Miss Lopez having breakfast in London on my way to Stockholm

Hello my babies! Miss Lopez speaking from London to you. How are you doing today?. Myself I have just had my breakfast and I am on my way to Stockholm. I must say breakfast in Spain is very “continental”, just a coffee, an orange juice and maybe a croissant…but in countries like UK or Sweden breakfast is much bigger. I like that, a good star of the day!

I must say I have allways liked very much countries like UK, USA and I used to live in England before I moved to Sweden too. Once, I´ve had an American boy friend (not anymore) that studied economics at University in Stockholm, long time ago and I used to spend a lot of time in USA too. And now on my way to Sweden after almost two weeks in Spain. I love interaction betwen cultures and I think it´s nice being international, don´t you agree? I hope with my blog I can contribute to more international undertanding too, and for women rights too! Feelgood Womanhood to all women all over the world! 🙂

You know, “la donna é móbile” as it´s said in Italian and this suits me very well, doesn´t it?

Viva international relationships and Feelgood! More news are coming too…

See you soon from Stockholm too. Hasta la vista babies!