Vill du synas här? Kontakta

Many things going on and in a few hours Miss Lopez TV pilot: Viva Miss Lopez Media Group!

Here my script in collaboration with Media Effekt. Interesting! Viva LOPEZ SCRIPT! 🙂

Me reading my script…to get done in a few hours…Thanks so much Conny & Mats from Media Effekt and Swedish journalist Donald Boström. GRACIAS! Viva Miss Lopez Media Group! Cool!

Not only that…people moving in and me out…from my apartment. Nice girl from Hungary! I got Hungarian “paprika” peppar from her as a present. Thanks!

Meanwhile still working with my company for cleaning MISS LOPEZ STÄD & EVENTS with Tapas. Viva Miss Lopez tapas! Here empanadas from Colombia from friends. Thanks by Miss Lopez!

Keep your fingers crossed for Miss Lopez & FEELGOOD!

Viva Miss Lopez business and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

Tapas con Miss Lopez en Estocolmo!

Hola amigos after being in Sanhamn his weekend…Now time for Tapas con Miss Lopez in Stockholm! Check yesterday´s event!

Here my Dear friend Angela wearing a apron from Spain…Muchas Gracias Angela!
The thing is I had the same Spanish wine Protocolo Tempranillo from other evens as well. Like in this one a few week ago:

Really nice wine I must say! Read more about this quality wine perfect for sangria in this link:

We had ensaladilla ensaladilla rusa as one of the tapas…I love it cold!

And during the event we had a lottery: 3 hours home cleaning for free! This is Life too & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! 🙂 Viva Miss Lopez Städ
And today is a BIG party in Sweden for the very beginning of the good weather nd a new season. Time to celebrate Valborg! 🙂
Let`s see my plan for tonight…Stay tuned with Miss Lopez and find out!
See you soon babies! Hasta la vista!

Till startsidan