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Miss Lopez wedding tips: bride decolletage nr 2, "palabra de honor"!

Hi there Lovers of Miss Lopez tips!
A promise is a promise!
MISS LOPEZ here with my wedding tips! In other words, I gave you my word of honor to give you a new tip about wedding decolletage every day this week and that´s what I am doing! By the way I hope you are not too hypnotized by my tips after my last post! 😀
In fact, as least in Spain we call this kind of decolletage “Palabra de honor” or word of honor! Never better said! 🙂
I´ll tell you about this wedding decolletage, one of my favourite ones:
Word of honor. One of the most universal necklines. The strapless dress is perfect for princess line, and provides a very feminine look to the shoulder line. It suits nearly all brides.
Waiting for the big wedding this weekend in UK…to be continued tomorrow with my wedding tip nr 3! Stay tuned at Miss Lopez!
More info about Fashion from Spain and feelgood!
Ciao amigos!+++

I love business with my Chinese partners, by Miss Lopez and Lopez´s shooting today!

Hello! MISS LOPEZ back to you! Today I feel like a real business woman from morning to evening all day! 🙂 Though Saturday, I have had important business meetings, signing agreements and a shooting as well with my Chinese partners too! And I love it! 🙂

Today I talked to my mother on the phone in Spain and it´s always very emotional as the distance…well, well maybe that´s why I have so much focus on my business right now… but of course life it´s not only business and as the Beatles song says “ All You need is Love” and of course Miss Lopez needs also love…Kiss, kiss+++

Whatever it has been a very beautiful day today so it´s was perfect to be a model and do the shooting for Miss Lopez business as planned. Perfect! I feel I do not want to tell that much about my coming projects right now, so just let them happen! and I´ll tell you later. Good with a bit of mystery, don´t you think so? 🙂

Miss Lopez model pictures coming soon…

Keep waiting for Miss Lopez to come back and FEELGOOD! I´m worth it! 🙂

Hasta la vista!!!  And I love doing business with China and my Chinese partners too! So cool!

To be a female entrepreneur, or not to be…Is that the question?, by Miss López

Hello MISS LOPEZ is back! 🙂 Here in the pictures my new business partners from China living in Sweden doing business today with Miss Lopez while me choosing Miss Lopez ´s collection specially for You coming soon!! Cool!
Today I feel inspired by the words of Shakespeare´s play, Hamlet, to be or not to be, That´s the question! 🙂 I must say I love the classics in literature, like Shakespeare in English or Cervantes, writer from the golden age in literature of Spain. As the word says itself, classic,  as it stays forever not matter what! Let´s see is the work of blogging will stay classic one day… What do you think?
So the question of today is: do we need more entrepreneur women? To be a female entrepreneur or not to be…That´s the question! As a matter of  fact, as I grow up with a strong female role model, my own mother in Spain, I have never asked myself this question.  Still I think it´s kind of necessary to focus in this idea if only for the good reason to incentivate women´s entrepreneurship.
Today I feel I had a great business day and more business news are coming with Miss Lopez. By the way check Miss Lopez Club and find out our deals from Miss Lopez´s business cooperations, and Feelgood!! 🙂 Check in the pictures, my partners from China, after choosing my favourite products for my new webbshop in cooperation with my Chinese partners to open soon: Miss Lopez fashion! I must say I love the thing of we women from all over the world, from China, Spain, Italy, America, Sweden…are working together for Miss Lopez project, and Feelgood Womanhood. Isn´t it great? I believe it is! 🙂
See! the importance if international networking!. As we say in Spain: “el mundo es un pañuelo”…We live in a small world! So do not miss this coming TiE Nordic´s event and get inspired you too by the world’s largest network by and for Entrepreneurs. This month’s networking event is “Entrepreneurship and Gender” at the Royal Institute of Technology/KTH. The students of the course will be invited to participate in this event. The speakers and role models wil be:
Anne O’Leary. Founder of O’Learys Restaurants.
Cecilia Hertz. Founder of Umbilical Design.Time: 17.45 – 20.00, Thursday April 14. 
Place: Royal Institute of Technology/KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 30, Sing Sing.
Registration compulsory at REGISTRATION FORM. Cost: Free for members of TiE Nordic, 70 SEK/10 USD for non members. Only for Miss Lopez readers 15% discount in the annual fee with MISSLOPEZ code
Nice with a bit of inspiration!
YES we need more female entrepreneurs! Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!

Till startsidan