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Book your Termalium Spa weekend in Spain Now!

Don´t you feel you need a break sometimes?. Here comes a really good one…
Happy to have fixed a special offer for all of you at Balneario de Archena in Murcia/ Spain where I have been two weeks ago…It was a real healing to me I must say! and this wellbeing feeling last för almost a week, I do recommend it to all of you.
So now when you click to this following pictures you´ll be forward to the booking site direct. This is Miss Lopez link to you at Balneario de Archena, so let me know! 🙂 and click!

balneario de archena
balneario de archena

a really old spa from Roman Times. I love it!
balneario de archena
balneario de archena

Haven´t you clicked already? Here comes another picture..
termaliun spa archena
hälsoresa i spanien

and now one of my favourites too…
hälsoresor i spanien
hälsoresor i spanien

Yes not bad to have a healthy break sometimes, don´t you agree?.
Now that Miss Lopez has a cooperation with Archena Spa in Murcia, I hope there is a future with plenty of healthy weekends!
Viva Health trips & Feel good!

Thermal Spa day at Balneario de Archena

thermalium spa balneario de archena
miss lopez in thermal spa balneario de archena

thermal spa balneario de archena
balneario de archena

balneario de archena
balneario de archena

thermal spa balneario de archena
miss lopez in balneario de archena

thermal spa balneario de archena
balneario de archena

Now back in Sweden. As I have been busy I could not write to you but now I am back on track…
I must say It has been amazing to enjoy this thermal water with medical properties. It´s really like an old Roman saying “men sana in cropper sano”, good for your body and soul!
and I have been trough a whole day of massage and spa using this thermal water…muddy massage, relaxing massage with water and even Ayurveda massage to release my power point and it feels like heaven…it works!.
So I am really thankful for these treatments as I really need it and I can really recommend it to you. The thing is this water it´s for real and here it comes more about information from their website, Balneario de Archena

Archena´s minero-medicinal water was declared of public interest on 16 April 1869, by the Decree 04/25/1928. It is classified as chlorinated water, containing sulphur, sulphate, sodium and calcium. It emanates from the source at a temperatur of 52.5ºC. The minero-medicinal water of Balneario de Archena gives us all the wealth of the properties of its mineral elements, with a residence time o 15.000 years inside the earth, what make it unique in our country.
Thanks to its properties, the Balneario de Archena´s minero-medicinal water is an excellent natural remedy for both physical conditions and to recover the general wellbeing of the body. This water has the ability to provide the rest and relaxation needed to improve the defense system, while favoring the maintenance and improvement of joints and facilitate the repair of the skin against aging. The beneficial effects that provide the body are recognized by doctors and physiotherapists who prescribe visits to the spa.
It is particularly suitable for various therapeutic ailments like rheumatism, pains of vertebral origin, post-traumatic sequelae recovery or trauma surgery recovery, respiratory problems, certain dematological processes, and also for eliminating anxiety and stress. In short, the best way to recovery good condition of the body and to enjoy healthy tourism.
The average annual temperature of 17.8ºC and 2769 hours of sunshine per year provide the ideal setting for people living in a cold climate to pursue a winter treatment in a thermal complex.

Well amigos now time to start working again in Sweden still the the good effects on my body of this water!. I´ll be back!
Now from Sweden, I´ll start also with a plan to find a best offer to you quite soon so I´ll let you know! Viva Health Trips by Miss Lopez!
Meanwhile stay tuned!
and of course if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me sending me an e mail to
Hasta la vista

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