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Miss Lopez wedding tips : bridal decolletage en V and be not Miss anymore!

Hi there! MISS Isabel Lopez! MISS LOPEZ! 🙂
And finally the best kept secret has been found out! 🙂 Miss Middleton is not Miss anymore and now she is Mrs Catherine Elisabeth Windsor, I hope for ever! Felicidades from Miss Lopez! Myself I found out she is Elisabeth too, or Isabel in Spanish. Yes Elisabeth=Isabel, a Queen´s name for sure!!! 🙂
See I love weddings  and weddings dresses too and as Miss Miranda said she had a fantastic dress, chic and beautiful and I agree with Miss Miranda I´d also have it myself in my own wedding… 🙂 Thank You Miss Miranda for your post and being so updated! Gracias!
And my wedding tip of today is the same style as the future Queen of England had today at her wedding: IN V. These necklines accentuate the shape of the breast, and can be both discrete and very deep. Its court-shaped vee neck lengthens, and makes you look more stylish and in line with shoulders. Myself I think the combination with lace and V decolletage is so beautiful! I love it! 🙂
Viva the wedding dress of the future Queen of England, Catherine Elisabeth!
Felicidades and Vivan los novios!!
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What if the first child of William of England and Miss Middleton were a baby girl?

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez says hello to you! You know here at Miss Lopez´s blog loves women´s rights! So this is a very good reason to read this new post. By the way, did you know that before I moved to Sweden I used to live in UK for a few years. I must say I always have been fascinated by this culture and I really like it! Viva UK too! and the coming Royal Wedding of course!

Good News: Possible reform in the line of succession! As reported by the newspaper The Telegraph , British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, in charge of constitutional reforms, announced in BBC that he and David Cameron are studying the possibility of ending those laws in which monarchical men has supremacy over women. Under the current regime is established, if the Prince William and Catherine Middleton had a baby girl would lose all rights to the throne in favour to the first baby boy. Clegg is trying to change this so that in future the line of succession is not determined by sex, something that seems to be “outdated.” Miss Lopez agrees!! 🙂

The Queen Elizabeth II would have given her approval to the reform but David Cameron,  more reluctant to change by the new proposal and believes that it is a complex process that is not going to get “from one day to another “.The opposition believes it is not necessary even to begin to reform as Prince William is not yet married and Harry is single. However, Clegg continues explaining that within a year William of England and Miss Catherine Middleton could announce they are expecting their first child. Meanwhile, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told the BBC that it is a matter of government so they will not issue any statement.

I do hope for a reform in the line succession, don´t you?

Viva women´s rights and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!

Genuine, the official picture from Peruvian photographer Mario Testino!

Buenas otra vez! Now it’s official their love romance, so finally come to light the first official pictures of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. I love this one, don’t you? I couldn’t help sharing it with you. The image was taken on November 25, nine days after the announcement of the commitment,  by Peruvian photographer Mario Testino , a great friend of Princess of Wales. Mario Testino is originally from the land of alpaca and Machu Pichu you know, Peru with roots from Spain, Ireland and Italy and he does things from the bottom of his heart and here you see the result: 100 % genuine! Photography is his life, and he is good, isn’t he!

Here you see the Prince with his arms around his fiancée, Miss Kate who proudly wears the engagement ring that once belonged to Lady Diana Spencer, a spectacular 18-carat sapphire in intense blue, surrounded by 14 small diamonds. About fashion, the costumes chosen for this picture is somewhat informal and I love it too.

You see, as long as you do things from the bottom of your heart, everything will be great! So Cool! 🙂

Be genuine in everything You do and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez news: the Katemania is coming. Feel inspired you too!


Good Morning everybody from Miss Lopez! Check this out! A new trend is coming, the Katemanía the same day of her commitment and is only the beginning. The good news everywhere as well on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where Kate Middleton became the Tender Topic (the track tweeted) .
I must say I love her dress in the picture. Really nice! The blue dress she wore in her first appearance the model DJ157 Issa brand, a staple that the company reviewed every season and it costs about 500 euros, stores sold out in London in a day. But not only that: jewelry stores also strive to produce exact replicas of precious and valued engagement ring that belonged to Princess Diana and the Prince William gave his fiancée: a spectacular 18-carat sapphire in intense blue, surrounded by 14 small diamonds, Garrads jewelry firm, and since last November the world’s most coveted jewel.
See the power of icons! As well as Miss Middleton, I hope Miss Lopez to be your icon too, a source of inspiration to all women in order to make you feel good. Fine that men can also check my site sometimes… 🙂
Inspiration to everybody and Feelgood!

Miss Middleton, the Queen to be of England. Check the ring!

El Príncipe ha obsequiado a Kate con el anillo de compromiso de su madre, la princesa Diana. Un zafiro de 18 kilates rodeado por 14 pequeños diamantes de la firma Garrard Joyeros que la propia Diana eligióEl príncipe Guillermo y Kate Middleton han posado juntos en el Palacio de St. James seis horas después de que Clarence House, residencia oficial del príncipe Carlos, anunciara su compromiso
Hello, another Royal wedding is coming! You know I do love love stories. Check the ring! Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married next year, 2011! The Prince has given away to Kate the engagement ring from his mother, Princess Diana. A 18-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds that Diana herself elected and that once inspired thousands of alliances throughout the world. So romantic!
Another Royal event to be looking for. So royal or not royal, the thing is “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and always will be, don’t you agree? 🙂
Viva el Amor and Feelgood!

Till startsidan