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And the winner of "Cleaning Lady" prize is…Catherine Hirota!!

Hi! Today we know who is the winner of two hours cleaning at home for free from Swedish company “Cleaning Lady“…Catherine Hirota! Check it out!

Here a very happy lady, full of energy: Catherine winner of this Miss Lopez contest on Facebook. Congratulations!

I think it´s great here at Miss Lopez can have this kind of contest: two hours cleaning at your house for free.

But let me introduce you this positive woman living in Stockholm, full of energy by the way! She loves motiveting people, that´s why! and has a blog Energibruden where she blogs about food, health and exercise…all you need to get more energy, passion and happyness in you life. Thanks Catherine! I am sure she is a good icon to all women too!

Yes I think it´s great to get a little bit of help with cleaning when needed to enjoy life even more! Thanks Cleaning Lady! Perfect for the business & working woman! (of course housewives and mothers too!). For those who did not win still you can use the 126 code for better discounts if you live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Enjoy life full of energy like Catherine and feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody!

Congratulation by Miss López! 🙂

Elizabeth Hurley in pink for women´s health too!

October is here soon..From Miss Lopez for women´s health too as actress Elizabeth Hurley.  In fact she has become one of the greatest defenders in the fight against cancer these recent years. Here in the event organized by the cosmetics firm Estee Lauder at Selfridges Department Store in Oxford Street (London). With a total look in pink, I love it! 🙂  Liz showed her best smile and wanted to show her support in the fight against cancer that affects millions of women worldwide.
Viva women helping women for a good cause. Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Shoes to fall in love this Fall. Perfect for the business woman!

Hi from Miss Lopez to you world! 🙂 After being out all day having business meetings I notice how important is to have comfortable & elegant shoes at the same time. In my spare time I love going into shops and look what I find out! Shoes from Zara in silver and much more. In fact shoes make the style, don´t you think so?  Check it out!

Silver if you dare! I do but myself I prefer shoes with a bit of high heels…
And what about these pair from Marc by Mar Jacobs? Amazing & Perfect for the business woman!

Or you can choose this more classical style from Top Shop. don´t you think they are great?.

Well this must be passion for shoes, don´t you think so? I like this combination betwen feminine & masculine style that make then so easy to wear but with style!
Fall in love this fall with the right pair of shoes & feelgood! 🙂 Viva shoes for the business woman!

J.Lo new Ambassador for Spanish TOUS jewelry worldwide and Miss Lopez at TOUS shop in Stureplan

Miss Lopez at TOUS jewelry shop at Stureplan

J.Lo, Jennifer Lopez and TOUS=True!




















Hi! This time Miss Lopez has been invited to the new event by TOUS Stureplan as TOUS shops have got a new decoration in sweet femenine rosa. A good reason for celebration, don´t you think so? The thing is this international Spanish brand from Barcelona with more than 370 shops worldwide has a new Ambassador, J.Lo, of course the one and only Jennifer Lopez. Check the pictures. There are cute videos too!

I´ve been invited by the owner of TOUS Stureplan and in a few weeks the chief of this company from Barcelona, a Spanish female entrepreneur is coming to Stockholm too. I hope to have the pleasure to meet her as she is so famous in Spain & great female entrepreneur. Cool! I know this brand from Spain and there is so popular and chic to wear TOUS bags and jewelry. I don´t think is that popular now in Sweden but it´s coming as all the products are great and cute. I love them!

Viva chic bags & jewelry to make us Feelgood! Viva Female Ambassadors & business colaborations so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!!!!!!

Business mingling at Växa 2011 event in Operaterassen with Super female Swedish entrepreneur Therese Albrechtson…

Here Miss Barcelona, Super female entrepreneur Therese Albrechtson and Miss Lopez at the entrance of Växa event at Operaterassen, Stockholm

Fantastic buffé at Operaterassen, Växa event in Stockholm

Hi amigos! This Wednesday Miss Lopez & company, Miss Barcelona have had the pleasure to be invited to Växa 2011 event for Super entrepreneurial people in Sweden. Nice! well with great speakers and fantastic food in a beautiful place like Operaterassen you can not complain, for sure. In this event we met Super female entrepreneur Therese Albrechtson by the way expecting a baby and running four different companies. In fact she has been European female entrepreneur of the year as well. This is what I call a woman with female Super powers, don´t you think so? 🙂

There nearly 200 of the country’s most enterprising entrepreneurs to enjoy the fantastic networking and great speakers. One of them, Elaine Bergqvist shows how to speak in public or in other words rhetoric training that gives you the ability to use body language, tone of voice, dress and facial expressions strategically to reinforce messages. Really important! Viva rethoric coach!

Sven Hagströmer, has been another good speaker with companies like Oresund, Avanza, Bilia, Klarna or Ework. Amazing!
And the moderator: Mi Ridell, Ambassador for Women´s entrepreneurship as well as Miss Lopez. Cool! Mi also offers tips and tricks on how to  improve your performance on stage.

I think is great Miss Lopez´s blog is invited to these kind of events so we can keep you updated with the latest news for the business woman & lifestyle. Cooooool!!

Hasta la vista babies and get inspired by Miss Lopez!! For ever Feelgood Womanhood with such great icons like Therese Albrechtson too! 🙂

By the way Växa means grow, in Swedish. Vivan las mujeres emprendedoras y de carrera!!

