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Spanish tortilla lunch by Miss López

Tortilla lunch at the HUB Stockholm. In the picture my assisten Miss Stena, me Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona. Thanks for helping me! Cool! 🙂
I expected five people but I got many drops in, three times more. Cool! 🙂 Here having lunch together today at Hub Stockholm.
Interested you too in having a Spanish lunch at your office?? Send me an e mail to info@misslopez,se!!
Viva doing business in the city! Business & the City and Feelgood Womanhood!
Hasta la vista!

Tapas Cooking Tips from Spain, "TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA"

Hi there, Miss Marisol here, back from La Coruña, Spain!
After such a pleasant day walking and shopping with Miss Lopez I decided to make myself a nice “Tortilla Española” and a salad for dinner. My Fave!!!!
The “Spanish Tortilla” in Spanish “Tortilla Española” is also known as “Tortilla de Patatas”. It’s an omelet made with eggs, potatoes, onions and a bit of garlic. Attention! Don’t confuse this tortilla with the typical wheat or corn burrito-forming Mexican tortilla. The “Tortilla de Patatas” is the Number One TAPA in Spain “The Queen of all Tapas”.  You can also enjoy it as a main dish accompanied by a fresh garden salad and a piece of fresh baked bread for lunch or dinner, and, in a sandwich. Tourists love to have “Tortilla de Patatas” for breakfast when the visit Spain.
Miss Lopez personally loves “Pinchos de Tortilla” which is a piece of “Tortilla de Patatas” on top of a baguette slice, especially from “La Bombilla” , famous tapas bar in La Coruña that has over 28000 followers in Facebook, check it out!.

To make Tortilla de Patatas you will need the following ingredients:

  • Potatoes (five or six for a good-sized tortilla)
  • Olive oil, enough to cover the potatoes when in the frying pan.
  • Eggs (five or six for a good-sized tortilla)
  • A quarter of an onion or less, depending on your taste.
  • Garlic, one or two teeth.

Let´s beguine cooking then…
Dice 5 or 6 potatoes into small bits. The smaller the bits, the smoother the texture of the “Tortilla de Patatas”.
Prepare a frying pan with enough olive oil to cover the potatoes. Heat the oil thoroughly, and then add the diced potatoes with the oil on medium heat.
Whip together five or six eggs in a separate bowl while the potatoes are frying. Be sure to beat a lot of air into the eggs to create a foamy liquid. Add diced onions and garlic to taste.
Pour almost all of the oil out of the frying pan once the potatoes are golden brown but not crispy to the touch. Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes in the pan, covering the potatoes evenly.
Be sure that the egg mixture is not sticking to the pan while you make this Spanish tortilla. If you use a non-stick pan, move the pan from side to side frequently in order to keep the egg from sticking. Use a fork or spatula as needed to free the egg from the side of the pan. You need the tortilla free from sticking in order to flip it over later.
Determine when the tortilla is cooked on the one side (three to five minutes, or more, depending on the size of the tortilla), then get ready to flip it over. Put a plate over the tortilla pan, hold the plate with one hand and flip the tortilla over in one motion, letting it be on the plate.
Slide the now-upside-down tortilla into the frying pan, and heat for another minute or two.
Cut in triangles, just like an apple pie, serve and enjoy! Check the pictures for more serving ideas and use your imagination. Riquissssimo!!
Miss Lopez and I will continue to enjoy Tapas like this one first hand in La Coruña! Feelgood Womanhood with Spanish Tapas!!! Hasta la Vista!

A Spanish tortilla by Miss Lopez and the meaning of life at Catherine´s in Stockholm

Hola! MISS LOPEZ back to you! What a wonderful day in Stockholm this last Sunday! A really good reason to celebrate this day with friends at this marvellous terrace in the center of Stockholm. I must say something I like very much about Stockholm is that even if you live right down town you don´t feel you are in a big city as here is so much quiet and green everywhere. A good mixture of urban city and nature. Viva Estocolmo! 🙂

So today I must thank social media again for keeping me in touch with friends, all kinds, old, new…Great!. In this kind of reunion of today I could meet my friend Christoffer Bylock, Björn Karlsson and Catherine Hirota, host and blogger at Energibruden. Check it out! I must thank Catherine for the invitation. Gracias Catherine!

As you can see I came there with my own Spanish tortilla that people really liked it as they said more than once. I´ve been asked for the ingredients and I forgot to tell them than apart from eggs, potaoes, olive oil and a bit of salt, I put a lot of LOVE too! Yes, even when cooking you must put a lot of love to make it really good, as Ferrán Adrián, our Spanish chef used to say! Put love in your kitchen and feelgood!!

As it couldn´t be otherwise, we saw an American movie about the meaning of life in this special day as Sunday at Easter. Cool! Very interesting by the way! I love it  Philosophy, my favourite subject!

A tip from Miss Lopez: while finding the meaning of your life, enjoy at least a good Spanish tasty tortilla! 🙂 You´ll love it!


