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Tapas “a la gallega”

Delicious seafood with pineapple around. Really good taste! Wine Albariño wine from Galicia…I love it! with some mandarine ice-cream…nice! This Monday holidays in the whole Spain and meeting with relatives. A family reunion after long time!…amazing feeling to have close family in both Sweden and Spain… Every time I´m in Spain, specially in Galicia, wellContinue reading “Tapas “a la gallega””

Tapas Cooking Tips from Spain, “TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA”

Hi there, Miss Marisol here, back from La Coruña, Spain! After such a pleasant day walking and shopping with Miss Lopez I decided to make myself a nice “Tortilla Española” and a salad for dinner. My Fave!!!! The “Spanish Tortilla” in Spanish “Tortilla Española” is also known as “Tortilla de Patatas”. It’s an omelet madeContinue reading “Tapas Cooking Tips from Spain, “TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA””