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Häng med miss Lopez i New York den 22-26 maj!

Hej vänner!
Nu kan du följa med Miss Lopez till New York! Ja, det är sant, den efterlängtade resan blir av och det snart! Redan i maj kan du hänga med Miss Lopez  på de häftigaste barerna och restaurangerna, kolla in de mest omskrivna sevärdheterna och shoppa i de trendigaste affärerna i världens huvudstad.

Frihetsgudinnan kan du se om du följer med oss till New York den 22-26 maj! Anmäl dig till: senast den 22 februari.
Programmet i sin helhet med priser och tider hittar du också under events på Miss Lopez facebooksida.
Vi ses i New York i vår!.
Viva shopping och New York!

New York, New York!

Hej vänner!
Nu kan du följa med Miss Lopez till New York! Ja, det är sant, den efterlängtade resan blir av och det snart! Redan i maj kan du hänga med Miss Lopez  på de häftigaste barerna och restaurangerna, kolla in de mest omskrivna sevärdheterna och shoppa i de trendigaste affärerna i världens huvudstad.

Times square, en dröm som blir verklighet om du följer med oss till New York den 22-26 maj! Anmäl dig till: genom att skicka en bekräftelse senast den 22/1.

Vi bor på Holiday Inn Soho på bekvämt avstånd från Little Italy och Greenwich Village, nära allt som The big apple har att erbjuda.
Programmet ser ut som följer:
Dag 1:
Avresa från Arlanda till New York, transfer till vårt hotell i Soho, välkomstdrink och sedan gemensam middag på trendiga Restaurang 230 Fifth med utsikt över Manhattan skyline.
Dag 2:
Miss Lopez leder en inspirerande förmiddag i ”Womanhood”-ens tecken. Shopping i Soho. Miss Lopez tar med er till sina bästa butiker, eller så går ni runt själva och njuter av världsstadens utbud. Fria aktiviteter men vårt förslag är middag på River Café – för utsikten, drinkarna och maten (under Brooklyn Bridge med utsikt mot Manhattan) Bokas på förfrågan. Nattklubb för de som vill. Bokas också på förfrågan.

Dag 3:Guidad tur med svensktalade guide runt Manhattans klassiska sevärdheter. Klassisk shopping runt 5th Avenue. Möjlighet till besök på bla. Saks, Apple Store, FAO, NBA Store, Gucci och Versace. Miss Lopez ger dig sina bästa tips. Egen tid. Vårt förslag: Middag på Nobu – Lyxig japanare med avsmakningsmeny. Nyöppnad uptown och orginalet i Tribeca (med Robert De Niro som delägare). Bokas på förfrågan. Sedan drink på A60– Bohemiskt möter modern elegans i Sohos bästa restaurang- och shoppingkvarter. Nattklubb för de som vill.

Dag 4:

Brunch på Pastis i heta Meatpacking District. Egen tid i New York: vårt förslag är en picnic i Central Park. Miss Lopez-tips: Ladda ner Central park-appen så hittar du rätt. Middag, vårt förslag: Gramercy Tavern – bra traditionell amerikansk krog. Nattklubb för de som vill (bokas efter intresse).
Dag 5:
Egen tid. Transfer till flygplatsen. Avresa Stockholm.
Pris: Pris: SEK 17 695 per person
Resan bokas senast 22 februari 2013 genom att maila en skriftlig bekräftelse till
Handpenning om SEK 5000 per person erläggs vid boknings-tillfället. Resterande belopp skall vara Small Media tillhanda senast 30 dagar innan avresa.
Frågor besvaras av Small Media på telefon 08-410 392 00.
Programmet i sin helhet med priser och tider hittar du också under events på Miss Lopez facebooksida.

Vi ses i New York i vår!.
Viva shopping och New York!


Miss Lopez´s icon: Princess Madeleine happy with her new life

Hello friends! Miss Lopez back to you after a busy day in Stockholm, but before I tell you my story of the day, I think it´s time to write about one of my icons: Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

After reading the news and having a look at the pictures, I think she has good reasons to smile. After a reasonable period of healing wounds by her sudden breakup with her ex-boyfriend and former fiance, Jonas Bergström, the Swedish princess has found love again with Christopher O’Neill, an American stockbroker, 35 years. They met through mutual friends last spring in New York, the city where Princess Madeleine has started a new life. She seems very happy, thanks largely to her full dedication to the humanitarian mission she is involved with, the World Childhood Foundation (WCF), the organization founded by her mother, Queen Silvia. Here in the picture at the United Nation for Women´s representation together with Swedish minister Ms Sabuni.

