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Lady Gaga is wearing in her next video clips outfits of designer Eva Soto from Galicia, Spain

Yes, it is big news in Spain! Lady Gaga ordered already many outfits from a female Spanish designer, almost totally unknown for the international public, a student actually, Eva Soto. Check the style!
Read more about the news in Spanish! 🙂

Miss Lopez in Stureplan likes TOUS new cooperation with Spanish shoes Manolo Blahnik from Sex and the city

Hi! Miss Lopez here!! World news!!! The other day I went to TOUS at Stureplan and look what I have found out! TOUS new colaboration again with Spanish brand Manolo Blahnik...Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, I should say Carrie loved these shoes in the TV serie and I undertand why!! Viva Spanish shoes!! Cool! Check the pictures!

Bigger and smaller in different prices

I have the pleasure to meet the founder Madame Tous when she came to Stockholm, Sweden at their shop in Stureplan. Here Madame Tous and Manolo Blahnik both in the fashion business from Spain. Cool!

in red and black…

And here me wearing the new TOUS & Manolo Blahnik shoe. Cool!

This is coolhunting, isn´t it? 🙂

Hasta la vista amigos & amigas and Feelgood!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD. More news about TOUS in Sweden coming soon…


By the way, Viva Miss Lopez colaborations…more news cominng very soon too

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