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Ladypower en Stureplan

La verdad que llevo un tiempo sin blogear y ya lo echaba de menos…
Superocupada con mis projectos empresariales…pero aqui me veis con tres chicas suecas a mi izquierda a las que les gusta la idea de Feelgood Womanhood…
Bueno simplemente eso, que no me he olvidado de vosotros y que siga viviendo el espiritu de paz y amor.
Hasta muy pronto
Por cierto estoy buscando gente que quiera hacer practicas de trabajo en Misslopez. Cualquier pregunta mandadme un mail a
Y Feelgood Womanhood 🙂

Homemade Miss López pizza to Feel good and looking for new enployees for Miss Lopez städ & management!

Still working summer in Stockholm Sweden before going to Spain later on…and you know, I love homemade pizza! Look what I have been doing this weekend!

A so happy Miss Lopez  getting ready for my home pizza! Not only Tapas! 🙂

On my way to eat a delicious pizza! All home made! Thanks so much I got some help too!

Just all fresh food!

And Miss Lopez sallad too! Don´t you like it? with apple!! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 🙂

And here the result! Delicious Miss Lopez Pizza! I love it! Don´t you love homemade pizza? It feels so healthy!

And after a nice meal, back on track in my recruitment job for Miss Lopez Cleaning at Home or MISS LOPEZ STÄD in Swedish…

Here as applicant for Miss Lopez Städ & Management all the way from Australia! We´re growing…Cool!

Live a healthy lifesyle & work so Feelgood!

Viva Miss Lopez working project! & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Miss Lopez, star actress for a day in my own Miss Lopez TV pilot coming soon

So cool being a star for a day…in my own film project!! Miss Lopez pilot coming soon: Tapas, Football & Spanish lifestyle…so Nice!

Here playing football with a sweet Swedish boy!  & Viva Spanish football! 🙂

Here with Miss Lopez team: Media Effekt production team, Conny & Mats such a proff team!

Miss Lopez waking up in the first scene…Ready to eat Spanish Tapas and work as a blogger! 🙂

Here with Miss Lopez TV pilot team: Media Effekt, Donald Boström & extras…getting ready for a new scene at the HUB Stockholm

Here with Miss Lopez TV pilot extras…the one on the right has been in Mister Sweden competition among the fisrt ten most handsome man in Sweden! Thanks to the sweet girl as well!

Viva Miss Lopez extras! 🙂

Gettin ready! Action! 🙂

So cool being an actress! I love it!

More news about Miss Lopez TV pilot! Viva sharing the feelgood news! And today Spanish Paella!

This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too Amigos! 

Busy with the casting for mingling models & more…

Hi amigos & amigas! Really busy with Miss Lopez casting for mingling models at Stureplan. So happy with the BIG interest! Here one of the potential models…By the way we have just got a brand new Miss Lopez roll up. Cool! I love it! 🙂

Here me with Miss Lopez uniform 🙂 …These remind me of my old days at nun catholic school in Spain…can you imagine Miss Lopez in an uniform?

Then during my absence from blogging I went out with my friend Eva Littorin, my sponsor with HOLD ME (belt for a better gesture) and customer at Miss Lopez Help at Home in Sweden with cleaning,Miss Lopez Städ. She showed me at her I Phobe she has sold her products thanks to Miss Lopez code with 20 % discount. Cool! Congratulations Eva! 🙂

I got some help at home with cleaning! Viva! I love it! Viva Miss Lopez Städ company! 🙂

Here Raoul Beltran, Miss Lopez parter working at the office.

And after all this intense weekend I went to have dinner at Vapiano at the Old Town in Stockholm to finish with a delicious Italian dessert Panacotta!! Gott! 🙂

Viva working with Miss Lopez & Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!!!!

Till startsidan