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News from Hollywood! I got a bit touched too…See J.Lo at the Walk of fame getting the star 2500!

jennifer lopez at the walk of fame

Here J.Lo getting her start at the walk of fame in Hollywood. Star nummer 2500
Aqui la mismísima J.Lo al recibir su estrella. La numero 2500 por cierto!
Här J.Lo glad efter hon har fått sitt star! 🙂 Grattis!
(photos from hola)
j.lo at the walk of fame
She got touched…She deserve it. Such a role model for many women & entrepreneur! Congratulations!
Verdaderamente es una mujer que se lo merece! Ya era hora! 🙂
Grattis! Du är värd!

jennifer lopez & smart

and now time to celebrate!
Que empieze la fiesta con familia & amor & amigos!
Viva good role models / förebilder / & feelgood!
Viva Hollywood & Feelgood Womanhood! 🙂
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Heidi de Tarapoto, Peru, nueva chica Misslopez

Hola! Os presento a mi nueva practicante: Heidi

Encantadora, verdad? Pues ahora entra a formar parte del grupo Miss Lopez: Viva la nueva chica Misslopez! 🙂
Heidi nos va a ayudar llevando diversos projectos de marketing y como embajadora de productos de calidad de España, Perú, etc…Cool! 🙂
Y mas gente nueva practicante para Miss Lopez…ya tengo ganas de que mi sueño se haga realidad! Gracias a vosotros amigos & amigas.

Y yo aqui la mar de contenta con mis nuevas ayudantes…y es que “Unidos se hace la fuerza”, a que si?
Y una vez mas, todos juntos Feelgood Womanhood

Is this the woman we all want to look alike? Check this!

Fun! Look at this robot picture made with different parts of some celebs! Is this the perfect woman we women want to look like? 🙂 Find out!’s Ultimate Celebrity. Photo:

We women dream of having a perfect body, model looks and ‘just stepped out of the salon’ hair. But if such dreams came true, who exactly would they want to look like? some too thin, too big, too alien…who is the ultimate look?
Beauty website made a survey and invited 9,350 shoppers to vote for their favourite famous body parts, and then morphed the results together to create the ‘Ultimate Celebrity’. Here the result…
The above a mixture of:

A what’s whose guide to the Ultimate Celebrity:
HAIR: Kate Middleton
EYES: Cheryl Cole
CHEEKBONES: Keira Knightley
CHIN: Gwyneth Paltrow
NOSE: Kate Beckinsale
LIPS: Angelina Jolie
CHEST: Kelly Brook
And what do you think? Is this woman in the first picture you want to look alike?
We women may need idols, but whoever, be & love yourself and Feelgood! 🙂
Feelgood Womanhood!

From Madrid, Spain Shakira at Spanish Top 40 music awards with a new look!

Here Shakira in Spain with a new look! Cute. In Madrid this weekend has been the Spanish top 40 in music, or shall I say Los Cuarenta Principales I grow up with lisening to music in Spain. She got the award to the Latin music artist with more international influence in the whole world. Viva Shakira!.
You know now her boyfriend & Barcelona football player Gerard Piqué is in El Clasico so if Barcelona football club wins today, what a weekend for Shakira!!! 🙂
I love changing looks sometimes, don´t you? Renovarse o morir…
Viva new looks to feelgood! & Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss Barcelona-Reporter delux at SENSATION INNERSPACE

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with the most amazing news about Sensation Innerspace in Amsterdam.

Sensation is the biggest House music festival in the world performing in 13 different countries this year, starting last Saturday the 2on of July In the Amsterdam arena it will travel the world to: Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Great Britain, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.
The beginning of the Sensation tour in Amsterdam was spectacular, over 40.000 people from all over the globe gatered to celebrate House and more than 100.000 could follow the opening of the festival live online thanks to Vodafone.

