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Misslopez yoga tips: "the wall system" good for you!

Hello!. Here comes our yoga expert again, Marisol Hume and I want to share with you her best tips. Of course we are going to talk about “The Technical System Wall ®, STP. / The wall system”, her system by the way.
A bit of information: STP. is a conscious bodywork technique which is within body techniques such as Pilates, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais system.
STP. is a method of postural alignment that put the emphasis on the implementation of the movement. Work aspects: flexibility, stretching, precision, balance and core body strengthening, with emphasis on the intended action. THE STP. An alternative technique is available to anyone who wants to understand and prepare your body significantly, with maximum energy savings and efficiency. A system which develops intelligence and body proprioception. Easy to connect the individual with herself, making it awared, with body and mind in a conscious action.
The book of Marisol Hume that introduced this system has been released by publisher paidotribes in Spain, in June 2009. And available in all countries of Latin America. In the book “The System of the technique of the Wall” presents forty-five exercises and four sequences. The exercises are conducted in the supine position, sitting and standing. Factors to be highlighted are: conscious breathing, and elimination of the impact on the joints.The body saves energy by not presenting major opposition to the force of gravity, since the exercises are conducted with the aid of the wall.
This is why it is a tool for alignment of the spine and posture correction. It is an excellent method for the study, analysis, and learning new positions in disciplines such as dance, yoga, gymnastics, etc.The practice of STP using a wise energy investment, generates an elastic body, sensitive, aligned, and postural awareness.
For professionals as an instrument of expression, it is a preventive method to avoid injury while preparing for greater challenges.
I propose the following exercise, a comprehensive stretching the body wall run great for maintaining flexibility and body young. Have a look at Marisol!

From lying down with legs straight on the wall.
Photo one: The first level for beginners: elevation of the trunk on the forearm with lengthening of the back in a plane diagonal to the ground. Strong abdominal muscle contraction. Hold this position for ten breaths chest, then down and repeat.
Photo two: level: closed in a great stretch of the whole body together lead to the legs and the torso. Hold this position for ten breaths, then down and repeat.
Do you dare?. Good your you…I promise I am going to try like Marisol. By the way check Marisol Hume´s blog!
Practice yoga, pilates, or STP and Feel Good!

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