I love people that find their inner power to recover after all. Good inspiration to everyody!
I must say I love sharing with you these kind of news too! 🙂

Super Lopez working today, in Estocolmo, I mean Stockholm!

Hello world! Here Miss Lopez back to you with my Super girl power: Super Lopez!!! to save the world with the help of Feelgood Womanhood!!! 🙂 I am in a good humor today. Maybe because I am blogging?

Well today busy with my work in Sweden, Stockholm, as usual. In the first picture you see the mysterious Miss Barcelona in our meeting today having a Super snack: Reztart!!! in order to keep us alert all day and I promise: it works!! I am so happy I can have Reztart while in Stockholm during the day. And of course a Super girl power like Miss Lopez (or Miss Barcelona) needs a Super snack, don´t you agree? 🙂 For sure it´s good for you too!

Cool Barcelona and Miss Barcelona too! Talking about cities, do you know that Stockholm in Spanish is Estocolmo than in order words sounds like “esto es el colmo” that means something like “this is too much”. Yes! didn´t you know? In Spain we make jokes about this coincidence: Esto es el colmo, Estocolmo! 🙂 We Spanish people love Sweden and Swedish people! Sooo sweeet!

In the second picture, me Isabel Lopez really, having a company dinner at an Italian restaurand in the Old Town in Stockholm, of course. Viva Estocolmo, I love it since I moved here!!! 🙂

I must say, Stockholm is so nice city, one of my favourite, and London, NY, Madrid, A Coruña, Barcelona…And for you, what it is your favourite city? Let me know!

Viva fun in the city and Feelgood!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everyday! And tomorrow…to be continued…

Miss Lopez tip 7 for San Valentine: Watch out Cupido´s arrow!

Hello again my Latin Lovers!. 😉 Here comes my tip nummer 7 for SanValentine. Do you know that according to a study by the University of Syracuse in USA, love at first sight does exist for sure? It´s true! I find these kind of studies very interesting and that’s why I share it with all of You! I hope you like it!
In Roman mythologyCupid (Latin cupido, meaning “desire”) is the god of desire and  is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor.  So apparently, Cupid does exist, or at least his arrow 🙂 as that university research has revealed falling in love at first sight happens just sometimes in life, but when it happens, it takes less than a second! You may want it or not…
According to a review by this Syracuse University that studies physical reactions resulting in love in our mind, Cupid’s arrow takes about a fifth of a second to take effect in the brain. Also, when a person falls in love, there are up 12 different areas of the brain working to produce the pleasant feeling of euphoria.
But not all types of love are the same. Like love to friends or to a mother (“unconditional” love, says the study, which is stimulated by common and different brain areas), or to a lover ( “passionate” love, stimulated by the reward area in the brain). Moreover, the feeling of love affects intelligence. Several cognitive functions are in place when we are in love, as the ability of mental representation, to construct metaphors…
These results confirm that love has a scientific basis,” said study author Stephanie Nettles. Also, when love does not work it can generate a situation of emotional stress and depression for the disillusioned. So there is also a lack of love as a disease.
Of course, the study does not indicate whether the positive effects of love have an expiration date. We’d better take the risk!
And now, do you believe in love at first sight? For sure Cupido´s arrow exists so watch out! 😀
By the way follow this new worldwide trend on Facebook: make a lonely and very FROZEN 🙂 Swede a bit warmer by sharing a kiss with Miss Lopez!!!!  Puss, Puss
Fall in Love by Cupido´s arrow if you dare and Feelgood. Viva el Amor!

by Miss Lopez: "Glamour is a girl´s best friend!"

Hello! Miss Lopez again talking to you! Fun to find out most of my readers are from Bervelly Hills, Hollywood…California. The fabric of dreams! It suits Miss Lopez, isn´t it? 🙂 I hope one day to meet my readers from there too! Just contact me!

The thing is we people love glamour, at least I love it!. As the lovely Marilyn Monroe used to say, “Diamonds are a girl´s best friend”, and even though I don´t mind diamonds to myself, 😉 I do think she meant glamour. Don´t you agree? 🙂 Well, dreamming doesn´t cost a thing and I believe we all have a need to have dreams, actually in order to make you feel good!. So why not getting inspired by the sophisticated style in the picture of Angelina Jolie in the film, The Tourist?.  Now it is going to be easier too when Miss Lopez´s guest blogger, Miss Miranda brings you the fashion news directly from Italy! Cool!