Miss Barcelona interviews Therese Albrechtson.

therese albrechton at miss lopez

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with an interview with a very interesting business woman.
Her name is Therese Albrechtson from Göteborg, Sweden. She is a successful entrepreneur and has created 4 companies since 2005. One could thing that there is nothing special on this information but how would you react if I tell you that she is only 26 years old? VIVA YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS!!
Just one word: AMAZING. This Young entrepreneur was brave enough as to start her first company right after she finished her high school studies, she didn’t let some people’s doubts to bring her down and her effort has paid off. VIVA BUSINESS WOMEN!!
Self conscious of the need of encouragement for young entrepreneurs, Therese goes all over Sweden giving lectures about business. She talks in a humorous, positive way about her journey, giving practical advice and inspiring other entrepreneurs.
Right now she is organizing Växa 2011(grow 2011) together with one of her companies Academy of Excellence. This is an event that wants to help entrepreneurs and business leaders to grow their businesses.

Let’s see what Therese has to say about herself and about Växa 2011.

Therese as I said before I am very impress with you story. How did you decided to start you first company as such a young age? Are there entrepreneurs in your family whose role model inspired you to focus your career towards business?
Well it all started when we did a program called Young eterprise during my last high school year, I felt really inspired and I wanted to start up my first company rigth after I finished my studies.
There are no entrepreneurs in my family, my mother is a teacher and my father is the manager at a sports club so the desire to dedicate myself to business came actually from my high school program.

I can imagine that being so young; you could have raised doubts in some people about your decision. How did you deal with it and which is the best advice you can give to other entrepreneurs in the same situation?
I can understand that some people had doubts about my idea of starting my own company, I was very young, I had no academic education, and here I was traying to set up my own business.
But what kept me going was a winning atitude, and that is what I recomend to all the entrepreneurs that find themself in the same situation.
Don’t let what others think to bring you down, if you have a positive atitude, and you belive in yourself and you have a fighting spirit, you have a lot of numbers to succed, I really thing that your atitude and your drive can play a very important game. So don’t feel discorauge if you haven’t studied economics, or if you are young, your atitude can bring you very far on business.

How the idea of creating Academy of Excellence was born? What do you want to achieve with this company?
I was working with two small companies and I noticed that it was very hard to make them grow, so I talked with another entrepreneur Gustaf Oscarson, and we both agreed that we needed to create something that could help small and medium companies to grow because in Sweden there are more than 400 associations that help entrepreneurs to create their companies but nothing that could help them to grow.
I would like that more entrepreneurs would understand that it is important for their businesses to invest in education. In Academy of Excellence we have a 10 week program, each week they can  attend to our classes, they only take two hours, since we know how busy the entrepreneurs are; and each class is given by a succesful entrepreneur that would give them tips about an especific subject each week. One week we would talk about marketing, the other about finance, etc.
This classes give them the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur that has been in the same situation, and has over come it succesfully and will give them advice personally.
I especially would like to have more women in our groups since it seams that there are not so many women that are entreprenuers in Sweden.

Why would you recommend entrepreneurs and business leaders to attend Växa 2011? What would they miss out if they don’t go?
Växa is an opportunity to get inspiration form top entrepreneurs that would explain their journey in business and how they have develop their companies.
The most important thing about Växa is that you have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs while enjoing a nice evening. It allows you to establish relationships with people that in other circumstancies you may not be able to meet and that can contribute to the growth of your company.

Thank you very much for your time, I will see you at Växa 2011 in Opera Terrassen.

Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information on Växa 2011, always, with a Latin touch.

Miss Barcelona at Founders Alliance Entrepreneurs awards and the winners: Mai-Li Hammargren and more…

entrepreneurs galan


entreprenerus galan

entrepreneurs galan

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some new from Stockholm.
Yesterday 27th of September, Founder Alliance celebreted thier 10th edition of the Entrepreneurs Gala at Stockholm’s Waterfront congress centre.
Founders Alliance is a  networking club for leading entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help their members to build successful businesses.
In this Gala the best entrepreneurs of the year were awarded.
The winners of this year were:
The founder of the year 2011:
Johan Skarborg/Jeremis Andersson, Academic Work
The company of the year 2011:

Academic Work
The young entrepreneur of the year:
Mai-Li Hammargren, Mutewatch
You can see some of the pictures of this event including one of me and Mai-Li, who we expect to interview in the future.
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best news, always with a Latin touch.

Living la vida…

Hola! Here J.Lo living la vida dancing…Perfect to release frustrations. I love dancing!

Here Yesterday Miss Barcelona & Miss lópez living in Stockholm at Swedish American entrepreneurial forum, of course about entrepreneurship.
From now I am going to have more focus on business women & women´s icons. Great idea, don´t you think so?
Viva la vida! Whatever you want to live your life, enjoy it & Feelgood!
Living la vida loca…!

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore & Alicia Keys together for a good cause in Soho,New York

Hi my friends! Miss Lopez here. Soon we´ll be having a repporter from new York too. Great, isn´t it? I´ll let you know later on. Stockholm, Barcelona, New York…we´re gettinh BIG! 😀
Yes good news from Soho, New York this time. Women helping other women, like the ones in the picture. Besides being beautiful, rich and famous, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys share more than fame. The stars have just made Five debut, a short TV series of five interconnected stories to inform about breast cancer. This is a television project that tells the stories of five women connected by their experience with the disease. The aim is none other than to make the female population aware of the importance of having periodic reviews to ensure early diagnosis and support people fighting cancer.
I do think is great when famous people get together for a good cause. Viva women helping women!