The perfect Christmas present, by Miss Lopez´s new concept in Sweden: Miss Lopez Städ!

Hi! Here my Christmas present to you all! There is only one problem: only in Sweden, Stockholm at the moment, but we´re coming! Miss Lopez competition in order you to win two hours help at home with cleaning by my new concept: Miss Lopez Städ. Cool!
Meanwhile check some pictures from Saturday night fever with Beauty Team & new Latin music star: Sayen! Check it out! 🙂
Me having a Spanish San Miguel, 0,0. With a lemon touch!

here lisening to the amazing voice with a BIG Latin touch, Miami sound: Sayen! Cool! By the way, lisen to her you too at this video: She, Sayen is a real FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD woman! Viva inspiration!!
More Feelgood News coming soon…
Hasta la vista babies! 🙂

New Latin music star in Sweden: Miami sound, Sayen!

Hola amigos y amigas!
A new Latin star was born in Sweden! 🙂 Viva bringing the Latin touch in Scandinavian & everywhere!!!!
Tired after a magic party yesterday with Beauty Team at Söder. THANK YOU girls, Felicia & Marisel!…Well I must say one of the best moments of the party was lisening to Sayen and her single in colaboration with Pato Pooh in Sweden: “Quiero tocar feat”. Cooooooooooooooooool!
Lisen to wonderful Sayen and let me know! Viva Latin touch with Miami sounds in Sweden and Feelgood!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with a Latin touch! 🙂

I love getting a good massage. Why not with Latino music?

Hola Latin lovers!. I love a good massage. When I lived in Spain I used to get an expert massage more than once in a while but in Sweden, it doesn´t happen that often. I get in Spain is more common or my lifestyle is different here. I hope this changes ´cause I love this luxury thing!.
And you, are you looking for a way to spice up a massage, I’ve got just the thing. It’s called the Rhythm Massage, and it’s based on flamenco, salsa, and bolero music.
I just found out a massage therapist at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, got the idea for the service as she was dancing to Latin music in the car and realized that a massage could play off the beats of her favorite music. After studying the songs and matching different techniques to each one, she created two massages. I guess it’s like drinking a cup of Cuban coffee.
If your idea of a nice spa treatment is something that makes you completely zone out, go for the relaxing massage; She, Dayalis matches her long, sweeping strokes to the slower pace of bolero.  Just turn on your favorite Latin music.
Viva Latin music and Feelgood

Wellcome to Zumba cruise with Misslopez and Zumbatwinz!

This in the picture, Zumbatwinz, Tania and Alicia, Zumba instructor getting ready for the big day: The Zumba Cruise event next September in Sweden!. Misslopez is happy to invite you too.
Welcome to the first Scandinavian åretst Zumbakryssning on Silja Galaxy on 25-26 September.  Zumba ® Fitness is the newest and most spectacular people’s movement in the world right now.Even in Sweden it is growing exponentially!
In collaboration with  Zumbatwinz has been organized a cruise with workshops with instructors from all over Sweden and international visitors ..
You now have the chance to hang with on a busy Zumbakryssning / cruise with:
– Workshops
– Zumbaklädes sale
– Social Dance Party
The cruise is activities such as lectures, workshops and Zumba Master Class, especially suitable for both practitioners and instructors. Interesting features of excellent instructors and visitors, sales of Zumba clothing and accessories, makeup and other fun activities such as dancing in the evening to hot DJs, shopping, good food, etc.. In addition, recreational play tapes in the nightclub, troubadour in the pub and pianist entertains at the piano bar.
Work out, hang out & have fun
* * Join the Party
LOCATION: Värtahamnen Terminal application. The nearest subway is the drill field.
Departure: r Saturday September 25 kl.19.30 from Stockholm in Stockholm. The ship is back in Stockholm on Sunday the 26th kl.18.15
PS: 1 Free Zumba workshop / per person included in your trip. To book your free workshop you must book your trip and have a valid Booking!
To book:
Me, Misslopez is coming. Join the party and I will see you there!
Dance Latin music and Feelgood

Get inspired by Shakira at Premios Juventud in Miami


Hi there!. Shakira is one of my idols as well!, Youth Awards gathered at the Bank United Center at the University of Miami to the majority of Latino artists appearing at the top of the charts, and among them were two from Spain as well. Shakira, from Colombia opened the gala flying over the stage on a magic carpet performing Gypsy and later her famous Waka Waka. The Colombian singer received two awards, one for his video Loba and a special, the “Supernova”, for all her musical career. “For you I have wanted to continue making music, go on, you inspire me. Heartfelt thanks, “ said the singer. You see, she got inspired before. Get what you really want, but you must be working hard!
Viva Latin Music and Feelgood

Misslopez tips: Follow latino Ricky Martin on twitter!

Hi there!. I am actually doing a study at Stockholm´s university about blogging and Ricky Martin is one of the latin celebrities that loves to share on twitter and facebook, social networking. Thanks to Ricky I am going to prove that blogging is good for you and can help you to feel good, or better!.🙂
Anyway a gift for the thousands of fans of Ricky Martin. I am one of them!. Have a look at his official website Twitter. Ricky Martin, perhaps searching his memories, has found a snapshot of himself and wanted it to share with us. And he put this in his twitter: “I just found this photo. When I was 5 years. “. Nice  as a kid, isn´t he?. Cute!

In the picture, you can see the most innocent face of the singer that began to emerge in the music with the group Menudo that means litle in spanish. With longer hair, over his eyes. In the other picture a grown up Ricky with his sons Valentino and Matthew, born through a surrogate mother.
Viva Ricky, social networking and Feelgood

Latin Shakira at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England

Hi Latin lovers out there!. Like every year the Glastonbury Music Festival has brought in the English town thousands of lovers of good music. In its 40th anniversary even movie stars among the public.
With a lot of  sensuality and rhythm on stage. Shakira, who recently launched her first perfume took off, something that usually does in her concerts, and invited the audience to dance some of the songs from her latest album, Wolf, and the song that has played for the World Cup in South Africa Waka Waka.
Feelgood with Latin Music

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Billbord Latinos 2010 in Puerto Rico: the comeback of Ricky Martin

The mexican singer Paulina Rubio with a new look at the Latinos Billboard in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico was on this occasion, for the first time in the history of these awards, the country chosen to celebrate the annual gala of the Latinos Billboard . This event, which took place in the Coliseo José M. Agrelot San Juan, had a very special host, Ricky Martin , who first appeared in public after confessing his homosexuality in twiter. The singer has two sons from a rent mother, in the picture.

The “Hope Award” Marc Anthony , who could not hold back tears when receiving a congratulation message from his wife via satellite Jennifer Lopez from Germany,where she is promoting he new film, the Back up Plan.

Till startsidan