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Miss Lopez´s likes Sarah Jessica Parker in the cover of Vogue about the age issue

Hi! Miss López is back! 🙂 I am taking it easy during my vacation here in A Coruña with Miss Marisol. I am so happy our friend and blogger at Miss Lopez, Miss  Marisa is still in Rome now so she takes the change to be at the shooting of Woody Allen latest film, Bop Decamerin. Cool! 🙂
Myself I share with you in my lazy days this Vogue cover with Sarah Jessica Parker now 46 años. She confess having the moment of her life with her family and carrier right now.  So even though she doesn´t feel like a young lady anymore according to this interview she knows how to enjoy life… Miss Lopez is for ALL women, not matter!
Enjoy life as its best always and Feelgood!! Nice to be reminded sometimes!
Feelgood Womanhood!! 🙂

Watch a Latin makeover with Misslopez and Spanish fashion on TV

Hello!. Do you know that you can get tips on TV from Misslopez to have a Latin makeover with Spanish cloths and shoes…Yes, it´s true!.
By the way, next week, me, Misslopez I´ll be on a TV program in Sweden where I am going to make a Latin makeover to a Swedish girl-friend on air at Swedish TV4, Förkväll. I´ll tell you more later.
Yes I love promoting fashion from Spain where I am from and I feel happy to be a kind of ambassador for the Spanish brands as well, at least in Sweden. Here at Misslopez´s blog, you´ll get a lot of tips about Spanish fashion. Like the shoes you see in the first picture from the famous Spanish shoemaker from the TV serie, Sex and the City. Exciting if Carrie Bradshaw saw them in a shop. However, to gain a new and unique model of Manolo Blahnik, the star of Sex in New York would have to be in Spain, specifically to the capital.
This prestigious shoemaker get inspired of Madrid, to make a tribute to his roots. Like me, I want to make a tribute to my roots, Spain, specially Madrid now where my father and most of my family come from, through my blog, Misslopez.
These shoes made in silk fuchsia-purple color, assembled by hand, and with a vertiginous stiletto bending more than 11 inches, the models have the flavor of Madrid in every line and detail of its design, but are certainly the strawberry-shaped pompoms to get more attention. Bright colors taken from the Feria de San Isidro, elegant lines that emulate the motion of a bullfighter in the ring, the memory Goyesco … Madrid is the model for all those who seek to live an authentic experience in the style of ‘New York’, in the second picture, a unique opportunity which will only be on sale in the boutique firm situated in the Golden Mile of Madrid, the posh area, Serrano (like Stureplan in Stockholm or Manhatan in NY). By the way, I love Serrano area!
I want to make a tribute from here to the city where my father, Ricardo came from and myself have lived, the capital of Spain, Madrid. Viva Madrid!
And as Madrilian people say, from Madrid to Heaven= De Madrid al cielo!.
Feelgood if you visit Madrid. You´ll love it!
Check out Madrid and See you there!

Chic destinations to travel with your girl friends

Do not have a plan with your girl friends?. Bored of the same places every day?, Are you maybe getting married soon and still don´t know where to go for your farewell as singel?. Do like girls in Sex and the City, stick together. Chek it out where to go!
I suggest you five most fashionable destinations for this moment to make it  into an unforgettable experience!
If you’re a girl or a bride … quiet and peaceful: in Spain
You’d better have a country escape in Spain. It´s great!. A good idea is to take a look at Rusticae, a company dedicated to selecting the best charming hotels in Spain. My favorite? El Milano Rea lin Avila, who has eight oversized suites themed magnificent views of the Sierra de Gredos, wine tasting, horse riding and spa, and the Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda, in Oviedo (Asturias), surrounded by oak and chestnut, with an imposing Tower Suiteof four floors, with lift and a terrace-solarium with jacuzzi.
If you are … the Dancing Queen
No target as London when riding a real bachelorette party, especially when the bride is a ‘night bird’ … The European capital of fashion and the latest trends offers a huge range of possibilities: from a long day shopping in Oxford Street to a late lunch at the exclusive hotel Dorchester, one of the most luxurious and impressive of the city, as streets London is full of surprising proposals. The best: the night, with Club Boujis in South Kensington, which is open every day of the week, and is a favorite of socialites like Paris Hilton, Princess Eugenie and Chelsy Davy .
If you are family girl …Barcelona!
A trip to Barcelona is perfect for you: the city that never grows (it is located between the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Tibidabo), is collected and is full of exciting destinations. The tourist routes through the city are a luxury, with dozens of wonderful places and an impressive cultural offer. The touch chic: the restaurant Shoko, with an extensive terrace overlooking the sea, in line with the beach of Barceloneta, and a menu that fuses eastern and western cuisines to the beat of DJ sessions.
If you are … an adventure girl
Looking for a weekend of outdoor activities full of strong emotions: in the surf school Troka in Gorliz (Vizcaya) in Spain, with high-risk organized half-day to seven days: from canoe trips in the bay to kinds of surf and body board, the list of activities is personalized and includes proposals as interesting as the courses of introduction to climbing, archery and walking routes through the cliffs.
If you are … all glamor: of course Madrid
What better fate than Madrid to make your last night as single unique? In Madrid Limousines have different packs for hen (1, 2 and up to 6 full hours) to fetch the purest style Pretty woman in the front door. And if you want to toast your new life, for you or love in the Chueca district in Madrid, find Isolée, a place that combines the sale of fashion clothing store with a delicatessen, an exclusive restaurant and, most importantly, a Bubble Lounge: a space decorated entirely in black and gold, and dedicated to taste drinks, cocktails and tapas paired with all varieties of French sparkling Moet & Chandon.
Enjoy chic destination with your girl friends and Feelgood!
By the way are you a party girl?, then Spain is perfect for you!

