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Miss Lopez in the making of a Swedish magazine reportage about GI healthy Tapas with Miss Lopez & company!

Hola amigos! Today I spent almost all day in the making of a reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez & guest where I am the hostess…

Here me outside the house of my friend Kerstin. Her boy friend work for Media Effekt in a Miss Lopez TV projekt too. Cool!

Cool to be a hostess in a Swedish reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez! I love it!

Here with Spotify in this lovely apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm! So cute!

With journalist Eva Littorin…cooking healthy Tapas of course!

Thank you so much to the journalists & my friends for helping me to make such a giving reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez or in other words healthy Tapas!



Successful TOUS & Miss Lopez event at Stureplan with mingling models and lots of Pongrácz Brut 7628

Here the amazing goodie bags by TOUS & Miss Lopez plus all the sponsors. Thanks!

Lots of amazing bubbel drink Pongrácz 7628 for all the guests! Cool!

Mingling models in Miss Lopez uniform! 🙂

Here with the great hairdresser Beba from Bebashairandbeauty

look at the hair! Beautiful! I must thank all the models too! Nice!

I love it! Pongrácz Brut 7628 

More models with Miss Lopez sponsor too, Beba from Bebas salong at Östermalm, Stockholm. Thank you Beba so much!

Here with Eva Littorin´s belts for a better gesture from HOLD ME

and me wearing all night DONDOCA shoes by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Believe it or not very comfortable! I love them!

See what a party! and the models on Miss Barcelona & Beba´s back with the goodie bags.

Yes I must say this new event in collaboration with Spanish jewelry brand TOUS & Miss Lopez has been really successful. Lots of people, bubbel, sponsors and the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood everywhere! And remmember use your code MISSLOPEZ to get 10 % discount at Tous Stureplan. Cool! 

Thank you so much my friends! I am touched! One kiss by Miss Lopez to you all! 🙂

Busy with the casting for mingling models & more…

Hi amigos & amigas! Really busy with Miss Lopez casting for mingling models at Stureplan. So happy with the BIG interest! Here one of the potential models…By the way we have just got a brand new Miss Lopez roll up. Cool! I love it! 🙂

Here me with Miss Lopez uniform 🙂 …These remind me of my old days at nun catholic school in Spain…can you imagine Miss Lopez in an uniform?

Then during my absence from blogging I went out with my friend Eva Littorin, my sponsor with HOLD ME (belt for a better gesture) and customer at Miss Lopez Help at Home in Sweden with cleaning,Miss Lopez Städ. She showed me at her I Phobe she has sold her products thanks to Miss Lopez code with 20 % discount. Cool! Congratulations Eva! 🙂

I got some help at home with cleaning! Viva! I love it! Viva Miss Lopez Städ company! 🙂

Here Raoul Beltran, Miss Lopez parter working at the office.

And after all this intense weekend I went to have dinner at Vapiano at the Old Town in Stockholm to finish with a delicious Italian dessert Panacotta!! Gott! 🙂

Viva working with Miss Lopez & Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!!!!

Business pictures by Katja Elmén with HOLD ME support for my back

Hello! I just want to thank before I go to bed, Eva Littorin from HOLD ME, sponsor for Miss Lopez & Feelgood Womanhood for this amazing supporting belt that really helps you to feel good. Check this innovative Swedish product at HOLD ME & Feelgood! 🙂

Here me with a black dress from H&M and a elegant jacket from ZARA.

Thanks to Katja Elmén for the pictures. Here one of them. Nice to work with such amazing business women & professionals!

Real business women in action… WE HELP EACH OTHER! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A day taking pictures

So sorry to hear about Whitney Houston today. A voice like an angel…Lisen to one of my favourite´s songs by WH
Well today I have had a fotographing session and I am really looking forward to see the results… coming soon. Meanwhile check a few pictures during the making over…

Me with wonderful belt from HOLD ME. Thanks Eva Littorin! 🙂 For the session make up by Jenny.  Photograph Katja Elmér

Getting ready. Amazing shoes from DONDOCA of Gianmarco Lorenzi. I love them! 🙂

Let´s see soon my pictures for Miss Lopez Städ, Help at home in Sweden. Bag & jewelry from TOUS

cloths from Zara & a market in Ibiza during the summer…I miss the summer 🙂

Viva taking pictures and Miss Lopez sponsors!!!

Hasta la vista dears! Looking for the professional pictures & Feelgood!!

Always Feelgood Womanhood

Miss López at wedding fair front row in Grand Hotel Stockholm

After a long working day with Miss Lopez business…more business & pleasure! 🙂

Here me wearing HOLD ME to feelgood… Thanks Eva Littorin!

Here stylist, make up artist…and hairdresser Bardá in the middle.

Here at the stand of luxury label & shoes DONDOCA. Thanks for the invitation and champagne! 🙂

The shoes by Italian Gianmarco Lorenzi at DONDOCA in Sweden

underwear for the big night…are you ready? 🙂

a wedding dress with lots of glamour…

Here a more classical wedding dress. Really nice!

Well I must say I have had a great time getting so much inspiration…For sure chocolate & champagne all over the place…with lots of goodie bags too!  By the way did I tell you I used to have a fashion shop with wedding dresses at Östermalm long time ago? You didn´t know, did you?

Having romantic thoughs now San Valentin is round the corner? Well the fair will be open all the weekend so you know where to go if you are in Stockholm: Gran Hotel wedding fair!

Viva having a great day at Gran Hotel! Viva romantic! Viva el amor y la dolce vita!! but all with BALANCE of course!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD amigos & amigas!

Testing the perfect support for my back with HoldMe support by Eva Littorin

Today I met again this wonderful woman Eva Littorin as she tried for the first time Miss Lopez Help at home. Eva as you may know already is a journalist and the founder of  new Swedish product for a better support: HOLD ME. Check this new support belt for a better posture. The thing is you´d better have it inside your cloths but here you can have a look how it looks like. Really good your my back… 🙂 I love it!
Perfect for a good holding.  You should try!
And you know I really love having a meeting with her as she is such an amazing entrepreneur and now Eva with HoldMe she has found her passion: develoving a good innovative product to improve people health and beauty, both in & out! Really nice!
From now more news coming soon about our new collaboration. Cool!
Viva HOLD ME & Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!!!!!

Miss Lopez new cooperation with Eva Littorin. Venture up your curves and Feelgood!

Hello again! I am so happy to inform you about my new sponsor and cooperation for the blog & events and more… with a winner Swedish product and company HOLD ME so Cool! She was the other day at SO Stockholm exhibition and now we have a new lovely cooperation to Feelgood everybody! I love it! 🙂
Check the pictures from today!

I got this elastic band! Perfect to get a better body gesture, good for you back too and venture the curves in you…Cool! Both to look great and for health reasons too. It really helps! Viva HOLM ME to Feelgood! 🙂

Here the founder of this innovative product to feelgood both inside & out! Thank you Eva!!! by Miss Lopez.

She told me she has  bit of Spanish blod too from Basque country in Spain!!  Viva international interaction!

By the way she likes too the idea of Bra Livstil Åt Alla med Miss Lopez Städ! I mean good lifestyle & life quality with a bit of help at home by Miss Lopez cleaning company…As we worth it! Don´t you agree?

Venture up the woman in you with HOLD ME too! This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!

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