The line up was as always pure quality:
*Mr. White
*AN21 & Max Vangeli
*Fedde Le Grand & Martin Solveig
*Daniel Sanchez & Juan Sanchez
*Sander Van Doorn
This fantastic festival has 11 years of history!!! Sensation started in 2000 with a one day festival that included Sensation white (House and Trance) and Sensation black (Hardstyle and Hardcore),  by next year the organization decided to separated the two types of music in order for the public to enjoy the specific feelings from each style. Nowadays  Sensation white is known by Sensation and takes place every first Saturday of July and Sensation black now known as Black the second Saturday of July both in the Amsterdam arena.
No details were left to spear, the organization one more year did an amazing job putting the Innerspace together, lights, laser effects, spectacular sound and an amazing scenery. Picture the main stage as a huge lotus flower in the middle of the stadium, beautifully lighted hosting not only the DJs set but the most technological and pretty waterfall you could  have ever seen. Followed by four little lotus flowers located at both sides of the main stage, also lighted and hosting in their inside beautiful water fountains definitely gave the show a delicate and harmonious look.
The show was full of surprises, to start with hundreds of lighted balls were hanging from the roof, at some moments you would think they were dancing  up and down to the music, and at some others you would think that they were going to fall all over the dancers on the floor, eighter ways it felt almost magical.
But this wasn’t the only one; at some point of the night from the waterfall on the main stage, a platform moving up and down was caring the amazing voice of the vocal singer that was singing the Innerspace song helped at the same time by a show of lights and water coming from the main stage and the other four little flowers.
Something that without a doubt left the public totally amused was when a group of dancers flew over the dance floor simulating beautiful birds, dressed of course, in WHITE!!!
The craziest moments of the night were when AN21 & Max Vangeli played a very special mix of  SAVE THE WORLD TONIGHT and ONE by Swedish house Mafia, by the way AN21 is Steve’s Angelo‘s little brother, a lot of talent runs in this family!!!
Other special moments were when Afrojack start playing TAKE OVER CONTROL and the public went absolutely bananas!!! I have to admit that that’s one of my favorites songs also 😉
The final ecstasy came when Sander Van Doorn took the stage and make the public vibrate with his energetic style, making very different  and interesting mixes, combining soft melodies with more elaborated rhythms as for example when he played SAVE THE WORLD TONIGHT, the most played song along the night. Would this be the biggest hit by Swedish House Mafia after ONE? We’ll have to keep a close look at this song during the summer 😉
The organization made an excellent job when it comes to facilities offered, there was of course a gigantic dance floor, but also several VIP areas located a little bit higher than the dance floor were spread all over the stadium, several areas where food was served, lockers where the dancers could left their belongings safely, VIP food and lounge areas and lockers, and a press room where interviews to the DJS where hosted along the night.
The people working on Sensation, from the press responsible to the waiters, security staff and cleaners; were service minded and polite at all the times, helping everyone enjoying of a fun, easy going night. VIVA SENSATION PEOPLE!!!!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Barcelona in Amsterdam-Tips for your trip II

Hello my dear Miss Lopez's community, it's so good to be back with you, I've been missing in action for a while due to technological problems, but now I'm here to give you more tips for your vacation in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. VIVA AMSTERDAM!!! ;-)
When I was in high school, back in Barcelona, art was one of my favorites subjects. Studying all those incredible works of art was delightful and I really enjoyed looking at the pictures the teacher showed us with sculptures and paintings.
That is why when I entered the Van Gogh museum I felt so happy, I had been in Amsterdam the last year in a short trip but I couldn't go to the museum then and I promised myself that I would be back.
One year later here I am. The museum is a modern building with 4 floors and an annex with 3 floors for exhibitions and conferences.
While you walk along the floors, the story of Van Gogh's live it's explain to you on the walls or on a walkman system that only costs around 2€ to rent. (I think it's totally worth it since they give you very good explanations on the artist and his work).
I can not explain how wonderful it was to see all the original paintings that I have seen as a teenager on my books in art class in front of me; it was like a grateful reunion with an excepted friend that you haven't seen for a long time.
Learning more about the artist in every floor was a nice but at the same time sad experience and I will tell you why.
Vincent Van Gogh was an incredibly creative artist that after  trying the pursuit of a religious career as a men of god, probably influenced by his father, decided to learn the technics of painting after  he had a job with a well known art trader.
He's well known for being a self-taught artist, with the help of books and some lessons from the Antwerp and Brussels academies, advice from other artists friends and painting material sellers, etc., he immersed himself in the art of painting in the 1880s.
The sad part of the story is the fact that such a brilliant mind only carried his artistic legacy for 10 years, even when he had demonstrated his creativity and ability to adapt the new impressionist technics to his work, developing his own style of painting; Van Gogh carried  his live as a tormented person that suffer from depressions very often.
That ended with him taking away his own live two days after shooting himself on the breast on the 27 Th. Of July of 1890.
But what you will discover in the museum that almost no one teaches at schools is that along his trip on the artistic work, Vincent had the unconditional support if his younger brother Theo.
In his 10 years as an artist, Van Gogh not only left a legacy of 800 paintings, but something as important as his works that is the vehicle that allows as know his personality better, hundreds of letters.
In these letters we can see the relationship between the two brothers and how Theo supported him from the beginning of his career till the end when he was by his side  at the moment of his death.
One moment that was very emotional for me was when I knew that Theo died only two years after Vincent and that even when he died in a different location, his wife did everything possible to make him lay next to his older brother and worked as much as she could to preserve Vincent's memory in honor of her husband. VIVA STRONG WOMEN!! 
If you like art and Van Gogh you can not leave Amsterdam without visiting the Van Gogh's museum, it will fulfill all you expectations and more. VIVA VAN GOGH!!!
Hope this information is useful for you while you're on vacation in Amsterdam.
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA MISS LOPEZ!!!

