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Hunky Dory VIP sale and Miss Lopez´s business meetings with very interesting women

Hello! Miss Lopez here. What a day! It started at the hairdresser and now I feel closer to my goal: Feelgood Womanhood!. Nice to feel going progress, everyday! I start from the end to the first meeting. Check the pictures…

Swedish Hunky Dory. Cool!

Shopping so you drop! 🙂

Hunky Dory VIP buyer

Hunky Dory & Miss lopez

Here Miss Lopez & Tina Gardsten, really nice half  Swedish & American from Los Angeles, journalist and a woman with great ideas. She really loves wellness and yoga. What can be better than that for Miss Lopez´s readers? Nice! Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

My first business meeting with this great woman living in Uppsala, Annette Stavenow Mansnéus.  I met Annette at SO Stockholm the other day at a fundraising. This  strong woman loves entrepreneurship, has been CEO and had her own film production company in Sweden, works now with filming and is a politician as well. A real icon for Miss Lopez readers, don´t you think so? We´ve been talking business & more and much more is coming. So stay tunned with Miss Lopez and feelgood!

And now I think I can go to sleep after having such an intense & interesting working day. I love these days when things seems to go forward coming closer to my goal, by the way with the help of really nice people…

Work with your PASSION & FEELGOOD!!!!

Viva Feelgood Womanhood amigos & amigas! Hasta la vista!

Miss Lopez is coming to Swedish "Oscars" afterparty at Berns on the 24th

Ola Rapace and Miss LopezHello my Dear friends from USA, Sweden, Spain…all over the world! Miss Lopez here today from Sweden where I live, you know. I am so happy with my new guest blogger, Miss Miranda. She´ll be back to you with more news with a Latin touch directly from Italy. Good, isn´t it? 🙂

You may wonder, what a Latina woman, Miss Lopez, has been doing today in Scandinavia, the beautiful Sweden? Well, today I have business meetings but I am afraid I have aphonia and I can´t not talk right now but I hope I´ll feel better tomorrow. Good to know today I am going to be at the Swedish Film “Oscars” afterfest, (equivalent to Oscars in Hollywood) or should I say Guldbaggegalan 2011 at Berns in Stockholm. In Spain, we have Los Goyas as equivalent, with Almodovar, Penelope Cruz…in their last edition. This afterfest will be on the 24th of January, this month and I guess it´s going to be great fun. The Swedish films nominations are done and I know the nominations for the best Swedish actresses this year are Pernilla August, Noomi Rapace (from Millenium Trilogy) and Alicia Vikander. Yes, for sure “la creme de la creme” of the Swedish film industry will be there. Fun! Are you coming with me? 🙂

I´ll show the pictures of this afterfest then as it´s actually in two weeks. Meanwhile you can see me in this picture with Ola Rapace among others at a Swedish shooting this last summer. I hope you´ll like it! 🙂 Sometimes I work at shootings too and it´s a lot of fun. I´ll see when it´ll be my next one! By the way, I love Swedish films too, didn´t you know?. So now you know.

Well I look forward for this party on the 24 th and I´ll tell you more then with Miss Lopez inside!

Nothing is like the show business! 🙂 I´ll have fun for you too. By the way, are you coming with me? If not, I´ll show the pictures later and Feelgood!

Viva Feelgood Womanhood at Berns afterfest and everywhere at any time!

MissLopez on Swedish films sometimes

Hello there! Here I am in a photo session. I hope you like it! Thanks to this picture I got an ad job on TV for TV4 in Sweden a while ago.

Well, tomorrow is the 1st of November and I don’t like the thing that it’s so dark in Sweden this time of the year, so I hope Feelgood Blogging as I call it, it will cheer me up and you can help me too.

Well some friends have just called me to tell me they have seen me on Swedish TV in different programs and I didn’t know. I haven’t told you much about it but participating in films, TV series…is one of my hobbies, or even kind of job sometimes, it depends how much the telephone rings :)…In fact I’ve been in many films working more or less like an extra but most of the time I don’t even have it in mind, so when people tell me I do not even remember. I’m not good at recollecting, sorry!

I must say it’s a lot of fun and I’ve had the opportunity to meet most of the famous Swedish actors. Like the one I did at the end of this summer with Ola Rapace and Peter Magnusson among others. Check it out! Next time I’ll bring my camera with me and I promise I’ll keep you updated in the future with my extra film-jobbs and Swedish actors .

I think MissLopez’s blog and the show-business goes very well along too.  In the past I’ve been studing at university and working so much that I’ve never even though the show-business it could be something for me as I’ve never really tried. I’d be cool to work for Almodovar :)….Let´s see but it’s fun anyway!

Thanks to my blogg I’m giving my hand to the association for extras in Sweden. Check it out too!. Statist Tommie is the president.

You know, even as a hobby, there is no business, like the show-business, and it’s true!

Have Fun even in November and Feelgood!

Today´s pictures at Grand Hotel, Stockholm during an Italian shooting

Hello Latin Lovers!. Today I have been in an Italian, Swedish production for a new Italian film, The Last Catwalk. I must say, it was an event with a lot of beautiful people, for all tastes. Amazing!.

Here the Italian shooting at Grand Hotel about fashion business and me too with one of the extras from South America living in Sweden as many more. I have had the change to practice my italian and french and of course spanish as I have got a bit homesick. I love lifestyle in Spain, Italy and South of France!. The good thing. I can allways go back home to Spain for a visit and it´s  feels  so  nice!. Even if I live in Sweden.

Viva la Dolce Vita and Feelgood

Misslopez soon in an Italian shooting at Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Hello!. You know I love the seveth art, I mean movies and working in shootings as I actually do sometimes. Today Tuesday and tomorrow I am going to be in the shooting of an Italian film at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  Every time I work in this things, I have a lot of fun, so I hope it will be the same tomorrow. I hope not to get sick or something…
I´ll tell you about this production rigt now. Italian Medusa production and Swedish films AZ proudly presents their new thriller “The end of the catwalk” that takes place in Milan’s legendary fashion world to the Swiss Alps, the most beautiful of Stockholm and in the idyllic Fjällbacka outside Gothenburg. Taking part in this exciting thriller there will be Italian car chases, fashion shows, luxury nightclubs and beautiful palaces!
Acting the beautiful Swedish model photo Alexandra. The film is directed by Carlo Vanzina, one of Italy’s largest and most beloved directors who have produced nearly 20 feature films, among other things, “South Kensington” where he worked with stars such as Elle Macpherson and Rupert Everett.
In this film I may meet famous actors and models from Sweden, England and Italy as Richard E Grant and Vanessa Hessler. The Swedish roles are made by Mr and Mrs Birch Mybrand as we have seen on television and film, and at Stockholm’s City Theatre and Royal Dramatic scenes. For the Swedish production is the Swedish actress, director and producer Ann Zacharias and her film company AZ.
From the 13-18 September 2010 the movie is shooting in Stockholm and Gothenburg and in Fjällbacka. The rest of autumn is the film set in Switzerland and Italy.
The film will be shown in cinemas across Italy next year.
For contact information in Sweden: Ann Zacharias executive producer or
Sara Alström production assistant sara.alstrom @ 070 142 17 67
Well I hope to get some good pictures tomorrow!
Viva the seventh art and Feelgood

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