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Miss Barcelona-Fun business outfits with Prada

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with more business looks for you my working girls!VIVA WORKING GIRLS!!:) If you are a shoe lover like me, you will find this tips pretty entertaining. This time I wanted to show you some shoe options from Prada. And here is why. Even if you may have a certainContinue reading “Miss Barcelona-Fun business outfits with Prada”

Misslopez fashion tips: Sandals are for the fall 2010

Hello again!. Or at least according to the latest catwalk, the most in it is to wear sandals with socks instead of shoes. So Do not keep the shoes this fall 2010! One the commandments of Prada watching very closely at their last fashion show: This fall, the sandals are here to stay.. How doContinue reading “Misslopez fashion tips: Sandals are for the fall 2010”