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Rain over me…in Galicia

Hola! Nothing like in this video in the dessert…Galicia and the north of Spain is green and wet! Oh my Godness, this July must have been the coldest for many, many years… Whatever the Galicia landscape is fantastic!!!!!!!!! So beautiful! Thank you rain!!
As people say here ” a mal tiempo buena cara” 🙂 and I think this song will cheer you up. It´s said to be the latest hit! Do you like it?
I just wanted to say Hello to you before going out for the day…Ciao!

Vivan los LOPEZ on the floor! Check JLo new video with Pitbull!

Hello! MISS LOPEZ miss You already! Do you know Lopez is a Spanish surname originally from Madrid and Castillian. My father, Lopez as well was from Madrid and I know.
Well now Lopez is everywhere specially with this new video of JLo and Pitbutt with a touch of Lambada, Brasilian music. Talking about Carnaval, it couldn´t be a better time to release this new JLo music. Don´t you think so?
By the way, it has been a record on YouTube already in a very short time! So many views already!
The must be something with la Lopez!! 🙂 By the way I love Pitbull too!
Enjoy JLo new song on the floor you too! It can´t be a better way to celebrate Women´s International Day, don´t you think so? 🙂 Let´s dance on the floor together!
FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD more than ever with JLO!!

The Latin flavour of La Lopez on the floor. Check it out!

Hello amigos! Miss Lopez here again! I have missed you already! Just let me ask you, do you think I am a party girl? I may but now I need a rest from parties and mingligs, at lest for today…waiting for my next one! 🙂  By the way, tomorrow I have an event at Venture Cup, Stockholm in the evening for women´s entrepreneurship, so I´ll let you know then.
Well, did you know that when I was a child in Spain when people asked what did I want to become as an adult, I used to say an artist like Picasso, a writer like Garcia Lorca or a dancer…like Jennifer Lopez? 🙂
Yes it´s true! Can you imagine Miss Lopez dancing all day long? 🙂 At the end I did not go the dancing way and I studied other subjects but at least I can show you now the shooting of the new video of La Lopez, 41 years old J.Lo behind the scenes, “On the floor”. So check it out!
The new American Idol seems to fit as a really party girl as well, wild and crazy, sexy and sweet too! Both the video and club jam features Cuban rapper, Pitbull. Nice! Don´t you feel like dancing already?
I can´t wait to see Jenny from the Block and Mr 305 in the finished work, but for now, check this video behind the scenes! Cool! By the way, Miss Miranda is busy today with a party but it´s coming tomorrow with more news from Italy. See, another party girl! 🙂
And remmember tomorrow it´s Friday! Friday night fever with a Latin touch!
Viva the Latin dancing and Feelgood!

Pitbull to Sweden!: uno, dos, tre cuatro!

"Pitbull will be counting at Arenan 4th of May"
Mr 305 Pitbull

“One, two, three, four. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!” I believe that no one escaped the sound of mr 305 number one party song last summer!.
With his mix of  House, Hiphop and caribbean rythms,  Pitbull went worldwide last year. His breakthrough was with “I know you want me” that is a new version of the Dominican singer El Cata’s song with the same name. I know for sure that the deejays played it in every corner of Sweden. And it is a good song, catchy and if nothing else, he taught the world to count to four in both english and spanish!.
The consert is to be the 4th of May and hopefully Pitbull will be bringing some of that famous Miami heat to Arenan, Stockholm. Tickets are now for sale at
If anyone missed “Pitbull – I know you want me”, here it is!
Pitbull – I know you want me

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