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Biomovimiento: training in pairs

Hello friends. Here is another exercise as promised to enjoy and have fun in pairs: the practice of extension of  the spine. Here Marisol assisted by a friend, Miguel from Venezuela who let her climbing up of his thighs and gripped her tightly by the arms. This movement of the spine is called extension. Verbal communication,Continue reading “Biomovimiento: training in pairs”

How to practice Biomovimiento by Marisol Hume

Hi my friends!. Our yoga expert shares with you this information about her method. In the workshops of Biomovimiento three types of movements are: The conscious movement The spontaneous movement and The mental movement Physical area The conscious movement Correctives gymnastics:Alignment of the spine and posture study Functional Gymnastics: Stretching, flexibility, and strength in terms of activities toContinue reading “How to practice Biomovimiento by Marisol Hume”

the “Flexibel” life of Marisol Hume from Chile in Sweden

Hi there!. I´ve met this woman or should I say “superwoman” that loves Misslopez concept and want to share her experience in yoga. Her name is Marisol Hume, she is from Chile and nowadays lives in Stockholm with her family. Here you see her doing STP (System of the yoga on the wall) of theContinue reading “the “Flexibel” life of Marisol Hume from Chile in Sweden”