Check it out! I like this beige colour very much by the way. In this collage you find, a Gucci dress, ring from Alexander McQueen, scarf and gloves from Topshop and the nice shoes from Louboutin. Not bad, isn´t it?. In case you can´t afford their prices, you can allways find similar things at Cheap&Chic like Spanish Zara, as it´s named in N.Y.

Enjoy the glamour at any prices and Feelgood! ´cause we are worth it!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD and Viva el glamour to make you feel good!

Wouldn´t be a good gift babyboots to my friend and Penelope Cruz?

Hello!. Sorry I have been busy all day so I have not had time to do blogging up to now, but I love it so even before I go to bed I enjoy writting a few words to all of you. And the best of it, I am so busy because of MissLopez´s blogg. Am I popular? 🙂  Let me know!.  Well, I just saw on You Tube the last video taken last week of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz with a big belly when she lit up the Empire State building in New York posing with the poster for World AIDS day with her adorable round (and really big!) belly. As a matter of fact it looks like Penelope may be due any day now, or at least early 2011. This actually reminds me of one of my best friends expecting a baby soon and makes me wonder what would be a good gift to her baby. I remmember the other day at Nya Affärer and SSES´s mingel at Stureplan, Stockholm I met this wonderful Swedish lady, Emma Gunnarsson, entrepreneur with her own webbshopp. Check her babyboots. Cute, aren´t they?. I really like them!.

She is sending me a pair of them and I think it would be perfect as a baby present to my friend and to Pe. Cruz, don´t you think?. By the way, for those thinking of gifts for babies at this time of the year, check Emma´s site, Babyboots and you´ll find the cutest boots! 🙂 Which colour are you?

I´ll be back with more news about the sweet Emma and her babyboots!

Viva warm baby feet with Babyboots and Feelgood everybody!

MissLopez tips: See the world´s most expensive bra!

Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret

Hello again! I’m back home again after an intense day with work and studies even on Saturdays and I feel I should treat myself with nice things with style, cause I’m worth it. I’ve got inspired by the news of this bra, world’s most expensive bra in the picture. Good for MissLopez I am sure, but the one in the picture is not me but the Brasilian top model Adriana Lima. Nice, Isn’t she?! And of course the bra as well.

After months of waiting, finally we could see the ‘jewels’ that will lead the annual parade of Victoria’s Secret, which will take place on November 10. Adriana Lima, the ‘angel’ of Victoria’s Secret this year has been chosen to show it off to an expectant audience in the heart of New York. Surrounded by bodyguards and wrapped in attractive air of sensuality that surrounds each event organized by the company she represents, the Brazilian model wear the design ‘Bombshell ‘, valued at $ 2 million. New York’s Soho demonstrates once again that diamonds are ‘girl’s best friends’ or at least can get along very well. Made with 142 precious stones , among which there are diamonds, topaz and sapphires, ‘Bombshell’ is the centerpiece of the annual parade organized by the lingerie brand every year, that arouses great expectations for its spectacular performance, the designs presented and the models on the catwalk, world-known as ‘Angels’ of Victoria’s Secret.

Probably diamonds are girl’s best friend and MissLopez’s too! 🙂 I should try one of these, don’t you agree?

I believe we women need to treat ourselves with the best cause we are worth it.

Viva la dolce vita! Treat yourselve with style & quality and Feelgood


MissLopez´s travel tips: why not New York?

Hello there!
I am so happy! I’ve just met a friend I haven’t seen for years and she told me she is going to get married! I should give her my travel tips to the about to be newlyweds, combining the activity of a city like New York with the pleasant calm of the Caribbean. A mixture may be perfect for a honeymoon due to the combined New York-Riviera Maya in Mexico. She told me she hasn’t been there so this will be a good tip.
I must say sometimes I get tired of being  in just one place so it’s important for me to “move”…It’s been a while since I’ve been to New York so why not going there again! There is a lot of Latin touch in New York. By the way, do you think New York would be a good place to MissLopez to do business? Contact MissLopez.
MissLopez in New York! I look forward travelling there! I love travelling!
La donna é mobile! in italian: Feelgood

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