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MissLopez´s cooking tips from Galicia: Fried oysters a la galega!

Hello Miss Lopez here. From the sunny Uruguay where Victoria Gomez is having her Christmast holidays to the cold Sweden in Scandinavia where I am now. By the way, did you know that people from Spain are called “Gallego” as so many emigrate to South America during last century to work in search of their own “dorado”. I must ask Victoria too when she is back to Sweden. Myself I have cousins in Venezuela.
But not enough with travelling we are going now to Galicia in Spain where my friend Diego from TurGalicia send me a Galician recipe: fried oysters!. Delicious!
Perfect for new year too! I’ll be in Spain for New Year and I am going to enjoy Galician seefood for sure! I’ll show to you then! Here are the ingredients: 16 oysters, 100 gr corn flour, olive oil. So open the oysters taking care to leave them whole and smell them, one by one, as they are opened, to detect whether they are fresh and remove some if necessary. Remove turn each oyster from its shell, placing clean blotter paper.
Flour one by one, with fine cornmeal. Place oil in a pan covering the bottom of this and when you start taking temperature to be placing oysters, turning quickly and remove the same way to drain on paper towels. Serve immediately to conserve the heat and enjoy Miss Lopez´s cooking tips!
I love Galician seefood! 🙂 Vivan oysters from Galicia and Feelgood!

I miss "gourmet" seafood from Galicia at Christmas. Enjoy it you too!

Hi amigos y amigas! You don’t know how much I miss seafood from Galicia at Christmas while in Sweden. In Spain we have different traditions about Christmas food as there is not a specific meal for just Christmas. Yes we have something very Spanish “turrón” as dessert but main dishes are more about eating delicious delis, most mariscos, or seafood as we say in Spain.

As Galician seafood is one of the best in the world (and so tasty!), you can understand I do miss the taste. It’s nothing wrong with Swedish “prince korvar” or “köttbullar” at Christmas, but for me nothing like Galician seefood when there is something to celebrate, specially at this time of the year! I am going to Spain for New Year so I’ll have the change to enjoy it in a few weeks!

Meanwhile I share with you a recipe like in the picture (photo: Pedro Moreno) with gratin scallops and delicious Galician white wine, Albariño! Now in Sweden too at Systembolaget.

Here come my recipe for four people to you: gourmet gratin scallops with Albariño wine. And here the ingrediens:
8 scallops
2 large onions
50 g of ham
½ tbsp paprika
½ l Albariño wine

First you clean the scallops leacing the meat and the coral in the shell. Onion peeled and finely chopped, sauté with olive oil and ham. When it takes color, add the paprika. Add the wine. Halve and remove.
Season the scallops and top with the onion and ham.Finally, sprinkle the bread crumbs and grill until the scallops are cooked.
If you like seafood,  and “gourmet” you’ll love it! Delicious! Viva Galician seefood and Feelgood! Viva Galicia!

More about Galicia tourism. Check it out! By the way, would you like me to be your guide there? I’ll show you around! 🙂

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