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Still looking where to go in my vacations…:)
Here some tips to you too:
If you´re looking for awesome trips with all inclusive and more…cool!
What are you looking…
cruisescruises all over the world…
hongkongamazing cities like Hong Kong…& more
I haven´t decided yet…but soom 🙂
This time I am going to try with
Viva Miss Lopez Travel & Feel good!

Let´s make a better world with more bees! Global alarm!!

Did you know that bees are disappearing from the planet?…specially in highly developed agricultural countries that uses pesticides?
Read this in Spanish:
abejaThe thing is bees are very important for our ecosystem and all of us depend on them for a good enviroment…I am actually concerned about it!
Something to think about…do you have an idea? For sure using pesticides isn´t good so let´s make something about it!
Bees for a better world & feel good!
Miss Lopez together for a better world! 🙂

Bridal lingerie by Miss Lopez for coming weddings…every Thursday Pop Up Stores!

You know today Prins Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist got engaged…that means within a year more or less, a new big wedding in Sweden. Congratulation!
compromiso-suecia11-aHere the husband & wife to be…
(photo cordon press)
So cute!
(photo cordon press)
In Drottningholm palace where I have been so many times. I love it!
This makes me think about my coming bridal collection at Lingerie by Miss Lopez…and you know what? Every thursday Ill be having soon POP UP STORES in my showroom in Stockholm from 11 am to 7 pm to show you my new coming lingerie collection & bridal too! Cool!
Welcome to Skeppargatan 41 Stockholm or book a time for personal service by mail to…
See You!
Selmark Bridal Lingerie 2014 Collection (12)
Sure this outfit could be perfect in Sofia, don´t you agree? 🙂
Hasta la vista!

Pop up store at my showroom once a week!

I am working very much with my concept Lingerie by Miss Lopez…flyers, pop up store, franchise…everything to grow to make you feel good! 🙂
Well so once a week I am going to have pop a store at my showroom in Stockholm. Welcome to Skeppargatan 41 every thursday from 11 am to 6 pm. You can also book  a time for personal service here +46 8 520 24 550
Here comes Miss Lopez flyers…I hope you´ll like it! 🙂
Selmark Bridal Lingerie 2014 Collection (7)
In Swedish:
Välkommen till vårt showroom
Skeppargatan 41
30% rabatt vid uppvisande av denna flygblad eller boka gärna en tid för personlig provning på +46 8 520 24 550
Endast hos Miss Lopez 🙂
Hasta la vista!

Bridal Lingerie this Midsummer…

New Webbshop! Miss Lopez Home with Lingerie & more. Visit www.misslopez.netSelmark Bridal Lingerie 2014 Collection (7)
Nice lingerie! Don´t you think so?
Selmark Bridal Lingerie 2014 Collection (12)I know how difficult can be to find really nice lingerie when youre having your day…
So now I discover I can really help women to find the “right one” :). I am so happy to introducing my new business concept Lingerie by Miss Lopez even for bridal. Cool, don´t you think?
So I am planning once a week to have a pop up store at my show room at least at Skeppargatan 41, Stockholm but you can also find lots of stuff at my webbshop,
24 hours a day of course! 🙂
More news about Lingerie by Miss Lopez coming soon…
By the way, GLAD MIDSOMMER! (Happy Midsummer in Swedish)
This is Feelgood Womanhood!

Pictures from my preview Pop up store with Lingerie by Miss Lopez

Sorry I could not do my blogging these days so I show you the pictures from my preview pop up store with Lingerie by Miss Lopez. I hope it´s OK but I do promise this time my focus will be in my new concept “Lingerie by Miss Lopez”…wonderful underwear for women! So happy! 🙂
I look forward to have a new pop up store with Lingerie by Miss Lopez. Next time at my showroom in SKEPPARGATAN 41, 114 52 Stockholm. For booking just send me an e mail to…So cool!
pop1So interesting to start a new concept…
Viva Lingerie by Miss Lopez & Feelgood!