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Miss Lopez TOUS tips meeting Maria Forssén at Stureplan

Hi. Meeting Maria Forssén for our next event together I came with this beautiful bag from TOUS…You know NOW you can get 10 % OFF discount when you buy something at TOUS Stureplan if you say just Miss Lopez, don´t you know? 🙂 Check this bag from TOUS! I love it! 🙂 and the thing is Maria from SO Stockholm loves it too! Don´t you like it too?

Really nice and high quality! from Spanish TOUS!

Lovely Maria Forssen from SO Stockholm wearing a TOUS bag. This Maria such an amazing entrepreneur & fashionist! 🙂

Me, Miss Lopez with my favourite TOUS bag. So cool! and a ring too from the same Spanish brand!

Miss Barcelona with a TOUS ring. Really nice!

And here the three of us again after our meeting. Well I am happy to inform you already that we´re planning blogg events at SO Stockholm coming soon so stay tuned…

A big TOUS event is coming too the 29 th of March just right at Stureplan… Meanwhile just go in the TOUS shop and say Miss Lopez code to get your 10% OFF just like that! Cool! Say Miss Lopez & Feelgood!

Viva Miss Lopez tips like Help at home in Sweden and more just to make you feel even better 🙂

For a better life quality together…FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!

I love picnic! How to make delicious vegetarian bagettes for today & more!

Hello! Still summer so why not going picnic? I love it! 🙂
I´ll tell you my cooking tip of the day: healthy, vegetarian & easy! it couldn´t e better so check it out!
You need ingredients per person:

1 baguette
1 tomato
1 carrot
green pepper
black olives
cooked green beans
virgin olive oil
virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon vinegar
a pinch of salt
half teaspoon mustard

1. Divide in two the baguette and brush the bottom with the cut garlic, extra virgin olive oil andchopped parsley.
2. Incorporate a layer of sliced ??tomatoes,cucumber and lettuce cut into thin strips. Drizzle with the vinaigrette, cover with onion rings and green pepper, mushrooms threaded, shredded carrots, black olives, sliced ??and pre-cooked green beans.
3. Watering again with the dressing.
Sprinkle with a little lemon juice to the mushrooms  not to get dark.
Enjoy a tasty picnic with Miss Lopez & Feelgood!!! 🙂 Hasta la vista!
See you tomorrow by the way…

How likely is MissLopez to remarry?

Hello! I am taking a break in my studies in statistics at Stockholm’s university today so I take the chance to write to you. The thing is, I saw this picture in a magazine (not me by the way) and I thought maybe some of you want to get married some day. Myself  I can’t tell at the moment, but right now it sounds very unlikely (it depends of the candidates too I guess). I am studying statistic data at university and my head is all about probability studies now.  One good case to study will be however, how likely I am to get married again? As I have been married twice (yes two times in Sweden) and if I happen to marry again, the third time, it has to be the last one, don’t you think so? Meanwhile I feel like giving my tips, Misslopez’s tips.  Check this too: Sociology at Stockholm’s University
Very important, don’t get nervous! Sometimes the nerves play a trick on us, not just at the altar: also during the months before the wedding so keep reading!
A key factor in keeping away pre-wedding stress on you is to have space at home where it is forbidden to speak about the wedding preparations. Sometimes you may end up trying to control everything… and anyone. So delegate some tasks to your partner, as the organization of your honeymoon, transportation, or the DJ and music for after the banquet.
Bridesmaids, sisters, cousins and even the bridesmaid, are  always the best allies to take care of small details: sure if you ask for help, they’ll be happyWho does not want to play to be wedding planner for a day?
A major source of concern during the preparation is money: do not miss my tips ‘anti-crisis’ to cut costs. And of course, doing sports regularly not only help you to have a perfect silhouette, it is the healthiest way as well to manage stress and keep nerves in place. Running, swimming, dancing will help you escape and get away a few hours a week in the mountains of catalogs and samples waiting at home. Do not obsess over the details, it is important to stay calm. Focus on the ‘general picture’, forget the little details that only you are aware, and enjoy your magical day, no matter what! I hope you like my wedding tips!
And a very good question, how likely do you think MissLopez is to marry again? :). Have a guess!
Whatever feel good!

