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News!!: Get hypnotized and Feelgood! by me, Miss Lopez!

Hola! MISS LOPEZ with you again! Today after working and having important meetings…I went to a hypnos session at Catherine Hirote´s home and first of all I´d like to thank her. She has such a good energi and is so generous! She invites people and make events on Facebook about getting good energy and feelgood!Continue reading “News!!: Get hypnotized and Feelgood! by me, Miss Lopez!”

Seduce in spanish and Feelgood!

Hola!. According to the Spanish paper El Pais, the Latino market is growing in USA and even McDonald´s is trying to “seduce” it by making ads in spanish like the one on YouTube. Have a look!. According to the paper, this is one of the more effective advertising campaigns, as explains Juan Tornoe, an expertContinue reading “Seduce in spanish and Feelgood!”