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Fika på Nobis Stockholm #Shakira och mina #shorts på min @misslopezcoaching Youtube

Jag bloggar nu väldigt sent efter jag har sett på Youtube nyheterna om Shakira att hon och Pique separeras. Jag kunde inte låta bli att titta på några Youtube video om deras historia.Det här med otrohet och att bli bedragen har alltid varit en svår sak för mig att ta in och brukar reagerar lite stark. Förresten vad tycker ni om otroheten?

Idag träffade min kompis Amelia, en designer som håller nu på parfymer och vi åker till Sydney Australia denna sommar. Vad rolig!. Jag passade på att göra några #shorts på Youtube

Vi träffades på Nobis och andra ställe kring min favorit stadsdel i Stockholm, Östermalm och sen vi gick till Gamla stad. Bästa plats att ta en riktigt svensk fika!. Vet ni att ordet fika, precis som man säger på svenska, används även internationellt, till exempel i Spanien?.

Det märks att priserna har stigit upp när man går på stan eller handla mat. Allt har blivit dyrare. Har ni märkt det?. Samma sak i andra länderna. Jag tänker på det när jag är ute med mina kompisar eftersom jag vill gärna att min vardagsliv behöva kosta skjortan. Har ni bra tips ?

Jag är glad att jag har haft en Youtube samarbete med JORGE PELLICER och märker att videon får mera visningar än vanlig och det känns väldigt roligt.

Vad tänker ni på?

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira – Super Bowl 2020

Hi! Today I woke up very early to go to an entrepreneur breakfast at The Park in Stockholm with Anna Jois about empowerment and how to get more leads. She also talks at Ted´s, cool. The first thing at the event was listening to Get Loud song of Jennifer Lopez to cheer up the people so early in the morning. Good thing! I really like this song and admire Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo to, a real power woman!
So happy I have found out Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are playing together at the Super Bowl USA next year. Good news and a nice surprise too! It feels the perfect match and I love them too! Viva the Latin spirit in the world!
Check the video!

and here my just awaked face in the morning. Bit tired but happy.

By the way, I have made up my mind so my focus is going to be in writing books, ebooks, audiobooks, and COURSES too!. About empowerment and entrepreneurship of course!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood
Everybody should be an entrepreneur!

From Madrid, Spain Shakira at Spanish Top 40 music awards with a new look!

Here Shakira in Spain with a new look! Cute. In Madrid this weekend has been the Spanish top 40 in music, or shall I say Los Cuarenta Principales I grow up with lisening to music in Spain. She got the award to the Latin music artist with more international influence in the whole world. Viva Shakira!.
You know now her boyfriend & Barcelona football player Gerard Piqué is in El Clasico so if Barcelona football club wins today, what a weekend for Shakira!!! 🙂
I love changing looks sometimes, don´t you? Renovarse o morir…
Viva new looks to feelgood! & Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss López News: Shakira goes Hollywood…

Shakira thanking her fans yesterday at Hollywood walk of fame

News from Hollywood! This Latina icon from Colombia has just got her star at the walk of fame in Hollywood. A dream comes true! Congratulations! The thing is every woman has her star so is a matter to bring it out! Don´t you agree? The most important: believe in yourself! 🙂

Viva going Hollywood! Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Hasta la vista babies!

Miss Lopez in Spanish version: Spanska a la López!

Hola amigos & amigas! The Spanish version is much better! Check this Loca by Shakira! In Spanish…
Are you interested in learning a bit of Spanish with a real Spanish? I mean Miss Lopez of course! Well in that case send me an e mail to and I´ll send you the information. As I live in Sweden I am going to call this special course “Spanska a la López”. it sounds good, isn´t it?
Hasta la vista babies! and learn Spanish you too by Miss Lopez!
Viva “Spanska a la López” & Feelgood!

Breaking News: Now Learning Spanish by Miss López. Check Loba!

Well, you know LOPEZ is a Spanish surname deriving from Latin Lupus that means wolf, now Lobo for the masculine and Loba for the femenine in the Spanish language nowadays…Lisen to Shakira singing in Spanish  in “Loba”. I like it, do you?

And you, would you like to learn more Spanish with Miss Lopez?… 🙂
Coming soon…
Hasta la vista Amigos!!

Inspiration is back when "the sun comes up"…and Miss Lopez meets Swedish singer Camilla Brinck


Hello! Miss Lopez is back and soon stronger than ever! 🙂 Well still with a bit of a cold but getting better and That´s the most important!. Yes Never give Up! This is Miss Lopez! 🙂
Today I have had the pleasure to meet this Swedish artist, singer, writer and producer Camilla Brinck at Hotel Scandic Anglais at Stureplan, Stockholm. I´ve met her for the first time at Lifestyle Charity event where Carola Häggkvist were singing too. Check it out!
It´s been great to meet her and getting to know her a bit more and I hope I can see her  when the times comes for her new album coming soon: “Breaking”.  She told me about the importance of  getting back the inspiration in her work and I agree completely. She actually had a contract for Virgin records (2002),  has a music video Bye Bye Forever that the influence American Tommy Mottola (2003) got interested in so Check it out you too now but it could not make it at that time because of her contract with Virgen. Because of that she had lost the inspiration for almost three years but then it came back, like a miracle! so lisen to more! Thank God she had painting too! On Dear I can really relate to her! Viva la creatividad!!
Camilla in the group Noveau Riche :
I must say I really like her work. I love it! 🙂
Well and now after all this time inspiration is back and stronger than ever. She has a release album coming soon (I´ll tell you more about it in a few days) and own record company ALLIMAC and site so Cool!
And now for Camilla Brinck after the rain, as in Shakira´s latest album “the sun comes up”… 🙂 After all what´s creation without inspiration?
Viva the inspiration when the sun comes up every day and Feelgood!