Misslopez fashion tips: dress is the best option for the summer

Were it like the girls of the Sex and the city, dress during the day or at night!. During the day, become addicted to this garment. without losing a touch of chic.
You can wear it with flat sandal denim jacket. If you want to go a little more sober, change the jacket by a boyfriend blazer. You’ll love the final result.

What about tonight?

For evening,  dresses to the knee are also “allowed”. Now it is the triumph the color makeup, but you can also were it in blue or purple, for example to highlight.
Use heels if you want to show off your legs. And you do not have to match the dress. That rule passed into history!.
Feelgood Womanhood

Misslopez suggestion: Penelope should have spiced up Sex and the City 2

Penelope Cruz is in Sex and the City 2 for just a couple of minutes, a woman that Mr. Big shamelessly flirts with at a bar, making Carrie anxious that their boring marriage needs serious help.
The scene made me wonder: Why in the world would the filmmakers reach out to the gorgeous Oscar-winning actress, who is a huge fan of the first Sex and the Cty movie, for a barely-there cameo? I think the movie would have been a lot better with more Penelope in it. Here’s how we would have used her to shake up the City.
For exempel:  Have her flirt with Carrie instead of Big. Want to really spice it up? Carrie gets hit on by Penelope at a bar and has an epiphany—she’s actually into girls. I bet that would jump-start Mr. Big.
or  Have her become the fifth girlfriend. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda could use a new voice at their white-angst brunch sessions, especially one like Penelope’s, which is blunt and frank in that uniquely European way with her english with spanish accent.
Have you seen te movie?.
Tell us what you think and Feelgood
Feelgood Womanhood

Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City loves spanish shoes Manolo Blanhik

Hello there!. All focus is on Carrie and I tell you why!. Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie in the tv serie and the film, is a woman who has conquered the hearts of fashionistas worldwide, and now has been interviewed by Hola at the premiere of Sex in New York 2 , where the spanish actress Penelope Cruz tried to seduce her husband on the film, Mr Big. Sarah said to the magazine that Penelope is very pretty and “like a candy for the eyes”. According to Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz is  perfect!.

Sarah from Sex and the City loves the spanish label for shoes Manolo Blanhik because the spanish company was always very generous with the serie and every time she shot a movie Manolo Blanhik has made special shoes for her character, so she consider herself privileged. The spanish company let the girls from Sex and the City pick the material, color design, participate in the process … Sarah thinks Manolo is a gentleman and an honor for her to use their shoes in the Tv serie as well as in private.

So a litle spanish touch in Sex and the City 2, didn´t you know?

Feelgood Womanhood with a spanish brands!

Miss Lopez tips: Get Inspiration from Sex and the City 2

Hello there!. Get inspired by Sex and the City 2!, The girls of Sex and the City have become icons for the independent women and have changed  sex and  fashion concepts in the western world. Now 12 years after the first episode of Sex and the City on tv, we have the film nummer 2.
The eccentric stylist Patricia Field was responsible for dressing Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha both the series and the movie. Patricia comes sometimes with  impossible outfits and taught the women of half the world to love  the shoemaker Manolo (Blahnik) , as well as designers  Gaultier , Halston, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior …
The white color selected by Patricia Field to start the second part of the film is a good tip that has caused crazyness at the department stores in USA by fashionist in search of the outfit by Sarah Jessica Parker. The girls from Sex in the City changed this time during the film to a more oriental style like in the picture.
So white, oriental and many more to get inspired by the “girls” of Sex and the City 2 but never forget do it your way.
Feelgood Womanhood

Sex and the City actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, loves playing Carrie

As cinema-goers across the globe prepare to see the Sex and the Citys movie, Sarah Jessica Parkerhas spoken of her love for playing sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw.
“I don’t feel like Carrie, my life is so different, my choices are different – which is probably why it works so well, because if she felt familiar to me, I would have bored of playing her a long time ago,” she tells a UK magazine.
“I love her, I love playing her and everything about her – the good, the flawed, the mistakes, the bad choices.”
Penelope Cruz plays in the film as well trying to seduce Carrie´s husband.
Watch the Sex and the City 2 trailer
I love Carrie
Feelwood Womanhood

Misslopez´s tip: Be proud of your curves as Charlotte in Sex in the City

Kristin Davis, Charlotte en Sexo en Nueva York, orgullosa de sus curvas
The actress Kristin Davis, Charlotte in Sex and the City,  who has just become the cover of Fitness magazine, proudly acknowledges: “I have hips. I’ll never be the thinnest actress and I do not want to be. When you are at peace with yourself and with your body, you are much safer.” However,  Kristin Davis do cares about her physical care.
Go to the gym, do yoga and Pilates and even jumping exercise resistance bands, also watch your diet. She also recognized in the magazine People that occasionally she falls for M & M’s chocolate and ice cream, and it´s OK.
Be in peace with yourself and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood

Till startsidan