MissLopez Fashion tips: gray day and night

Hi here with MissLopez stylist tips! Want to know what one of the main trends of autumn / winter 2010-2011 is? Check out the runway and, without much effort, find the gray color sweeps!
But take note: There is both day and night. Thus, in the early hours triumph pearl and charcoal shades, and by the time the sun sets, silver shades are the preferred choice by designers. However, if you dress in gray choose to combine with shades of brown, ‘camel’ or red. Contrast will create a very fashionable and you will be the one with most style of all.
FOR THE DAY: 1. The model Joan Smalls, with a set of Marc Jacobs (autumn-winter 2010-2011); 2. waistcoat gray point low finish peaks, Armand Basi, 3. Bag with long strap 4. pirate pants cotton, Benetton, 5. padded hooded jacket, Lacoste, 6. cover motorcycle helmet metallic color of HelmetDress and 7. Deportiva with rubber tip, Converse model ‘Star Player’.

I must say I love colours, all colour!

Enjoy gray this Fall too and Feelgood


Me, MissLopez, FalkUggla and Carolina Gynning on Swedish TV4, Förkväll

Hello from Stockholm, Sweden to anywhere in the world you may be!. Thank God Carolina Gynning (in the center) had a camara with her at the program so now I can share it with you!. You see the popular TV team in the other picture.  More about  Gynning. Check it out!

What a nice woman in all senses, a real Feelgood Woman!.

I must say, it´s been a crazy, “loco” day for me as well after the tension of being in a TV program on air. Nevertheless it made things easier that everybody at the program were so nice.

This is a variety lifestyle Swedish program where I had the chance to share my MissLopez tips so Annika FalkUggla could get a businesswoman style with a litle bit of Latin touch. It was funny when I was being asked about Swedish men. Are they too cool? Do they need to get more “spicy” too?. Maybe in my next makeover…:)

Show off your feminine curves with style and Feelgood

Check MissLopez on Förkväll TV4

Misslopez tips: Follow the steps for a perfect breast


Hello!. Today I feel like sharing beauty tips with you for one of the most feminine parts of the body of a woman: the breasts. The chest is one of parts of the body that accused most premature aging. Therefore, after getting the information from experts I will try to help you identify these problems and find possible solutions.

Always in place.
Experts say the perfect program to keep the breasts firm must include a proper beauty routine and special care including exercise and the use of good lingerie. We must do specific exercises, maintaining good hydration of the skin with the right products.
Choosing the best bra. It is important to choose a good piece of lingerie with rings and some reinforcement to prevent the gland from moving and causing sagging skin. Above all there is to know very well choose the most suitable for the shape of your chest, either glass A, B or C.
And your enemies? Muscle tone is lost over the years and lack of exercise. The loss of elasticity of the skin affected by other factors such as photoaging (abuse topless withoutsunscreen right) or natural aging, nursing, frequent losses and gains weight, poor hydration, and even not wearing proper fastener. All these factors influence the loss of elasticity of the skin and consequent sagging breasts.
Notes: The five commandments of a perfect breast
1. Apply a good moisturizer to the entire area twice daily. In the morning, after showering and at night before bed, because that increases the rate of cell regeneration.There are creams on the market  for toning and firming the skin of the breast and is of significant importance the proper use of cosmetic products.
2. Always use bra and if you play sports, special fasteners should be used for exercise, maintaining a firm chest to prevent the movement loosens the skin.
3. Strolling by the pectoral muscles to keep in shape. The best is the swimming but there are other as well.
4. Try to maintain an erect posture and not slouch your body, because if you tend to bend your back, chest falls. It is important to keep your back straight when sitting and walking.
5. The sun is not suitable for the skin of the breast, so it’s best not to take it or do it with protection and the shortest possible time.
Do not forget that … you should begin breast firming treatments as soon as possible. These are indicated in women who have suffered a recent weight loss, pregnancy or who want to prevent future blemishes in this area of the body.
To learn more:
Aesthetic Treatment Center-Medical Career Happiness in Spain

