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So excited!! Tonight Barcelona football match in Barcelona!!

Excited!!! Maybe Ill see Messi tonight!!! Would you like too?
Interested? Check & feelgood 🙂
Getting my tickets!!!
Going to see El Barca tonight…
But now tapas!! I love these Spanish croquetas 🙂
Viva the Spanish lifestyle & feelgood
Would you like to come to my next event about Spain? Check this:

Football trips to book at Miss Lopez Blog coming soon…next week!

Happy with my new collaboration of today…soon you can book your dream football trip at Miss Lopez site…Cool! I`ll tell you more in a few days…Let´s start the countdown!
(Spanish) Feliz con mi nueva colaboracion…Dentro de poco puedes reservar tu viaje soñado tema football con todo incluido en mi pagina…pero a partir de la semana que viene…empieza la cuenta atrás!

Aqui Zlatan…el idolo sueco…

Aqui Messi que acaba de ganar su cuarto balon de oro como mejor jugador del mundo (Foto del Pais, Olivier Morin, AFP)

Y por supuesto tambien podras ver a Ronaldo si tu quieres, jugador del Ral Madrid…Cool! 🙂

Mas noticias coming soon!

Hasta la vista amigos!

y FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD que la traduccion corresta al español seria ” Sientete bien en tu condicion de ser mujer” Viva!

Porque a las chicas tambien no gusta el futbol! 🙂

Congratulations Barcelona!

Did you have a good time yesterday watching Spanish football? Sure Shakira is very happy from yesterday´s  victory!! 🙂 I forgot to give my congratulation to El Barca de Barcelona, Barcelona football club!

Here Xavi and Messi very happy yesterday! By the way they drink Herbalife shake, didn´t you know?

Viva La Liga! Viva Spanish football! Cool! 🙂

Miss Lopez is going to eat "octopus" a la gallega in Oleiros, Galicia. Viva Galician seafood!

Hello! MISS LOPEZ here! Today football on TV. Do you remmember the lovely octopus from the World Cup? I do 🙂 That octopus knew always who the winner were going to be: Spain! 🙂 I´ve heard the Germans wanted to eat it after losing against Spain… so sorry! 🙂
Well I´ll tell you a secret, Miss Lopez loves pulpo to eat, well I mean octopus a la gallega. So simple but so tasty! I am afraid this is very difficult to get in Sweden but in Spain, specially in OLEIROS, A Coruña, Galicia where I am going to spend my summer vacation in July this summer, is a typical dish. I love it! Check the video!
I guess most of you are watching the football match now, the Champions with FC Barcelona. I am sure Miss Barcelona is getting very excited! As we say in Spain, let the best one win and of course I wish Barcelona win. Keep our fingers crossed! 🙂
By the way, did you know octopus has very little fat? Yes and it´s very healthy too! I love seefood and in Galicia you´ll find probably the best seafood in the world! Viva Galician seafood! and Viva Spanish football too! 🙂
Meanwhile do as Messi and learn more about nutrition at my next event! You´re wellcome!
Bienvenidos!!! 🙂 I´ll talk to you later…

I have now my own health coach. Do like Messi from F.C. Barcelona and Miss Lopez. Cool!

Hello Amigos and lovers of MISS LOPEZ news! 🙂 I am back today after feeling really tired all this last week. But today after having a meeting with my new collaboration and health coach, Herbalife independent distributor Björn Gävert, I feel sooo good and alert again, I can not almost believe my eyes! Yes I mean it really has a result on me this Herbalife products and for good!! Check him doing the shake for Miss Barcelona and I! Gracias amigo! 🙂

The thing is I used to be a Herbalife supervisor when I was living in Spain too before I moved to Sweden this last time for five years ago and I love these products. In fact they are considered as healthy meal too. Whatever I am very happy I could try my Herbalife shake at Anglais hotel in Stockholm today together with  Miss Barcelona and I felt much better and alert right away. With my stressy life it´s perfect for me to use these healthy products so I can always be sure, I get the nutrition my body needs and FEELGOOD!!! Thanks so much to Björn Gävert, MISS LOPEZ health coach from now own. Any questions just contact him at or Nice!!

By the way, do you know that world´s best footballplayer, Messi from F.C. Barcelona uses Herbalife to improve his heath and get the best results in sports. Yes it´s true! But not only Messi, the whole Barcelona football club and David Beckham´s team in Los Angeles too. Cool! And now again Miss Lopez! Do you want to feel GREAT? I guess you do!

I am happy a new Miss Lopez full of energy is back! Viva MISS LOPEZ at her best! 🙂

And for those living in Stockholm, DO NOT miss Miss Lopez Hälsoträff on the 8th of June! Check it out!

Bienvenidos! by Miss Lopez

Till startsidan