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Coolhunter: Haute couture by Miss Paulina

Ooo Lala, those are the first two words that come to my head when I go to the spreads of haute couture of my favorite magazine. Now for the ones who are not aware what is haute couture, here is a short explanation. Haute couture is exclusive costum fitted clothes, made for an specific costumerContinue reading “Coolhunter: Haute couture by Miss Paulina”

Miss Lopez fan and new blogger coming soon

Hola amigos y amigas de Miss Lopez! I feel so good today after all the interesting business meetings & Miss Lopez projects all day. Here at the office at Östermalm, Stockholm with Paulina…Or should I say Miss Paulina? 🙂 This lovely lady I just met today is going to be the next blogger at MissContinue reading “Miss Lopez fan and new blogger coming soon”

Coolhunter Miss Lopez wish everybody Feliz 2012!

Here the coolest Lady Gaga in a Versace dress wellcoming 2012 from Times Square New York just a few hours ago! Feliz Año 2012! For a cooler 2012 together!! 🙂 I am so happy we have survived together 2011 and a new year 2012 has started with a lot of hopes despite all the worldContinue reading “Coolhunter Miss Lopez wish everybody Feliz 2012!”