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First Tapas cooking course with Miss Lopez of the season at the Hub Stockholm

Yesterday the night was young… 🙂 so I am blogging today instead about my first tapas event of the season at The Hub Stockholm. Do you remmember I were going to have Spanish Tapas cooking courses with Lets deal? Check it out!


tapas con miss loez
tapas con miss lopez

Lots of fresh food…

Me with the Spanish food on my back and The Hub Stockholm

Many Swedish people love Spanish Tapas. Here one my participants cooking. This is cool! 🙂

The table at The Hub`s kitchen looked so lovely with so many colours!

At the end we had lottery where one of the participants got a Miss Lopez Help at Home voucher for free. Viva Miss Lopez Städ!

One participant got a special Miss Lopez bag and a third one in the lottery got Baby alpaca from Perú from my friend Rosa. Really the best wool in the world! Interested in making your own pullover? RN Brannvall has shop on line too.

Check me as a model for baby alpaca…at RNBRANNVALL

baby alpaca
baby alpaca

By the way you can find baby alpaca in Stockholm in NK, Senso Gusto in the Old town, PUB…You´ll find me, Miss Lopez in a picture in a little box with baby alpaca in… I hope the participant who got it is really happy! 🙂

I must thank my other sponsors like TOUR SPAIN eller check www.spain.infoHALSORUSET with the best massage  in town!, HOLD ME for a better gesture, Bebashairandbeauty Hair salon, Miss Barcelona with beauty treatment… THANK YOU ALL!

Viva Vardags Lyx med Miss Lopez & Feelgood!

I look forward for more of Miss Lopez tapas cooking course next week! Stay tuned with Miss Lopez News!



A real Spanish in Sweden making tapas and a kiss. One day left…

Hola! This is Miss Lopez in a matador vest I got from my uncle in Madrid…a real one! 🙂

Photo by Katja Elmén a few days ago. Do you like it? 🙂 Earrings by Spanish TOUS. I love them!
See a real Spanish woman now learning how to make tapas & sangria to Swedish people in Stockholm. Cool! I think!  Check the deal at Let´s deal: . Would you like to make a Spanish tortilla with Miss Lopez & Feelgood? One day left so hurry up!
Viva doing business a la Miss Lopez & Feelgood!
By the way, do you know that according to a Spanish says…”la española cuando besa, besa de verdad…(Spanish women just kiss for real) y ninguna lo hace por frivolidad” Fun, isn´t it? 🙂
A kiss from Miss Lopez and Feel very goooood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

I`ve just found out: Hollywood awards party with Tapas! You can have tapas by Miss Lopez

Hi! I´ve just found out: Hollywood awards party will have tapas instead. The thing is eating tapas a la Spanish is the art of eating and being social at the same time with small portions of food. Very Spanish! 🙂 Find out you too here in this link:
Check the tapas I am getting ready to prepare at Tapas with Miss Lopez event with Let´s deal!

Lovely tapas! 🙂 I miss Spain now…

Check me doing tapas months ago…happy D