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Hola!. Hoy un dia maravilloso con una temperatura ideal para mi: templada, en sueco se diría “lagom”.  Lo bueno en Galicia y sobre todo en Coruña, Oleiros las temperaturas son muy templadas y hoy hay sol así como “fresquito” al mismo tiempo.
Aqui en Galicia es el Dia de Las Letras Gallegas, cuando se celebra el dia y los escritores que han destacado en la lengua gallega. Por cierto, sabes que he estudiado gallego en la escuela?. Lenguaje hermoso parecido al portugués…
Hoy he aprovechado para hacer un poco de deporte en casa, como padel algo parecido a un mini tennis que me encanta, luego pasar por la piscina y al final antes de finalizar el dia un par de horas en la playa. Y es que esta playa de Bastiagueiro cerca de casa en Oleiros, me encanta y me trae tantos recuerdos de mi niñez… 🙂
Bueno ya queda poco para volver a Estocolmo, Suecia. Espero que el tiempo se ponga buena tambien allí!

At last in La Coruña

Äntligen i La Coruña, Galicien där jag är född 🙂
Jag hade längtat så mycket att vara här igen… 🙂
På stranden hittar man många som gör windsurf. Galicien en windsurf paradis…
Så vacker
Jag saknade smaken av maten… 🙂
Calamares a la romana!. Så gott!
Zamburillas gratinadas…jag kommer att sakna smaken…
I Santa Cruz Oleiros innan jag går hem och träffa min familj där…
In Spanish
Esta vez encantada otra vez de estar en Galicia. Con sus paisajes y playas preciosas…y el marisco de Galicia. Lo echaba tanto de menos…
Que viva veranear en Galicia & feelgood

Miss Lopez´s Birthday at Bastiagueiro beach, Oleiros, Spain

First of August! Miss Lopez birthday, this time from Bastiagueiro beach! Check it out!

What a day! 🙂 Started with a visit to the Mayor of Oleiros council (in the first picture) to introduce myself and my business ideas and finished with a visit of an old friend and an invitation to a restaurant. All from Oleiros and Bastiagueiro beach that I love so much! Here you have the pictures to Feelgood!! 🙂

From here I´d like to thank all the people that had a though about me this special day!!!

Hasta la vista babies!!

By the way Miss Miranda is back to Sweden the 2nd of August and then Miss Lopez! 🙂 Ciao!!

Vamos a la Playa…on Mera beach!

Hola! On the beach again!! This time another beach close to my place in Oleiros, Mera beach. Yes Mera!!! This is a really popular beach as you can see. I am happy to show you the beaches I used to go as a kid so I hope you like them all too! 🙂

In the last picture Pazo de Meiras, or castle de Meiras. I am going to tell you something about it…according to history Franco used to spend summer vacation here. Well a really Medieval castle I must say.

Enjoy Miss Lopez pictures from Spain and Feelgood!!

Santa Eulalia de Lians church in Oleiros, Galicia, Spain this Sunday

Hello from Oleiros, Galicia, Spain! I just want to share the pictures of today before going to the beach, Mera beach. These pictures are from Santa Eulalia de Lians church this Sunday. So green and beautiful as I´ve told you before. I must say I really like the north of Spain, still kind of unknown to tourists and so different to the rest of Spain. Actually this area of Spain is called the green Spain, as you can see.

In Galicia you´ll find “moras”, these fruitis from the forest that I love. Check it out! 🙂

and now after taking it easy at lucnch I am going to to Mera beach! You´ll love it!

A day on Santa Cristina beach!

Hola!!! Life is a beach! 🙂 Yesterday I had a day on the beach and I love it!

In the pictures Santa Cristina beach in Oleiros, playing with sand and me…I hope you like the pictures!

well not all is beach in my vacation in Spain, still doing business here. I can´t help it! it must be love to business, don´t you think?

