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Women in today´s news

hello! Today Id like to share with you the news of these three women…
Spanish/ Hola! Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros las noticias de tres mujeres que me parecen admirables…una de ellas…una gallega en Nueva York: Check the link
U245912Carmen Fariña, una emigrante gallega en tierras americanas, Nueva York. Ahora la jefa del departamento de educacion de Nueva York en Estados Unidos.
Shakira! de noticias con el lanzamiento de su nuevo album musical con Rihana…

shakiramegaMira su nuevo evento. Te apuntas?

y ahora tambien Victoria de Suecia que se ha roto una pierna y esta con escayola…esperemos que solo unos pocos dias más!


Mira mas la informacion aqui…

Bueno y hablando de mujeres famosas y decididas, sabias que el perfume de Karolina Kurkova lo encuentras a traves de las agentes de ventas de la marca LR como yo? Por cierto os invito a mi proximo evento informativo de las posibilidades de negocio y venta de producto, este domingo desde las 11 hasta las 17 en Skeppargatan 41, Estocolmo. Te apuntas? 🙂

La informacion en sueco la encuentras aquí:

Por supuesto la informacion la podeis encontrar en sueco…


Hasta la vista!

See you soon!

Vi ses! (en sueco)

Can you imagine Miss Lopez in a bikini?

As I am a beach girl I love bikinis! 🙂 I was born close to the best beaches in the world in Galicia and I love the sea!!! Specially from the Athantic coast in the north of Spain…so beautiful!
Still in Sweden waiting for the spring to come and other good news like the baptism of Princess Stelle & more…but soon in around ten days going to Spain for a short visit. I don´t know if the weather there in A Coruña, Galicia would be good enough to go to the beach but can you imagine Miss Lopez in a bikini? 🙂 Meanwhile I show you the ones I like. Very girly by the way…Cool! 🙂
Rosa bikin from Spanish label Blanco…I like it!

Beach sandal from Brazilina Ipanema…

Nice bikini from Oysho, Inditex from Galicia

And this wonderful bikini from Adidas by British Stella Mc Cartney…I like it! and you?

But before that my new event with TOUS coming soon at Stureplan. See you there!

Viva the beaches from Galicia and Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!

Expecting a baby? Get inspired by Spanish fashion & Princess Victoria of Sweden

Today Fashion tips from Miss Lopez for those women expecting a baby. I like Princess Victoria`s style so I can imagine her in these cloths, don´t you?. Viva Cheap & Chic Fashion from Spain. Check it out!

Sweet dress from Spanish Zara

Shoes from Spanish brand Bimba & Lola. Perfect shoes!

Party time for mothers to be! Dress from Spanish as well, Mango

Our icon now expecting a baby: Princess Victoria of Sweden. Cool!

Get inspired by Cheap & CHIC fashion to everybody! Viva Feelgood Womanhood!


Miss Lopez with Maud Olofsson, Swedish Minister for enterprise & energy at Ambassadorer´s seminar

Hello! Better late than never…so here comes a new Miss lopez´s post. Did you miss me? 🙂
Do you know Maud Olofsson, Swedish Minister of enterprise & energy is going to travel all the way to USA from Sweden to work together at the White House in Washington with Hillary Clinton helping women entrepreneurship in the world? Now you know ´cause it´s true! 🙂 I must say I love politics to make a difference for better and together change the world! Viva women entrepreneurship!
On the 16th of September I have had the pleasure to assist to Women Entrepreneurship seminar with Ambassadorer in Stockholm so first of all, check the pictures. I hope you like them!

Swedish Minister of enterprise & energy, Maud Olofsson and Miss Lopez with Ambassadorer from Swedish Agency of Growth.

I loved lisening to her! Such a good words she said about women entrepreneurship in Sweden.

Here Maud Olofsson giving the Ambassadorer´s awards to the best ones…

Having a debate and on their back the pictures of Maud olofsson with Princess Victoria of Sweden. Really Nice!

Karin Klerfelt from Astarcan and Maud Olofsson

Delicious Scandinavian salmon for lunch. You´ll love it too!

And after this intense and interesting day for women etrepreneurship I went to a party where I met my old pupils in Spanish. Do you know I am a teacher too? Learn Spanish with Miss López & Feelgood!

And as Maud Olofsson said: “Sweden is to be the world’s best country to live, work and run a business in. Our innovative capacity and entrepreneurship will create the jobs of the future. Our objective is to enable people and businesses throughout the country to grow and develop through their own efforts.”

Then I am happy to be in Sweden…Check my new project too: Global Kompetens

Cool to get so muh inspiration from Maud Olofsson, don´t you think so? Let´s work together for a better world & feelgood!


the first pregnant dress

Victoria de Suecia ha lucido su primer vestido premamá durante una visita a Gotemburgo junto a su esposo, el príncipe Daniel
Good health for everybody event in Göthenburg! Really Feelgood & Feelgood Womanhood! And the first pregnant dress of Princess Victoria…so cute! Nice!
Me gusta el primer vestido de embarazada de la Princesa Victoria de Suecia y a ti? Que riquiño! como decimos en Galicia! 🙂

For democracy everywhere…now Miss López both in English & Spanish!

