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Madonna & Taylor Swift, dagens trendy topic

She did it again!
Nu Madonna tillsammans med Taylor Swift i denna låt som är riktig fin!
Den super vågade Madonna stilen komplementeras perfekt med den mycket mindre vågade av Taylor Swift. Två olika stilar, två olika kvinnor som skapar tillsammans en bra synergi, eller hur?. Vilken trendig topic, nu här de två tillsammans!
För att vi alla kvinnor är lika olika,
Viva alla kvinnor som vi är!
This is Feelgood Womanhood

Get inspired by the "different" couples!

Hi there!. Differences can be just good for you!. She like Eva Longoria, a Hollywood star in the old style. He, an elite athlete in the League of world’s most famous basketball´s players, their lives could not be more different, and yet, the couple form by Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, it seems, one of the most happy ones.
The difference in age and height (she is seven years older and 30 inches high) is not an issue for them, on the contrary they seem so happy together.  Other couples, like Andrés Velencoso and Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Jesus Light or Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are more couples to get inspired.
Get the love of your life not matter what,  and Feelgood

The Queen of pop, Madonna, today 52, more beautiful than ever.

Hola amigos y amigas!. Some people may not like her, some just love her.  I´d say that I like Madonna more and more. Yes, I like her!.  Feliz cumpleaños by the way!
The queen of pop gets 52 years now, and so, according to Hola, on Saturday held an epic party at the exclusive and select Shoredicht Housein in London. To this party, of course, she went with her daughter Lourdes, 14 and her boyfriend, Jesus Luz from Brasil, that gave her a bag for her birthday of Lord & Saviour with a large crucifix of gold, valued at 7,000 euros. Madonna has organized as well another party  for the birthday of her son Rocco, that became 10 years on 11 August.
She may try hard to keep her youth, but I still think she really does what she wants and that´s all that matters to me. She is a rebel in a way and she dares!. If I had to choose a representant for Misslopez, I would have chosen her, the Queen of pop, Madonna.
Do what you really, really want and Feel Good!
Feelgood Womanhood with Madonna!

Madonna´s daughter supporter of Spain in football. Be a supporter you too!

Madonna y Lourdes León
Hello everybody and bloggers too!. A new blogger is sweeping the Internet, the daughter of one of the stars of the music in the world. Lourdes Leon, who is about to debut as a fashion designer with her mother Madonna.
Apart from fashion, she wrotte about Football World Cup, The final Spain, Holland and that some of the Spanish players that are very handsome.  “Surely as we all celebrated the Spanish victory”.
You see I am a proud spanish woman.Thanks Lola for your support!.

Check out Madonna and Lourdes´s line at Macy´s, New York

Hi there latin fashion lovers!.
We’ve all known the Queen of Pop, Madonna, since her early days in the entertainment industry and we’ve seen her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, on TV or in magazines. But did you know that the Madge-and-daughter duo have teamed up with Macy’s to create a juniors’ fashion collection?
Material Girl, as the line is called, is the first endeavor of Madonna’s own brand MG Icon, a part of Iconix Brand Group. The collection will hit Macy’s stores on Tuesday, August 3rd, right in time for back-to-school shopping.
I think the collection so far, it looks exceedingly cute, flirty, and young. The collection is obviously ‘80s-inspired. Three fashion sketches from the line have been released so far. . The clothes may seem more fitted to fiestas than to first period Physics, but these patterned, sparkly looks are sure to fly off the shelves come August.
Enjoy material girl´s new line at Macy´s if you have the change!
Feelgood Womanhood

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New celeb trend in Hollywood, single mother like Madonna

Strong women like Madonna in the picture (Hola) with her kids. From the red carpet to a walk in the park and back to start. The agenda of the Hollywood stars often is demanding and full of duties: galas, awards, advertising campaigns, premieres, trips around the world … Especially when talking aboutcelebrities who, for one reason or another, have embraced alone motherhood with work and family life. These are the real superwomen, single mothers.
Like Madonna , Liv Tyler ,Kate Hudson , Halle Berry…. these are some of them, single mothers and super women as well.
And you know, better alone than in a bad company, this is what I think!
Feelgood Womanhood allways

Miss Lopez News: Madonna 51 still Party Queen in London

Endless hours of exercise and her balanced diet seem to give her results. At 51, Madonna still enjoying London’s nightlife in a great body. The Queen of Pop danced late into the morning in the London club Aura. Along with a group of friends and no trace of Jesus Light, the diva had a total look in black with the musts of the season: leather jacket, baggy pants and borsalino .
Madonna is  a source of inspiration for every woman and in my opinion even more than Lady Gaga.
Viva Madonna and Feelgood

Is Lady Gaga the new Madonna?

Lady Gaga as a child. The artist has not always had that quirky style that characterizes her today . The American singer was  a normal girl with a dream: to become a great artist. She has shown these pictures in the popular television Oprah Winfrey show.
The popular artist used  interview´s moneyfrom the program to  support those affected by the earthquake that hit Haiti at that time.
She is just 24 year´s old and has already taken the world with storm.
Now the question is: will she become the new Madonna?
What do you think?
Feelgood Womanhood

Misslopez´s tip: The perfect business trip for the business woman

Here you see Madonna going out from a plane, a real business woman!.
I give you  some tips for you who travel a lot at work!.  about finding the hotel on time, getting enough rest, meals with clients, meetings, taxis, calls … work trips are short, intense, and often involve high doses of stress.
About the hotel.
When leisure travel organization, to find the perfect hotel is easy. However, when we are arranging a business trip, things get complicated. The key: the amount of time you have. If we only spend a few hours, from meeting to meeting, in the chosen city, the hotel must be halfway between the airport and the workplace. If instead we will have little free time, a more central hotel will allow us to maximize our brief  tourist visit, visiting friends, dining in a restaurant …
Do you think you need to use your laptop or Blackberry web connection while in the hotel? Before booking, make sure you have WiFi connection and, if possible, which is included in the price of the room.
About the suitcase. Business trips are usually short and very intense, so the travel luggage the lighter the better, saves on stress and tension, allowing you to board without checking (see the dimensions of cabin baggage allowed the airline), with wheels and easy to carry. Remember that some companies do not permit more than one package with you, so keep that in mind if, in addition to luggage, need to bring your computer. A convenient netbook, or a mobile phone with internet connection  may be the solution.
About the jet-lag. To combat these effects,a special pillow to nap fee, which enables us to sleep in a room just a few hours during the afternoon.
About organizing your time. Try not to over-fill your schedule, so little time has ‘scope’: jams, taxis that are lost, meals unexpected meetings that stretch … Think that to cancel at the last minute or coming  late is bad for your image and your company.
And what to have with me all the time? it is essential you have at hand the basics to move quickly once the plane lands: the mobile phone, calendar, address of the hotel or the company you go to visit, phone company local taxis, currency in the country concerned, passport …
And Enjoy your trip as much as you can!
Bon voyage!

Till startsidan