The perfect Christmas present, by Miss Lopez´s new concept in Sweden: Miss Lopez Städ!

Hi! Here my Christmas present to you all! There is only one problem: only in Sweden, Stockholm at the moment, but we´re coming! Miss Lopez competition in order you to win two hours help at home with cleaning by my new concept: Miss Lopez Städ. Cool!
Meanwhile check some pictures from Saturday night fever with Beauty Team & new Latin music star: Sayen! Check it out! 🙂
Me having a Spanish San Miguel, 0,0. With a lemon touch!

here lisening to the amazing voice with a BIG Latin touch, Miami sound: Sayen! Cool! By the way, lisen to her you too at this video: She, Sayen is a real FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD woman! Viva inspiration!!
More Feelgood News coming soon…
Hasta la vista babies! 🙂

New Latin music star in Sweden: Miami sound, Sayen!

Hola amigos y amigas!
A new Latin star was born in Sweden! 🙂 Viva bringing the Latin touch in Scandinavian & everywhere!!!!
Tired after a magic party yesterday with Beauty Team at Söder. THANK YOU girls, Felicia & Marisel!…Well I must say one of the best moments of the party was lisening to Sayen and her single in colaboration with Pato Pooh in Sweden: “Quiero tocar feat”. Cooooooooooooooooool!
Lisen to wonderful Sayen and let me know! Viva Latin touch with Miami sounds in Sweden and Feelgood!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with a Latin touch! 🙂

Till startsidan