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Inte alltid guld och gröna skogar. Anlita en SEO expert!

I samarbete med hjalmarcompany

Visste ni att bloggandet kan hjälpa med SEO?. Vet du vad det betyder egentligen?. Först när jag började blogga blev jag väldigt intresserad av sökmotoroptimering . Det är ett faktum att bloggandet kan hjälpa företag att bli hittade på Google och när jag hade skrivit min examen på SU som beteendevetare skrev jag precis om det, “feelgood blogging”, och om hur bloggandet påverkar vår välmående. Det här har varit en lång resa sen dess och jag har lärt mig mycket på vägen så nu vill jag hjälpa er att inte göra samma misstag som jag har gjort!

Att vara bloggare är liksom att vara din egen webbredaktör på din egen hemsida, och jag älskar verkligen det. För mig att bli bloggare har varit väldigt positivt och känner mig väldigt tacksam för det. Det bästa med bloggandet för mig är media demokratisering ,så att alla har sin chans att bli “synligt” och uttrycka sig till den stora publiken med både sina tankar och känslor, om man vill. Men det finns en “hake”, att det finns så otroligt mycket konkurrens på nätet och i slut ända mycket beror på trafiken (och relevans)!.

Jag tycker att finns en affärsmässig sida av det hela eftersom fler företag får upp ögonen för SEO varje dag.  Samtidigt konkurrensen är väldigt hård när man vill marknadsföra sig på detta sätt då är det en stor fördel att anlita en kunnig SEO-konsult som utför sökordsoptimeringen åt en för bästa resultat. Ibland det bästa man kan göra är att anlita en SEO expert som kan hjälpa att sökoptimera genom att skräddarsy  innehållet på webbsidan så att sökmotorer ska anse att just ens egen webbsida är det bästa och mest relevanta resultatet för sökordet som eftersöks. Kul, eller hur?. Det lönar sig att anlita en expert!

Miss Barcelona-Social networks and networking event's at Miss Lopez planet!

clickthru marketing at miss lopez


Hello my wonderful friends, how’s live treating you?. MISS BARCELONA in charge of Miss Lopez marketing and blogger at this wonderful community is back to You again. I have missed you already! I hope you are feeling very well because you deserve it!!!, but just in case we want to bring to you the best deals that can make your live easier or can help your business to achieve the success it deserves after all your hard work, so don’t miss out our new section Miss Lopez’s club!!!, VIVA THE CLUB!!! 😉

Speaking of our fabulous business partners, (Per Uflheim in the picture) today I had the best information ever on how to optimize our beloved website!!!, Per Uflheim’s seminar on SEO (search engine optimization) was very helpful as to understand why is it so important to use the social networks and how to do that and take advantage of their tools.
We’re going to apply everything we learn on our new Facebook page: Miss Lopez in order to arrive to as many friends as possible around the world. VIVA SOCIAL NETWORKS!!!! 🙂
It was a very nice group of students, at the seminar I met four businesswomen, that had inspire me with their experience and their ideas, I look forward to meet with them again.
I wonder why is it that, being us businesswomen so savvy and dynamic, it is a very common path when it comes to business events to see that the number of men are higher in comparison with the number of women attending. As Miss Lopez writes in her last post about TIE too, this NGO by and for entrepreneurs has noticed this fact also and wants to welcome businesswomen to their networking organization, and what a better way to start with that their next upcoming event:  “ Entrepreneurship and gender” where two great role models for all of us: Anne O’leary (founder of O’Leary’s) and Cecilia Hertz (founder of Umbilical design), will be speaking about their journey on business waters. Contact TIE for registration and more information. VIVA BUSINESSWOMEN!!!! 😉
It’s been a pleasure to write for you my dear Miss Lopez’s community and bring you the latest news. Stay connected to get the best information, always, with a Latin touch!!! VIVA MISS LOPEZ COMMUNITY!! 🙂

