budapest i samarbete med ORIENT TOURS!! Förresten MISSA INTE mitt nästa event!/events/218535944978361/
Viva travelling collaboration & feelgood!
Viva good travelling! This is life & feelgood womanhood! 🙂

Miss Lopez beauty tips from Söder Stockholm for nice feet..

What about taking care of your feet now the warmer season is coming…Today I went to the salon to have a pedicure done. Nice! 🙂

Actually my real first pedicure in Sweden at Styling by Brazil. The adress is Katarina Bangan 15, Södermalm. Cool!

Here the pedicure expert from Brazil…Thanks so much!

After the treatment I felt so good! Ready for my working & walking day…By the way are you coming to my new event about the importance of feeling good with your body? Check my Faebook event:

Then business meetings like the one I have had at Stureplan with Anna freelance at about events and at Tour Spain among other business meetings of the day…

and at the end of the day, nice meeting my Spanish friends in Stockholm with kids. Cute, isn´t it?
Viva a balanced everyday life & Feelgood!
This is Feelgood Womanhood too!

Miss Lopez in Barcelona: Part 1

Hi from Stockholm again! Sorry I haven´t being blogging these days but you know, sometimes  you need a rest after travelling… 🙂 Check the pictures for last Sunday me in Barcelona. I must say it has been great and meet my friend from Barcelona too. Nice! Thank you for the pictures!

Me leaving La Coruña airport in my way to Barcelona.

Here when I have just arrived to Plaza de Cataluña. Check the typical taxis from Barcelona in black & yellow

The taxi driver took this picture in Plaza de Catalunya in front of El Corte Ingles and beautiful buildings

Miss Lopez in one of the best areas of Barcelona & Paseo de Gracia close to the amazing Gaudi building

Here even closer to Gaudi building so famous

Here you have Gaudi building. I love it! I love art expressions like this! 🙂

Here at Barcelona terraces. I love them all! Viva tapas! Viva tapas with Miss Lopez! 🙂

Here outside another Gauidi building with lots of turists  too…

See check the Japanese tourists…taking pictures too.

Well as I have a lots of pictres I want to show you there will be part 2 & 3 of Miss Lopez in Barcelona. Stay tuned more news are coming…

Viva Miss Lopez News & Feelgood!

Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD from Barcelona too! by Miss Lopez 🙂

Blogging with family & friends from A Coruña soon…

Hola! From tomorrow I`ll be blogging for a few days  from A Coruña, the city where I was born. So excited to blog to you from Galicia in the north west of Spain soon! I´ll be there to meet my family & friends! Cool!

A Coruña by night! The city where Miss Lopez was born right in the Athantic ocean. Water & beaches everywhere! I love it!

The city where I grow up and always remmember…A city to enjoy! 🙂

Introducing one of my best friends, Marisol! Here me on the right with her last summer. I look forward to seeing her soon…By the way she has being blogging before with lots of recipes from her home in A Coruña & USA where she has been living many years in Minneapolis. On our back San Anton Castle, a fortress against the English when Francis Drake  tried to invade A Coruña, but not… 🙂 Many, many years ago…  I love history! Interesting don´t you think so?

And here me from my place last summer… Let´s see what is the weather like! Keep our fingers crossed!! 🙂

And now I must go to get ready for tomorrow…

Hasta la vista babies! see you from Spain next time! Pretty soon! Be happy & Feelgood!

Do you know you can also get decoration tips by Miss Lopez?

Hi! Yes it´s true! You may know already I am a agent for REVERT in Sweden. Looking for decoration tips for your bedroom & furniture? well Miss Lopez is the solution! 🙂
Check  one of my clients Fia Fox at her shop in Stockholm with Spanish Revert fabrics that has lived in Panamá and Perú as a kid and speaks perfect Spanish. Fia at Stilbrott has started 16 years ago with a furniture restoration workshop, and then six years back she has been working together with her colleage  Li Zettervall at Li’s Tapetseri in Katarina Bangatan 42, Södermalm, Stockholm.  Here Fia a while ago…

Check the sofa by Fia & co with Spanish Revert and Designers Guild`s fabrics. By the way Designers Guild has decorated Buckingham´s palace in London. I understand Stilbrott has many cool  famous and well-known people as clients at Söder!

Cool! Isn´t it? Well here below a more conventional way of seeing REVERT for your bedroom…

See! I love the quality! And below Miss Lopez me in Madrid months ago in a hotel at Plaza de la Reina Isabel II invited by Tour Spain.

See I love bedding! 🙂 Do you like Miss Lopez bedding? 

Viva Miss Lopez decoration tips & Feelgood!

In 10 days I am travelling to Spain again! Check more reasons to like brands made in Spain:
Hasta la vista amigos! by Miss Lopez 🙂

Can you imagine Miss Lopez in a bikini?

As I am a beach girl I love bikinis! 🙂 I was born close to the best beaches in the world in Galicia and I love the sea!!! Specially from the Athantic coast in the north of Spain…so beautiful!
Still in Sweden waiting for the spring to come and other good news like the baptism of Princess Stelle & more…but soon in around ten days going to Spain for a short visit. I don´t know if the weather there in A Coruña, Galicia would be good enough to go to the beach but can you imagine Miss Lopez in a bikini? 🙂 Meanwhile I show you the ones I like. Very girly by the way…Cool! 🙂
Rosa bikin from Spanish label Blanco…I like it!

Beach sandal from Brazilina Ipanema…

Nice bikini from Oysho, Inditex from Galicia

And this wonderful bikini from Adidas by British Stella Mc Cartney…I like it! and you?

But before that my new event with TOUS coming soon at Stureplan. See you there!

Viva the beaches from Galicia and Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!

First Tapas cooking course with Miss Lopez of the season at the Hub Stockholm

Yesterday the night was young… 🙂 so I am blogging today instead about my first tapas event of the season at The Hub Stockholm. Do you remmember I were going to have Spanish Tapas cooking courses with Lets deal? Check it out!


tapas con miss loez
tapas con miss lopez

Lots of fresh food…

Me with the Spanish food on my back and The Hub Stockholm

Many Swedish people love Spanish Tapas. Here one my participants cooking. This is cool! 🙂

The table at The Hub`s kitchen looked so lovely with so many colours!

At the end we had lottery where one of the participants got a Miss Lopez Help at Home voucher for free. Viva Miss Lopez Städ!

One participant got a special Miss Lopez bag and a third one in the lottery got Baby alpaca from Perú from my friend Rosa. Really the best wool in the world! Interested in making your own pullover? RN Brannvall has shop on line too.

Check me as a model for baby alpaca…at RNBRANNVALL

baby alpaca
baby alpaca

By the way you can find baby alpaca in Stockholm in NK, Senso Gusto in the Old town, PUB…You´ll find me, Miss Lopez in a picture in a little box with baby alpaca in… I hope the participant who got it is really happy! 🙂

I must thank my other sponsors like TOUR SPAIN eller check www.spain.infoHALSORUSET with the best massage  in town!, HOLD ME for a better gesture, Bebashairandbeauty Hair salon, Miss Barcelona with beauty treatment… THANK YOU ALL!

Viva Vardags Lyx med Miss Lopez & Feelgood!

I look forward for more of Miss Lopez tapas cooking course next week! Stay tuned with Miss Lopez News!



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