Miss Lopez with Miss Viveka and Anders cooking Spanish tortilla "a la sueca" in Gärdet

Hola amigos! Today I am going to be short. Miss Lopez back to you by the way! After an interesting day at Debaser last Saturday, check Miss Lopez at Debaser! , this Sunday I had my Spanish lessons at Gärdet again with Swedish Miss Viveka and her husband. Anders cooked a really good tortilla, very tasty and healthy too and it had no carbs in it! You know Miss Viveka is following a special diet for 4 weeks with almost no carbs in order to feel better. Good idea! Thank You so much Viveka and Anders!! Well done in Spanish too! Nice way of learning Spanish!It was a great idea to have a conversation class this way, while cooking! Isn´t it good? Cooking with Miss Lopez! 🙂

And then again this Wednesday, there will be another Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez for those from Groupon at the same place than before, Drottninggatan 89 at 17:45. I´ll be there waiting for you! Let´s have tapas with Miss Lopez! Check it out!

Didn´t I tell you Miss Viveka apart of being Miss Lopez´s new blogger from Sweden, she is learning Spanish thanks My Academy, Miss Lopez new partner. Check it out! Just say MISSLOPEZ and you´ll get special discounts! Cool!

Well, I am happy as I am travelling to Madrid for a weekend on the 5th of May and I have just bought my tickets to SPAIN for the summer, a whole month in Spain, isn´t it good! The right place to be at this time on vacation for sure! Nice! Are you coming to Spain too? 🙂 Let me know and I shall give you my tips, Miss Lopez´s tips! Come with Miss Lopez´s tips to Spain!

OK still in Stockholm, so in a few hours I shall be having a business meeting at Malmen Hotel at Södermalm with Miss Barcelona and someone else, very interesting, so now I must go to sleep first and then to get ready so See You tomorrow and Feelgood!

To be continued…

Feelgood Womanhood

Miss Lopez´s News: Tortilla Española for tonight, Qué rica!

Good evening from Sweden!!! MISS LOPEZ again with you tonight! Today I have been much more relaxed after having a really good sleep when I came home yesterday from my last mingling with Miss Barcelona and friends at Stockholm Connection. Check it out! Nothing like a good night sleep, isn´t it? 🙂

And today, morning´s meeting with a friend at the Old town in Sweden. He is from Croatia and we never stopped joking…Apart from that, we had a good talk as well about business as one of my next projects is having my own App, Miss Lopez app! I am amazed as I have been called from “almost” all over the world from companies interested in doing a Miss Lopez´s app. Cool isn´t it? Shall we do it? 🙂

And then someone at work having a birthday´s cake. What a cake! Looks good, isn´t it?

And now writing to you from home after cooking a Spanish tortilla. Oh Dear, it was really so delicious! So simple but so tasty! Today, I could use for the first time the special cake server I got from Vikingsun and I love it! Really coool!!! Now I am getting ready for my event, Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez! meanwhile check this video and find out how to make a really good Spanish tortilla:

Enjoy a Spanish tortilla tonight you too and Feelgood!!!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD everybody! Sleep well tonight with my News: Miss Lopez News…

To be continued…

Hello! Miss Lopez is having a Spanish tortilla for dinner tonight!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here at home in Sweden in a Saturday night. Good to be at home sometimes! I was thinking what to blog about for tonight and I came to the conclusion that I´d love to share my dinner with you! 🙂  A really nice Spanish tortilla so here it comes the recipe in this video. So goooooooood! I love it!
Actually right now it´s almost 7:00 pm and I know it´s dinner time in Sweden. I am just going to start to cook a tortilla at home in Sweden but before that I share the recipe to you so maybe we can even eat it at the same time!. What do you think?
I promise it´s delicious! Nothing like a really nice Spanish tortilla! So simple but so tasty! In fact tortilla must be the most common meal at the Spanish homes and you´ll find it everywhere at the bars and restaurants in Spain as a tapa! Please let me know how does it go, otherwise I may cook for you a nice tortilla next time! 🙂
Oh my God, I miss Spain now…!
Good with Spanish flavour in your kitchen and Feelgood! See, cooking tips with a Latin touch! I love it!
Have a good tortilla for tonight dinner you too and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!

Miss Lopez eating tapas waiting for The Three Wise Men,Los Reyes Magos

Hello again!. Sorry for the delay. Still in A Coruña, Spain ( known also for the Deportivo football club) waiting for The Three Wise Men or Los Reyes Magos (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar)  as we say in Spain. See one of them on my back at a shopping center. In Spain, as a country with Catholic traditions, Santa Claus is a bit less popular than “These” Men. I guess in Italy is about the same. The good thing about it, it´s that you feel the spirit of Christmas is much longer than in other countries when people get presents the 24th or the 25th of December. As a little lady I used to get my presents on the 5th of January by them, still now. Very wise I must say 🙂 with all the presents, specially to the kids. This 5th is a big party here as well and I´ll be there!

So today I have been to the mall and had the change to eat Spanish tapas I enjoy so much at El Corte Inglés, like tortilla, Spanish tortilla!. Nothing like a really tasty Spanish tortilla. I am very good at cooking tortilla, so if you wish just let me know!. 🙂 I´ll make you the nicest tortilla!

I will be back to Stockholm, Sweden this weekend but meanwhile I enjoy the Spanish Lifestyle in A Coruña. Great Fun!

Viva Latin Lifestyle and Feelgood!

Till startsidan