Viva Women artists! Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!

And now getting ready to my new even, are you coming? See you!

Hasta la vista babies!! I am so happy I am going to meet my old friend from Galicia married to a German guy in Sweden tomorrow at Scandic Anglais at Söder at 3 pm after all this time! The sun comes up even tomorrow! 🙂 Ciao!

Miss Barcelona-Shakira celebrated the Champions with the players and I celebrated it in Pacha Stockholm



Singer Shakira dances in front Gerard Pique and his teammates during her concert in Barcelona


with pacha go go dancers

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some news about the Champions League celebrations in Barcelona and how I celebrate it in Stockholm. 😉
As you can see in the video, last Sunday the 29th, FC Barcelona’s fans were all over the city following “LA RUA”, the parade, leaded by the bus were the players were dancing and singing, celebrating the victory. VIVA FC BARCELONA’S FANS!!!! 😉
The bus went all the way from Camp Nou stadion, to the center of the city and then back in a trip that took around 3 hours, once in the stadium, all the players and the coach, Pep Guardiola, gave several speeches to the more than 90000 fans congregated there, when Pique’s turn arrived, he made a very clear statement: “We don’t take drugs, we don’t fake injuries, we don’t buy referees, we just play football” and he added “ see you all tonight at Shakira’s concert”. And it looks like all the players were there and some of them, lead by Pique, even went up to the stage and at least try to move their hips like the Colombian star. VIVA FC BARCELONA AND VIVA SHAKIRA!!!!! 🙂
But I also wanted to celebrate the well deserved victory, so since the Spanish club brand PACHA was having it first party in Stockholm, I decided that it would be a good way of celebrating, look at me with my FC Barcelona scarf posing with the go go dancers that were greeting the guest at the door. You would think I am crazy but I had to bring my scarf with me. 😉
Pacha is a worldwide known club brand, house of the most amazing parties in the planet, Dj’s as David Guetta, Swedish house Mafia, Bob Sinclair, Eric Morillo, had had residencies in Pacha Ibiza for several years. This Spanish brand was founded by Ricardo Urgell the 22on of July of 1967 in the nearby Barcelona town of Sitges, they spread all over the country, Ibiza’s opened on 1970 and Madrid’s in 1980. But ther international expansion arrived on 1987 when they start opening clubs internationally. Pacha not only consolidates itself  by owning clubs but by organizing Pacha parties in several other clubs all over the world, like the one that took place in Stockholm last Saturday.
Pacha decorations, Pacha go go dancers, and of course Pacha DJ’s: Sebastian Gamboa, one of the most renewed Spanish Dj’s thanks to his work in Ibiza trough the last 20 years!!, he is one the indispensables of Ibiza’s nights.  We also could see StoneBridge there, he is a very well known Swedish Dj that has being in the profession for 20 years and has several number one in the Swedish and UK, and other 24 countries’ charts.
The atmosphere was amazing, amazing music, a great show and very happy Pacha lovers, it was like being in Spain!, I miss it so much, I am very happy because I will be there on the summer. VIVA SPAIN!!! 😉
Don’t miss the special on Ibiza that I will be doing on the summer with the best parties, the best clubs and of course the best beaches, only for you my dear Miss Lopez’s community. VIVA MISS LOPEZ COMMUNITY!!! 😉
Stay connected for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA LATIN TOUCH!!! 😉

Hola! Check a Shakira with dark hair and very "Rabiosa" in her last videoclip

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ has not forgotten so even today as everyday I write to you my news: Miss Lopez news! 🙂 I hope you like them! Today I went to see the last film of Pirates of the Caribbean with Penelope Cruz and I love it! Very Spanish the whole film by the way!
I think it´s great Miss Lopez´s repporters from Italy, Miss Marisa and Miss Miranda are sending you the news from Cannes right now. Isn´t it great?. For sure the next film I want to see. Are someone out there in the “interspace” who wants to come with Miss Lopez? 🙂 Let me know!
By the way, there have been so many that told me they love my posts from Madrid  in a real matador dress. This next week I think I am going to wear the vest I got as a present from my uncle from Madrid, but this time I may wear it in Stockholm. Cool with a new look sometimes! I love it! Miss Lopez in a matador vest in Stockholm!! 🙂
But talking about new looks, there is something I want to share with you tonight: Shakira´s new look! Isabel her real name or Shakira the artist name, with dark hair in her last videoclip in cooperation with the Dominican rappero El Cata. She is originally dark and I think she also looks very nice in her new look. And you, do you like it too?
Dare to change your look! Show you as you are and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood with a Latin touch! Check Isabel Shakira´s new video! COOOL!!

Till startsidan