Now as Miss Lopez everywhere with the mobile version of my blog (both from now in English & Spanish), so of course democracy!. A princess for democracy in this picture from, Princess Victoria of Sweden with the Norwegian royal family  among others were last Sunday at the ceremony at the Oslo Spektrum in memory of victims of the attacks of July 22. Together to defend freedom, democracy and openness in a “multicultural and diverse society” in a ceremony in the memory of the victims of the double attack happened a month ago in Norway. 
Together for democracy everywhere!

(in Spanish) Ahora como Miss Lopez en todas partes con la version móvil de mi blog, así por supuesto la democracia!. Una princesa por la democracia, la princesa Victoria de Suecia junto con la Familia Real noruega al completo entre otros presidió este domingo desde el palco de honor la ceremonia en el Spektrum de Oslo en recuerdo de las víctimas de los atentados del 22 de julio.  Juntos para defender la libertad, la democracia y la apertura en una “sociedad multicultural y diversa” en la ceremonia en recuerdo de las víctimas del doble atentado acontecido hace un mes en Noruega.
Juntos por la democracia everywhere!

Ja må hon leva! Feliz Cumpleaños!

Hello! Check these sweet pictures from Solliden at the Swedish royal family sommar residence in Sweden. Princess Victoria today with her husband Prince Daniel. From here we want to wish Princess Victoria a very happy 34 birthday! Felicidades to a really good feminine icon too!
Ja må hon leva! in Swedish
and Feelgood Womanhood!!!

I send this post from Sweden´s national day to my mother, family and friends in Spain

Hello amigos! I´ve noticed you like my last post about the best beaches in the world, in Galicia, Spain where I am going in a few weeks! 🙂

Well yes, yesterday it was Sweden national day, a really warm day in Stockholm and beautiful by the way. Really a day to go to the beach! So here come the pictures of the day with Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel opening the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Nice pictures, aren´t they? So I was thinking to publish them to show to my friends, family and my mother (she reads my blog everyday. Thanks mother!) in Spain. I am sure they are going to like them very much as Princess Victoria is very popular in Spain too. Cool! A really Feelgood Woman in a simple but very nice blue dress on her! I like it!

Yes this is what blogging is for, sharing and I love it!

Viva Feelgood Womanhood everyday!  by Miss Lopez. Have a nice day!!

Miss Lopez coming soon…to be continued

Miss Lopez wedding tips: Bride decolletage nr 1, "boat" style

Hola amigos y amigas! MISS LOPEZ here!! How are you doing today? I don´t know if I am going to get married this summer 🙂 but for sure a new Royal wedding is just round the corner in UK in just few days. Cool! Miss Middleton and Prince William are getting married, the wedding season is here so I decided to start a new wedding serie in my blog: Miss Lopez wedding tips! once a day, all this week! I hope you like my wedding fashion tips!
As you know I used to have my own wedding/party shop with cloths from Spain at Karlavägen Stockholm  long time ago so we´ll focus on the decolletage in this serie, one of the most important things to think of when buying a wedding dress, so check it out!
Today, Miss Lopez wedding tips nummer 1 about decolletage in “boat” style, one of my favourites and the one Prince Victoria had a her wedding last year. So romantic!
Boat Style like the one is the pictures. The boat neckline is rounded and is characterized by a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, front and back of the dress. It is unobtrusive, fits perfectly with the shoulders and usually a favorite of brides looking for a classic traditional wedding.
And You, would you marry with this kind of decolletage?  I wonder which one will use Miss Middleton…
Have a nice day waiting for my second wedding tip and Feelgood!! 🙂
Vivan los novios!! By the way check more about Fashion from Spain
Viva la moda Española!

Love at first…Japanese slice! by Miss Lopez

Hello amigos! MISS LOPEZ is back! Thank you Miss Marisa for your last post too! Interesting! I love these TED conference videos by the way, yes the revolutions we need!. Talking about East, I am sorry for the tsunami happened in Japan today.
But talking about Japan, today I have had a very interesting business meeting, as you can see in the pictures from this morning, at VikingSun and I am happy to inform you about this new cooperation with Miss Lopez. VikingSun is a trend-setting lifestyle company providing Sweden’s sharpest knife range and cookware, which gives the quality-conscious delight in the kitchen, perfect for Miss Lopez!. Many from Japan I must say as you can find the “best” ones there. Vikingsun constantly is developing product range in close cooperation with the Swedish chef’s knife and elite academy. Cool!!! 🙂 Check the gratitude card in the first picture, they got from Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel for the present they got from VikingSun when they got married! Nice!
But not only that, they sell Nigella Lawson´s kitchen serie too among other brands! Very exclusive, only for Dolce Vita lovers like Miss Lopez! 🙂 Check it out Nigella Lawson´s chocolate video!
It seems like Miss Lopez has a lot to do with the pleasures of the cuisine as people love it too! Yes Viva Miss Lopez in your kitchen! Great Miss Lopez cuisine news are coming soon!. Let´s cook together with Miss Lopez! Don´t you think so? 🙂
Believe in love at first…sight with Miss Lopez, and FEELGOOD!! `Cause it´s true! Cool!!!
Cooking with Miss Lopez, you´ll feel very good!! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!
Till startsidan