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A pilgrim called Miss Lopez in San Andres de Teixido in Galicia

Still in Galicia…my magical Galicia… 🙂

I did some shopping in my last days in La Coruña. Look my beautiful earrings! hand made!

no head!

here in Las Rias Altas Galicia

There is something special about Galicia…where I am from.

Amazing views in Galicia…

at the highest point in Europe over the sea! Nice!

Don´t you like it?

Here with a friend, pilfrim too

I arrived to my goal: San Andres de Teixido

San Andres de Teixido church on my back. Prehistoric sanctuary…even. You know…”everybody come here as dead or alive…”

rural beauty around

The legend says this herbs I got will save all my love problems…and yours!  Happy in love for ever!

here with my “love” herb before getting into the church.

inside the church

Would you like to confess your sins? Here you have the chance…if you wish

eating percebes…delicious seafood

Then to the Pantin beach where the international surfing contest. Beautiful beach, even much more than in the picture. Lots of surfers & bay watch

You must come too…

 Viva the beauty of Galicia!

Me gusta Galicia, me gustas tu amigo! 🙂 Hasta la vista!

How to forecast the weather with a cup of coffee. Miss Lopez in a rainy Viernes Santo in Galicia

The weather in Galicia is normally mild and rainy sometimes but here me you can see me a while ago in a typical construcction really really old…more than thousen years old construcction and it was used to keep food fresh. Check more! About Galician  horreo
Here a typical Galician house very very old…almost like the horreo from the Medieval times in Galicia, all made of stone and wood. I love them! 🙂 Here in the picture a typical Galician woman. do you know Galician people comes originally from the Celtics and some Viking? Check more in Tur Galicia. We still remmember! Viva Galicia Celta! 🙂
Don’t you like it?
Inside a typical old days Galician house. Now a hotel & residence.. If you coming to Galicia, I recomend old houses like this. I love them! 🙂
Here my tennis coart at home. I am afraid the weather is not that sunny today. It’s rainy so I can not go to play tennis or paddle…I love it! 🙂 Maybe tomorrow…as today it’s raining all over Galicia & Spain. But I tell what I have just found out about weather forecast. With your coffee’s bubble!!! Yes it’s true and it not magic. It is all about the pressure…Let’s have coffee together first! 🙂

So according to this video: if the bubbles place on the sides is going to be without clouds or maybe even sunny. If the bubbles place in the center of your coffee cup is going to be rainy or bad as we call it. And if they place something in betwen, then the weather will be exactly like that, in “betwen”…Cool! Let’s try it, shall we?
 Enjoy Easter whatever the weather & Feelgood! by Miss Lopez
More news about Easter in other parts of Spain:

Ensaladilla rusa for tapa and the best seafood in the world! Viva el marisco de Galicia!

Today I went with my family again to have a tapa and i have had Ensaladilla Rusa, a typical Spanish sallad with “un corto” de cerveza Mahou, la cerveza from Madrid!
Here fish & marisco…I love seafood!
I love the smell of sea & seafood in Galicia!
Enjoy good food & Feelgood!

A day on Santa Cristina beach!

Hola!!! Life is a beach! 🙂 Yesterday I had a day on the beach and I love it!

In the pictures Santa Cristina beach in Oleiros, playing with sand and me…I hope you like the pictures!

well not all is beach in my vacation in Spain, still doing business here. I can´t help it! it must be love to business, don´t you think?

Then at night a friend came home with a homemade suger-cake with nuts and russins. So delicious! I do not have the receipt with me right now and I promise I am going to ask to share it with you!

Well now I must go with my family so Feelgood!

Viva family & holidays in Spain! In a week in Sweden! 🙂

Till startsidan