Then at night a friend came home with a homemade suger-cake with nuts and russins. So delicious! I do not have the receipt with me right now and I promise I am going to ask to share it with you!

Well now I must go with my family so Feelgood!

Viva family & holidays in Spain! In a week in Sweden! 🙂

From a typical old Galician house to Che Guevara statue in Oleiros…

Hola! How are you doing today? Still on vacation though I have business meetings during the day too. More pictures from Galicia in the north of Spain… The weather today was just perfect

After being at the swimming pool and having lunch I went to an old Galician house from the XVI century now hotel and restaurant, Pazo do Rio. Here me outside a Galician horreo, a place to keep food in the old days.

Here the real house, Pazo do Rio inside. I really love these typical houses from the old days. Don´t you? Made of big stones!

Here the waitress posing outside the buildning dressed in a medieval way. Cool!

Then I went to Marineda city mall to some shopping before travelling to Sweden. While there I happened to meet someone at a stand who knew Miss Lopez & blog. Cool people in A Coruña know my blog too.

And after that I went to have a tapa…ensaladilla rusa, so delicious! You have the recept in an older post for sure…Check it out!

And after all this wonderful day with my family in Spain, so see me here outside Che Guevara statue close to my place and Bastiagueiro beach. Cool!

Viva holidays in Spain and Feelgood!!

I hope you like the pictures! More coming soon…Ciao! 🙂

Miss López & Miss Miranda together in Galicia, Spain

Hello! Still in Spain, Galicia, Oleiros! Today I met Miss Miranda but before that you see me here playing chess… I love it! 🙂

Just a normal Spanish supermarket close to my place. Here the wine…section. Interesting to see this when you come from Sweden…

Here me having an aperitif with Miss Miranda in a terrace close to my place at Santa Cristina beach. Nice!

I love having the aperitif! Very Spanish tradition before having the big lunch.

My favourite dish, Galician paella with lots of sea food!

One of the best white wine in the world I´ve been told from Galicia! and for dessert: flan!!! You must try!

Here Clio, Miss Miranda´s dog, so cute! Today I have had the pleasure to meet for the first time Miss Miranda´s family in A Coruña where both are from too. We went to a Galician restaurant, Rio with delicious food. Good & a lot 🙂
Then we went home to Miss Miranda with an amazing view of a Coruña and there we had lemon sorbet with a bit of champagne too. It couln´t be better! Thank you Miss Miranda & family!
Soon we´ll be back to Sweden but before that we´ll be enjoying the Galician pleasures! Viva Galicia Calidade!
More coming soon… Hasta la vista!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood from Galicia too!

Miss Lopez at the swimming pool and the lemon tree in Oleiros, Spain

Hola! Miss Lopez from the swimming pool at my place in Oleiros, A Coruña, Spain. In Galicia you may find the best beaches in the world but today I felt like being  in my place, so nice!. The weather has been very mild these days but today I took the chance to be here having a sunbathing.  I hope you like the pictures. Still two weeks left to Sweden…

Then we went to the lemon tree at home to get some lemons and make a lemonade. I love it! 🙂 I send you my recept afterwards.

Viva lazy days n Spain close to water and Feelgood

Before "siesta", Lopez today at my place on the paddle tennis court & swimming pool, Cool!

Hello!! I am taking it easy right now, or siesta as we call it here, after the big Spanish lunch around 2 pm. Delicious! The weather today is just perfect for me, or “lagom” in Swedish…I love it! so after my siesta I am going to the beach very close to my place too, Bastiagueiro beach! Perfect if you love surfing!! Do you?
But before all that, Iwent to play tennis-paddle at the paddle court and the swimming pool at my place. I really love it! Nice to have it so close! I must say I am not a Nadal 🙂 but now while here I am going to play every day. I´ll let you know my progress!!
Nice to have a paddle tennis court & swimming pool to Felgood in Spain! I love it!
Viva doing sports!!!
I´ll be back the beach!! Hasta la vista!
Till startsidan