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Biden Inauguration -invigningsföreställning

  Idag var nya USA president invigning föreställning. Min pojkvän är från USA och vi brukar prata om politik. Idag har jag jobbat hemma med @misslopez. Det blir så att man tittar mycket på vad som händer i världen. Jennifer Lopez överraskade i sin framträdande vid nu-president Joe Bidens invigningsceremoni. J.Los föreställning av “This LandContinue reading “Biden Inauguration -invigningsföreställning”

Lady Gaga is wearing in her next video clips outfits of designer Eva Soto from Galicia, Spain

Yes, it is big news in Spain! Lady Gaga ordered already many outfits from a female Spanish designer, almost totally unknown for the international public, a student actually, Eva Soto. Check the style! Read more about the news in Spanish! 🙂

Check MissLopez’s favourites celebs on MTV Madrid

Monday again! Let’s see what this new week brings to me. I hope good surprises, I love them. 🙂 Meanwhile, yesterday as you may know already, my Dear Madrid has turned overnight into a world capital of music. Madrid has held the awards ceremony of the MTV EMA awards, wth the highest concentration of starsContinue reading “Check MissLopez’s favourites celebs on MTV Madrid”

Chek out Lady Gaga´s latest eccentricity in a meat bikini at Vogue Japan

Hello there!. News in a Sunday morning about the Lady Gaga!. to wake up… The final eccentricity of Lady Gaga is to appear on the cover of Vogue Homme, in September 2010 in its Japanese edition, dressed only in a biquini made with chunks of meat and a piece on the head as a headdress.Continue reading “Chek out Lady Gaga´s latest eccentricity in a meat bikini at Vogue Japan”

Enjoy your fantasy with a little bit of food!

Hello again!. You know  food is one of the pleasures in life. Look at Katy Perry eating while singing, like a fantasy!. Maybe that’s why some music videos directors choose food for their creations, even though it has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song nor the artist in question. In these littleContinue reading “Enjoy your fantasy with a little bit of food!”

Misslopez news: Lady Gaga kiss the ground at Heathrow airport in London

Yesterday, Lady Gaga at Heathrow Airport, London, The american singer with italian roots is fashionable ‘to infinity’, you see. Lady Gaga chose to take the plane in a ‘body’…as usual. However, were the most striking when she “kiss the ground.” Why, why Lady Gaga? What do you think? [ad#HTML-15]

Misslopez news: Who is “Alejandro”?. Lady Gaga reveals his identity

Hi there!. Alejandro is a latino name, common in Spain or Italy…But who is Alejandro in Lady Gaga´s latest song?. A desperate love, passenger, which wants to disengage … Lady Gaga cries in her new music video called ‘Alejandro’ as the object of her passion. But who is he, that man to love her cries?Continue reading “Misslopez news: Who is “Alejandro”?. Lady Gaga reveals his identity”

Misslopez News: Lady Gaga’s flamboyant outfit at her sister’s graduation in Manhattan

 Hi there!. Look, Lady Gaga did it again!.The 24-year-old artist was on typically outrageous form – though more covered up than usual – in a lace body suit and conical hat draped in black lace. Lady GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, had returned to her former school – the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan’sContinue reading “Misslopez News: Lady Gaga’s flamboyant outfit at her sister’s graduation in Manhattan”

Misslopez news: Lady Gaga succubs to Spanish Fashion

Hi there!. Today news from Fashion from Spain about Lady Gaga.  The current undisputed queen of pop opts for the artistic elegance of Josep Font and the cutting-edge daring of José Castro. The thing is you can find a lot fashion from Spain that it is very good. Her eccentric and provocative style has turned LadyContinue reading “Misslopez news: Lady Gaga succubs to Spanish Fashion”