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Lady Gaga is wearing in her next video clips outfits of designer Eva Soto from Galicia, Spain

Yes, it is big news in Spain! Lady Gaga ordered already many outfits from a female Spanish designer, almost totally unknown for the international public, a student actually, Eva Soto. Check the style!
Read more about the news in Spanish! 🙂

South European style for business women. Miss Lopez fashion Tips: wear navy this summer!

EN You know I love being a business women and when it comes to fashon I get a lot of inspiration where I come from: Spain & more in Southern Europe! Check the style! 🙂
SP: Me encanta ser una mujer de negocios y para ello me suelo inspirar de la moda del sur de Europa, de donde vengo por cierto! España!!!
SV: Här några mode tips för affärskvinnor! Cool! Kolla mina fashion tips till Er!
miss lopez fashion tips
Navy stil! I love it!
miss lopez tips
soon doing business in the beach! 🙂
Vamos a la playa! 🙂
miss lopez tips
Perfect for a business woman in the summer! isn´t it?…and of course you may need a nice sun glasses too!
Perfecto vestido para ir a la oficina, chic y elegante & practico al mismo tiempo! Tambien necesitamos gafas!
Perfekt klänning för kontoret…Kolla glasögon övan…
miss lopez tips
so do you already know what to wear to my new coming event at SO Stockholm, on the 17th of June at 5pm? Whatever come with the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood…fill it up here!
By the way, I have just joined this network foor business women. Nice! WOMENALIA
Enjoy being a business woman & Feelgood amigas!
SP Viva el espiritu de Feelgood Womanhood Amigas!
SV Vi ses på SO Stockholm!

Expecting a baby? Get inspired by Spanish fashion & Princess Victoria of Sweden

Today Fashion tips from Miss Lopez for those women expecting a baby. I like Princess Victoria`s style so I can imagine her in these cloths, don´t you?. Viva Cheap & Chic Fashion from Spain. Check it out!

Sweet dress from Spanish Zara

Shoes from Spanish brand Bimba & Lola. Perfect shoes!

Party time for mothers to be! Dress from Spanish as well, Mango

Our icon now expecting a baby: Princess Victoria of Sweden. Cool!

Get inspired by Cheap & CHIC fashion to everybody! Viva Feelgood Womanhood!


Miss Lopez wedding tips nr 3 this Wednesday: bride asymmetric decolletage

Hola !!!!
Miss Lopez is back with my wedding tip nr 3! Asymmetric bridal decolletage. This style become fashionable for some seasons ago, and it´s usually associated with asymmetrical neckline dress drapes and falls soft fabrics, inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, but the fact it can be applied to all types of clothing. Cover  by a shoulder and leave the other open.
In fact, if there is a Latin style, it should be this one. I love anciant style from Rome and Greece!! Yes I do! 🙂 In fact I love Roman films from Hollywood and my favourite one is Gladiator with Russel Crowl !! So why not try this “ancient” style and make it new! This is what I call renewal! 🙂 As there is nothing like the classics! Sometimes you don´t need keep looking for! What it´s good, can last for ever!!
Feelgood Womanhood for ever and Feelgood!!!
More about Fashion from Spain, so check it out!

Miss Lopez wedding tips: bride decolletage nr 2, "palabra de honor"!

Hi there Lovers of Miss Lopez tips!
A promise is a promise!
MISS LOPEZ here with my wedding tips! In other words, I gave you my word of honor to give you a new tip about wedding decolletage every day this week and that´s what I am doing! By the way I hope you are not too hypnotized by my tips after my last post! 😀
In fact, as least in Spain we call this kind of decolletage “Palabra de honor” or word of honor! Never better said! 🙂
I´ll tell you about this wedding decolletage, one of my favourite ones:
Word of honor. One of the most universal necklines. The strapless dress is perfect for princess line, and provides a very feminine look to the shoulder line. It suits nearly all brides.
Waiting for the big wedding this weekend in UK…to be continued tomorrow with my wedding tip nr 3! Stay tuned at Miss Lopez!
More info about Fashion from Spain and feelgood!
Ciao amigos!+++

