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Misslopez tips: Feelgood Yoga with Marisol Hume from Chile

More news about yoga with Marisol Hume from Chile in the picture, our yoga expert at Misslopez. I share with you her tips as yoga is her life. Yoga is a wonderful tool for exercising your body, mind, and spirit.
The systematic practice of yoga leads to self-knowledge, and gives control over various aspects, both physical and mental.
Getting to know with yoga our nature helps restoring the lost balance that results in a state of harmony with yourself and with the environment giving you  joy. You will be able to get your fullest potential and the ability to give love to others in a more deeper way.
In the summer season in Sweden (and many other countries as well) nature dresses in bright colors that fill the air with joy, a wonderful light for the body and spirit.
So take your chance for a walk and enjoy the outdoors and feel good inside your body. I invite you to practice yoga, start at the “sun salutation” which is the most basic.
Have you ever done it? The only thing that matters is keeping your back straight and aligned.
Good luck with the sun and Feelgood

Marisol Hume´s new yoga technic from Chile is good for your soul

I want to introduce you to Marisol Hume from Chile in the picture, you can not believe she is 54, an incredible pretty flexibel woman and expert in yoga. She came all the way from Chile to Sweden where she married a swedish man, who she has a daughter with, Eva Sofia in the picture. The pictures were taken in the beautiful spa Pichidangui, last december 2009 in Chile.
Phodograf: Leif Eriksson
When I met her the first time a year ago she were going to launch her own bookthe technical system on the wall” and now you can find her book in the libraries. She has the  rights of the system on the wall that is a method of body work that is based on the techniques of modern dance, yoga and Pilates. It is a preventive method and postural positioning and align the bone structure, providing stretching techniques and muscle strengthening. Facilitates and complements any type of physical activity. This method achieves a balanced body and free of unnecessary muscle tension, a right way and harmonious, healthy positions. For the execution of exercises is only needed the help of a wall.
The practical part of Marisol Hume´s  book is divided into four units. The first two develop a basic level for beginners in 14 exercises in the supine position and 16 years in the sitting position. The third unit is moved to the intermediate level with 15 exercises in a standing position. The fourth unit contains four sequences of work for intermediate and advanced levels. The sequences on the wall consist of a group of interlinked exercises, designed to work on strength, flexibility, balance and stimulate creativity. The description is divided  into action to perform, descriptions of the technique to use and effect of exercise. Also includes photographs that serve as visual aids.
It also includes an appendix that describes positions in preparation for starting work and that can be performed by anyone without prior training.
Check out the system on the wall by Marisol Hume and Feelgood

Come to the Barcelona Fair for babies and moms

A new edition of lounge Babies & Moms , the annual meeting to  learn about all the news and trends in maternity and child care during 2010. This is  Spain’s most visited , with endless recreational activities and information for anyone during the weekend of 24 and 25 April, is being dropped by the Fira de Cornella, Barcelona.
Workshops yoga  to learn to relax during pregnancy, infant massage to apply to newborns, child care with crafts and painting competitions to let the ‘kids’ entertained for our visit, family play areas, restaurant baby, with free samples of baby food, and lectures on various topics such as nutrition, safety, maintenance of stem cells, the benefits of play or sleep problems are among activities more regular schedule demands of the classroom. The fair also features numerous special care areas, such as changing tables, stroller parking (to park the cart in exchange for a comfortable backpack carrier) and corner of breastfeeding , the service of mothers with more demanding.
More information:
Date: 24 and April 25, 2010.
in Barcelona
Hours: From 10:00 to 20:00.
Admission: 11 euros (8 with downloadable discount voucher on their website)
Feelgood parenthood!

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