and now Feelgood Womanhood

Misslopez tips: Make up trend for fall season 2010

Hi there!. There is a lot you can do, with the right make up for you. I share with you the new make up trend that it´s coing for this new season, right behind the corner…
This season, the slogan is to make a blush to raise the tone of your cheeks and you’ll see peach faces more matte and dusty than in the previous season.
To bet on your lips red in all its versions so choose the one that best suits your skin tone.
In addition, the eyes are worn with gold shades so the trend smokey eyes will still be in fashion this fall. Camel tones, terracotta and brown eyes are coming too. You’ll also see many eyes outlined in black with corner-style like ’60s and reinterpreted with geometric lines.
Find the make up that suits you this fall 2010 and Feelgood

Demi Moore loves Twitter. Enjoy social networking you too!

Hello!. Do you know social networking can be very good for you?. Yes it´s true. I´ll tell you about my research another time. You will be more connected to people so you will feel good, very good, indeed.
Celebs have been using it as well to connect and create a new ways of comunication. Actually it is not the first time that we can see Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore publish their own pages on social networking site Twitter. By the way, here in the picture. This time the couple tried some black rimmed glasses that the actress was in charge of publishing so their followers could see the snapshot. But they are not the only characters known in the international arena that frequently use this website, Ricky Martin, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, among many, also inform their fans about their latest news.
Use social networking and Feelgood

Dessert "a la francesa" for your luxury days

Hello in a Saturday afternoon!. I must say I love this french dessert!. By the way, I love this picture, too!. 🙂 Classic, simple and delicious: the ‘macarons’ represent the chic dining  that come from the heart of Paris. Small delights prepared from almond ganache and sugar, in an infinite variety of flavors and colors that make them the ideal dessert for the eye as well. Vanilla, mocha, rum … the popularity of these small and delicate cookies has led them to travel around the world, and it is common to find them in coffee shops and bakeries in cities like New York, London or Madrid. Now in Stockholm, too.
The latest: the towers of macarons, an unique and surprising alternative to traditional wedding cake, crunchy crust and creamy interior, inspired by the French wedding cake, the Pièce Montée, traditionally made with cream-based cakes and dough choux. A chic touch of the story by the court of Marie Antoinette herself like in the picture.

Where to find:
in Delipanific, Moulin Chocolat or Mallorca. On the website of Pierre Hermé place orders remotely, and distributed to Belgium, Germany and Spain, among others.

I think everybody need luxury days sometimes and what´s best than French macarons for your dessert!.
Enjoy “macarons” for your days of luxury and Feelgood

Learn how to make a mojito cocktail

Hello!. Today I feel like sharing cocktail recipes with you to enjoy the late and best part of the summer, I think. The summer nights are the most romantic ones, so make your mojio waiting for tonight as J.Lo song and Feelgood!. Perfect to have a party anytime.
You need:

  • Ingredients for 12 people:
  • Lemon Granita:
  • 2 dl lemon juice
  • 4 dl water
  • 100 g sugar
  • 2 egg whites
  • Mint jelly:
  • 300 g sugar
  • 3 dl water
  • 1 / 2 bunch mint
  • 4 sheets of gelatin
  • few drops of green food coloring
  • Rum syrup:
  • 3 dl rum
  • 300 g brown sugar


1. Lemon Granita: Combine the lemon juice, water and sugar and beat until dissolved. Cool. Add the egg whites until stiff.Freeze.2. Mint jelly: Chop the mint finely. Boil water and sugar, remove from heat and add the chopped mint and dissolve the previously soaked sheets. Add coloring. Cool until set.3. Rum syrup: Boil the rum and sugar until syrup forms a thin strand.4. Serve in shot glasses a rum syrup base, cover with iced lemon and mint jelly.
Quick version:
Replace the lemon iced lemon sorbet purchased.
Misslopez tip:
Prepare other textures such as cocktail daiquiri or caipirinha …


Should not do more than 6 hours in advance. Gelatin can be made 1 day in advance, but should not let more time. The rum syrup may be left in refrigerator up to 1 day
Enjoy this delicious latin cocktail and Feelgood sharing it!

Till startsidan