Miss Lopez wedding tips: Bride decolletage nr 1, "boat" style

Hola amigos y amigas! MISS LOPEZ here!! How are you doing today? I don´t know if I am going to get married this summer 🙂 but for sure a new Royal wedding is just round the corner in UK in just few days. Cool! Miss Middleton and Prince William are getting married, the wedding season is here so I decided to start a new wedding serie in my blog: Miss Lopez wedding tips! once a day, all this week! I hope you like my wedding fashion tips!
As you know I used to have my own wedding/party shop with cloths from Spain at Karlavägen Stockholm  long time ago so we´ll focus on the decolletage in this serie, one of the most important things to think of when buying a wedding dress, so check it out!
Today, Miss Lopez wedding tips nummer 1 about decolletage in “boat” style, one of my favourites and the one Prince Victoria had a her wedding last year. So romantic!
Boat Style like the one is the pictures. The boat neckline is rounded and is characterized by a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, front and back of the dress. It is unobtrusive, fits perfectly with the shoulders and usually a favorite of brides looking for a classic traditional wedding.
And You, would you marry with this kind of decolletage?  I wonder which one will use Miss Middleton…
Have a nice day waiting for my second wedding tip and Feelgood!! 🙂
Vivan los novios!! By the way check more about Fashion from Spain
Viva la moda Española!

Miss Lopez waiting for the spring to come with the seventies!

Hello again! Have you seen Miss Barcelona having fun on ice in Stockholm? Cool! Here me longing for the spring to come. MISS LOPEZ back to you, a real 🙂 Spanish woman, (like Miss Miranda, Miss Barcelona and Miss Marisa by the way) in Stockholm right now!. I am afraid I can not go to bed before writing to you! This must be a true love relationship, don´t you think so?  If so, join You too Miss Lopez group if you haven´t done it! Bienvenidos
Oh my God! I look forward to having fun this coming spring! Going to Madrid soon for a weekend because of my blog, all the new happenings with Miss Lopez…and a new section with Miss Lopez Fashion tips with Miss Miranda coming soon!!! Soon you can ask her all about fashion, don´t you think it´s great? Now when spring is around the corner, what can be best that getting tips from a Fashion expert as Miss Miranda living in Italy? The good thing she will be waiting for your feedback but I´ll tell you more later on. To be continued… 🙂
You know what? This spring and summer is all about colour and seventies! Great! 🙂 So if you’ve taken a look at spring trends , sure you have it clear. Pucci, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent The best companies in the world surrender to the charm of the 70. It’s time to be inspired by the decade with more charm to succeed.
Viva fashion from the seventies and FEELGOOD!!
Viva Fashion tips from Spanish Miss Miranda too!!! and Viva Spain! 🙂

Miss Lopez favourite masculine Top model: Check it out!

Hello my Dear reader! Miss Lopez here writing to you from home waiting for some friends. It has been Madrid Cibeles Fashion week and checking the news I found out my favourite masculine top model was modelling there as well for Galician designer Roberto Verino. And do you know who he is? Yes Jon Kortajarena!!!

He is so attractive, don´t you agree? But not only that, I think he has class, style and he is cool too! I love him! 🙂 Don´t you think he is handsome??

Well, meanwhile I am waiting I send you this new post as I love blogging but I must go now to pick up my friens. I´ll be back in a few hours with pictures from yesterday´s mingel and today.

By the way, Jon Kortajarena is from the Basque Country in Spain, the Green Spain as well as Galicia where I come from.

Viva Jon Kortajerena and Feelgood!!!! Miss Lopez will be back to you soon.

Miss Lopez´s Fashion tips: From working girl to party girl!

Claves para transformar tu look - TELVA

Hola from the beautiful Galicia again! A few more days here. I love fashion and Zara´s concept. Do you know that Zara is originally from A Coruña, Galicia?. Yes and the main office is still here Galicia or “The end of the world” as it was called by the Romans more than 2.000 years ago as they believed the world was not round at that time before Columbus found out America! 🙂 . You can find so much Galician fashion, you´ll love it and not only Zara by the way. So here it comes my fashion tips. At this time we have dinners, cocktails with friends, etc…and often we do not have time to change all our outfit. The key? An XL bag for work where you can take all your accessories that will make your office look  into a party look. Great!
Is there a cocktail party you can not miss?. The solution? Memorize this formula: Little black dress + accessories.
I think accesories kan make the diffrence, don´t you agree? 🙂 It´s all about accessories!
And the good thing, you can find so many, so much at shops Cheap & Chic like Zara among others. Nice!
Viva Galician Fashion Brands and Feelgood!
FEELGOOD WOMANHOON with Cheap & Chic too!

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