Vill du synas här? Kontakta

Miss Lopez blogging soon from my hometown again, La Coruña

Back to La Coruña…
De vuelta a La Coruña para ver a la familia y trabajar con mis negocios…guay! Mañana estoy de vuelta mas descansada que hoy…

miss lopez

Yesterday in Plaza Colon, still in Barcelona

Ayer comiendo tapas en las terrazas de la Plaza de Colon, todavia ayer en Barcelona 🙂


At Barcelona airport, you could see the new Audi A3 Sedan. Interested in test driving? Check this

miss lopez i a coruña

Happy to be back to La Coruña! Interested in my new event about Spain?
Me gusta La Coruña, me gustas tu! 🙂

On my way to visit my family in Spain

Sorry the delay! I happened to meet a friend at the airport..Here in Madrid, Barajas airport. Nice meeting friends…he on his way to Caracas, Venezuela, me on my way to La Coruña

Smile! 🙂

The first I did when I arrived to my place in La Coruña, I went to the beach…Here windsurfers at Bastiagueiro beach

on my way to more water…some sports. I love it!

at the swimming pool

Viva water activities & Feelgood! I need it so much!

Keep in touch!

My last day of easter vacation in La Coruña on my way to Barcelona and then Stockholm again

Hola! One day more in la Coruña as there is Iberia´s airline strike today…Well well. Soon on my way to Barcelona with a bit of sightseeing there too and then my Dear Stockholm too…Viva Stockholm! I love it too! 🙂 But before that I show you my pictures of today still in Galicia, La Coruña

Here me in Riazor beach in La Coruña. I used to go to this beach in the center of the city in my younger days

There is a brand for fisk food cans call Isabel like my name. “Que bien, que bien, hoy comemos con Isabel…” in the TV ad 🙂

I went to El Deportivo football club shop to buy some souveniers. Viva El Deportivo! Viva el Depor! 🙂 Famous worldwide from La Coruña…

Here Deportivo shop with one of their cups. I actually not long time ago I saw David Beckham & Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid against Deportivo at their football stadium in La Coruña

We had glorious times but there are coming back…We even have a pray… 🙂

Outside the shop

Inside Deportivo shop

Here Miss Lopez with a view of La Coruña beach in the center of the city

Then I went to visit Hercules tower from the Roman times of the city. The root of the city are celtic! Cool!

As you can see, ” Me gusta La Coruña, me gustas tu” as the song… 🙂

And tomorrow see you from Barcelona

Till startsidan