Miss Lopez´s News: Healthy lunch at Östermalm, Stockholm with Miss Barcelona and…

MISS LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hola amigos! Cómo están Ustedes? Today I feel like speaking Spanish to you. Would you like me to?…Maybe one day, and maybe soon…whatever it´s an idea as my mothertonge is Spanish and I love it! The language to talk to God! :), as a Spanish Emperor, Felipe II used to say long time ago according to history…as French for love and English to make business! He said too…Maybe it´s a little bit like this still these days, don´t you think?

I must say we´re in the most beautiful season for me, La Primavera!! the Spring and today the weather has been fantastic all day in Stockholm! I love it! Time to enjoy for sure! So today I went to an interesting breakfast for those interested in human behaviour, like me (I love it! ) and then for lunch, I have met Miss Barcelona at her home at Östermalm to have lunch together.

Luisa, I mean Miss Barcelona is vegetarian and the food was so delicious I must say. GRACIAS! Check the pictures! Yes very healthy too, that´s the most important!!! And then together we went to a seminar about capital and business angels at Entrepreneurship´s Forum, very interesting by the way and you can see me there with friends interested in this subject. Nice to meet friends everywhere in Stockholm! I love the thing even in Stockholm you can happen to meet friends unexpected, so cool! This means Stockholm is my home too! I love it! 🙂

And tomorrow more things to do and a meeting at Hotel Angleis at Stureplan in the afternoon at 13:30 with Miss Barcelona to start with and more. I´ll let you know!

Nice to blogg these time of the day! Viva Miss Lopez´s blog and friends and Feelgood! More news coming soon…

And Feelgood Womanhood to everybody as always!

What if the first child of William of England and Miss Middleton were a baby girl?

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez says hello to you! You know here at Miss Lopez´s blog loves women´s rights! So this is a very good reason to read this new post. By the way, did you know that before I moved to Sweden I used to live in UK for a few years. I must say I always have been fascinated by this culture and I really like it! Viva UK too! and the coming Royal Wedding of course!

Good News: Possible reform in the line of succession! As reported by the newspaper The Telegraph , British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, in charge of constitutional reforms, announced in BBC that he and David Cameron are studying the possibility of ending those laws in which monarchical men has supremacy over women. Under the current regime is established, if the Prince William and Catherine Middleton had a baby girl would lose all rights to the throne in favour to the first baby boy. Clegg is trying to change this so that in future the line of succession is not determined by sex, something that seems to be “outdated.” Miss Lopez agrees!! 🙂

The Queen Elizabeth II would have given her approval to the reform but David Cameron,  more reluctant to change by the new proposal and believes that it is a complex process that is not going to get “from one day to another “.The opposition believes it is not necessary even to begin to reform as Prince William is not yet married and Harry is single. However, Clegg continues explaining that within a year William of England and Miss Catherine Middleton could announce they are expecting their first child. Meanwhile, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told the BBC that it is a matter of government so they will not issue any statement.

I do hope for a reform in the line succession, don´t you?

Viva women´s rights and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!

Miss Barcelona-New Business cooperations at Miss Lopez

Hello my dear friends, Luisa Tapia, Miss Lopez´s marketing chef or should I say MISS BARCELONA, as I come from Barcelona!! 🙂 living in Stockholm with my dear Isabel Lopez, MISS LOPEZ! It’s being a long time since I last wrote to you, as I said the last time, we are very busy at Miss Lopez, always trying to get the best news for you and offer you the best services, because you my dears, deserve the best. 🙂
Last week was full with seminars, events and new business partners, I’m very excited about our cooperation with Media Effekt, haven’t you enjoy this spectacular video from the Absolute Race?, If you want to have a nice professional video like this one to promote your business on the Internet don´t  hesitate to contact us at for information, they are not only very professional but nice with all of you my friends since everyone of you can get a 5% discount just because you are part of Miss Lopez’s community.
I have to say that we have a very good time in every occasion that we had been at Media effekt, Conny, the sales chief, it’s a very intelligent and smart man that without a doubt lives his live in a total feelgood philosophy!!, he enjoys to sail, making movies, go to Miss Lopez’s events 😉 and he is also a lover of the Latin culture since he’s being leaving in Spain for a while and he speaks a very good Spanish.VIVA MEDIA EFFEKT!! 🙂
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best news, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA FEEL GOOD WOMANHOOD!!! 😉

Miss Marisa News: Do schools kill creativity?

‘Revolutions we need: Education’
This is actually a cult Sir Ken Robinson conference, at TED conference
Do schools kill creativity?
Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources
He has had an incredible life you can find on his site and has also a Facebook and Twitter accounts, and there is some more material on iTunes as Ted talks video app for Iphone and I tunes U podcasts.
I also suggest his book ‘The Element, how finding your passion changes everything’ the book talks about  the point at which natural talent meets personal passion with famous people not always easy life stories.
I hope you enjoy the conference as much as I have, Sir Ken has a great sense of humor and the conference is not only serious but very very funny.
And Remember to find your element and feel-good womanhood!!
Miss Marisa wishes you a Dolce Vita

Till startsidan