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På Volvo
Idag har jag samlat alla bilder från idag i en och samma inlägg…hoppas att det blir inre rörig 🙂
Först vill jag säga härifrån att jag anser att vi på Miss Lopez behöver extra hjälp. Vi letar efter praktikanter eller folk som kan jobba med projekt som webbutvecklare. Det vore så bra!. Min kunskap räcker inte för att göra de fina saker jag vill dela med er, så en riktig bra IT webb developer skulle vara min räddare. känner ni efter någon? Hör av dig på
Vilken dag!, från ALMI, till kontoret det jag träffade Michaela de La Cour. Vilken fin halsband från henne, eller hur? Jag tyckte verkligen “it was one of a kind”…
lite galvanic ansiktsbehandling med Roxy…cool!. Vi har många planer på gång. Jag berättar mera sen…
På väg hem, av en slump kom jag in på VOLVO i Kungsträdgården. Det var någonting nytt “Guld-Ägget 2015” där man delar olika media priser. Intressant! Jag älskar kreativitet och som det står i deras tidning, reklam kan inte skapa normer, utan kan också krossa dem! Cool!
Förresten en VOLVO kommer alltid att vara en VOLVO, eller hur? Nice!
och på tunnelbana “Lär dig SPANSKA på Instituto Cervantes, kursstart i april”. Kunde inte bli bättre? :). För dig som vill lära sig spanska verkligen kan rekommendera det!. Jag kommer förresten dit till Instituto Cervantes till en utställning av en spansk konstnär “Jorge Castillo in Sweden” den 14 april på eftermiddag bjuden av Spanska Ambassaden.
Hasta la vista amigos & amigas!!!!!

Miss Barcelona- Reporter at Summerburst, Stockholm

miss barcelona at summerburst


miss barcelona at summerburst

miss barcelona at summerburst
miss barcelona at summerburst


Hello my dears, how’s life treating you? Miss Barcelona, Miss Lopez’s reporter, is back with some news from Sweden. Today I have to share something really special with you!!!!
Yesterday the 4th of June something amazing took place in Stockholm, I’m talking about the Summerburst festival. According to the information provided by the organization this is a new one-day festival where live-acts and DJs share the stage during a full day and evening in one of Sweden completely unique event format. VIVA SUMMERBURST!!! 🙂
I have to tell you that it was very unique and that the organizers really did a great job, the layout was fantastic with several areas from the stage to the dance floor (northern Europe’s largest one), two VIP’s areas on each side of the stage and one VIP cabana area at the back of the arena, an absolutely brilliant idea since the day was very warm. VIVA SUN!!!
I cannot speak well enough about this event; it really exceeded all my expectations. Don’t get me wrong but this was the first time a festival like this was taking place in Sweden and there is always a little bit of uncertainty as to what the result is going to be. Everything was just perfect! I have to give my special thanks to the communications agency, Assefa, as you can see in the pictures we got press passes that allowed us to circulate all over the place, giving us the chance to explore every single corner of the arena!!!
As you can see the day was beautiful, sunny and warm; it was the perfect atmosphere for this event and it was reflected on the people’s faces, everybody was happy, dancing to the music played by top DJs as Eric Prydz, Avicii or the King of House, David Guetta. VIVA HOUSE MUSIC!!! 😉
Everybody was having a great time, some people were even playing with several beach balls all over the dance floor, but the crowd started going crazy when local super DJ Eric Prydz took the stage, he played for one and a half hour and closed his session with one of his biggest hits: “Pjanoo”. I love this song!!!
Then the latest star of Swedish DJs followed him, I am talking about Avicii! Keep your eyes on him, he is the next upcoming super DJ with big hits such as “Bromance” and “ID”, and as you can imagine the crowd was very excited with his hour and a half performance that not only offered good music but some great image effects in the main screen and a rain of confetti on the dance floor. I LOVE CONFETTI!!!
But the absolute delirium came when house music’s no. 1 DJ made his appearance on stage, I am talking of course about the great David Guetta. Starting his performance with “Sweat” the dance floor exploded in a mix of excitement, happiness and energy. Playing some of his biggest hits as “When love takes over”, “Who’s that chick”, and throwing in a few songs of his next album. David Guetta even had dancing Robots on stage making the already-crazy crowd go bananas!
Guetta being the biggest name on the line up  played for two hours, and not only was the music great but also the stage production; big flashing video screen, tons of lights, flame throwers and other pyrotechnics! To top it off when he played his last song fireworks went off from behind the stage to cap a beautiful day and night. VIVA LA FIESTA!!!! 🙂
As you can see it was a real festival of sound, lights and great house music. I really would like to see more shows like this in Sweden as it was perfectly executed. Now Sweden is at the same level as other European festivals like Sensation or the big outdoor Ibiza parties. Lets cross our fingers and hope that Summerburst comes back next year too!
I cannot post all the pictures we took so check out our Facebook page: MissLopezl to see all of them, and don’t forget to like us!!!! 😉
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for more information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA Latin touch!!! 😉


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