Miss Barcelona-New Business cooperations at Miss Lopez

Hello my dear friends, Luisa Tapia, Miss Lopez´s marketing chef or should I say MISS BARCELONA, as I come from Barcelona!! 🙂 living in Stockholm with my dear Isabel Lopez, MISS LOPEZ! It’s being a long time since I last wrote to you, as I said the last time, we are very busy at Miss Lopez, always trying to get the best news for you and offer you the best services, because you my dears, deserve the best. 🙂
Last week was full with seminars, events and new business partners, I’m very excited about our cooperation with Media Effekt, haven’t you enjoy this spectacular video from the Absolute Race?, If you want to have a nice professional video like this one to promote your business on the Internet don´t  hesitate to contact us at for information, they are not only very professional but nice with all of you my friends since everyone of you can get a 5% discount just because you are part of Miss Lopez’s community.
I have to say that we have a very good time in every occasion that we had been at Media effekt, Conny, the sales chief, it’s a very intelligent and smart man that without a doubt lives his live in a total feelgood philosophy!!, he enjoys to sail, making movies, go to Miss Lopez’s events 😉 and he is also a lover of the Latin culture since he’s being leaving in Spain for a while and he speaks a very good Spanish.VIVA MEDIA EFFEKT!! 🙂
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best news, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA FEEL GOOD WOMANHOOD!!! 😉

Miss Barcelona loving Miss Lopez's make over. Viva Miss Lopez!

Miss Barcelona and Miss Lopez

Hello there my dear Miss Lopez’s community, It’s been a very busy week at Miss Lopez, we had had a lot of meetings and events to attend, and I guess you’ve already seen some of the new collaborations we’re doing now.
I’m very excited about the upcoming seminar in Search Engine optimization organized by Per Ulfhaim next 22on of March, I’m sure we’ll learn a lot in order to be better for you my people. VIVA SOCIAL MEDIA!! 🙂
Yesterday was a very intense day as well but my favorite part was the before and after look that I did on Miss Lopez, did you see the pictures?, didn’t she look very beautiful?
Here you have a description of what I did and this are the Mary Kay products I used:
I first applied a very soft medium coverage foundation, color number 302.
Then I applied canceler color 2 on the down side of her eyes.
The next step was to delineated her eyebrow’s with the eye brown pencil deep brown, then we start with the eye shadows, first I applied a clear and luminous eye shadow all  over her eyelid, I used color Monnstone. Then I used a darker color that I blended in the crest of her eye following the natural lines of her globe with color Expresso. Once the eye shadow’s were done I use eye pencil brown to trace a thin line just above at the union of her lashes and her eyes, and I also trace a thin line under the eyes but only going to the middle and then blended a little bit for a more natural yet sophisticated look. 😉
Once the eyes were done, I apply a little it of blush on her cheeks, I used color Sunny Spice since we were doing a day make up look and it’s a very natural tone that blended perfectly with her skin.
We finished up the look by applying lip liner in color Neutral, delineating the borders of her mouth and then filling them up with lip gloss Diamond pink for a natural fresh look.
This look it’s very easy to do and you can have all the colors together in the super glamorous Mary Kay compact.
If you want to learn how to do it by yourself and how to get the products just contact Beauty Stockholm and I will be very happy to help you. VIVA FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!! 🙂
Now I have to get ready for the Urban Deli surprise to celebrate the Spanish week they’ve been carrying on here in Stockholm. Stay connected for more amazing news, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA SPAIN!!! 🙂

Miss Barcelona:Clickthru Marketing new business partner at Miss Lopez

Hello my beloved Miss Lopez’s community!!!, I am very excited to announce to you that from today has a new business partner.
Both Miss Lopez and I, Miss Barcelona,enjoyed a lot our meeting with Per Ulfhielm, CEO and owner of .He is a very talented businessman specialized in SEO or Search engine optimization that since 1997 has worked with web, e-commerce, CRM in positions as commercial developer, project manager and marketer. What a CV don’t you thing?, We are personally really impressed. 🙂
Google receives about 14 million searches worldwide every week and a lot of people, near 90%, don’t look anymore after the first page, that it is why it is very important for small and medium size business to learn how to optimize their resources when it comes to SEO.
We are attending Clickthru marketing’s seminar in SEO next Thuesday the 22on of March, because we think it is very important for us to learn the best techniques on how to optimize our website that we are sure are going to be taught by Per.
Don’t hesitate to contact for more information if you want your business to take off and get more presence online, it can definitely make a difference for your company.
I Hope you have found this article helpful in order to achieve the success you deserve and keep connected to for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. 🙂

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