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A day on Santa Cristina beach!

Hola!!! Life is a beach! 🙂 Yesterday I had a day on the beach and I love it!

In the pictures Santa Cristina beach in Oleiros, playing with sand and me…I hope you like the pictures!

well not all is beach in my vacation in Spain, still doing business here. I can´t help it! it must be love to business, don´t you think?

Then at night a friend came home with a homemade suger-cake with nuts and russins. So delicious! I do not have the receipt with me right now and I promise I am going to ask to share it with you!

Well now I must go with my family so Feelgood!

Viva family & holidays in Spain! In a week in Sweden! 🙂

Miss López is going to the end of the world in July…I mean Oleiros in Galicia, Spain!

Hola amigos this is Oleiros, where MISS LOPEZ is going to spend summer vacations this July!

Yes these are some views close to my place there. I hope you like them! 🙂

Did you know, this region in Spain, GALICIA used to be considered where the world ended until Columbus “discover” the New World? It´s true! In Latin the Romans called this area Finisterrae or in other worlds, The End of the World!!! 🙂 So cool!

It´s so beautiful out there and for sure you can find the best beaches in Spain and probably the best seafood in the world too!! Lovely! It´s gonna be lovely!, don´t you think so? The best of it, Galicia, the whole region is kind of undiscovered but this only make it more interesting, more unique… Shall we go?

Yes MISS LOPEZ was born in the end of the world one day, A Coruña and this July is coming back to enjoy it!! Nice! I love Bastiagueiro beach and Santa Cruz too!!

Would you love Miss López  so much to follow me to the end of the world?? 🙂 Discover you too “Finisterrae”, the end of the world in Latin and Feelgood!!!

Feelgood everybody!! Hasta la vista! Meanwhile in Scandinavia! Let´s see!!

Till startsidan