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Gaudi, football and tapas in Barcelona…It couldn't be better

EN: You know I am travelling so it is not that easy with finding the right moment you know but here cme the pictures from Barcelona. Gaudi, football & tapas…it couldn’t be better, could it? 🙂
Here come some pictures. By the way do not forget to apply your interest for my new event about Spain on the 23th of Octuber in Puerta del Sol, Stockholm
Spanish: Perdonad que haya tardado tanto en blogear… Bueno ya sabeis que siempres es mas dificil blogear cuando viajas 🙂
Os paso las fotos de Barcelona…espero que os gusten!  🙂


I took this picture with Messi & more in the match…cool!


En: so many people at the football match…

Sp: Cuanta gente en el partido…lo que si 4-1 muy facil para el Barcelona…


En: then fireworks at Plaza de España…amazing!

Sp: luego fuegos articiales en la plaza de España durante el dia de la Merce


En: time for tapas…not that easy to find good tapas all the time in Barcelona as a tourist

Sp: tiempo de tapas despues de la fiesta. Por cierto hay tantos turistas en Barcelona que no siempre es facil encontrar un buen sitio de tapas…


Here at La Sagrada Familia

Aqui delante de La Sagrada Familia…

sagrada familia

Check the building!

Una obra de arte de Gaudi!

Viva Barcelona & Feelgood! 🙂

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So excited!! Tonight Barcelona football match in Barcelona!!

Excited!!! Maybe Ill see Messi tonight!!! Would you like too?
Interested? Check & feelgood 🙂
Getting my tickets!!!
Going to see El Barca tonight…
But now tapas!! I love these Spanish croquetas 🙂
Viva the Spanish lifestyle & feelgood
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Check Shakira´s new boy-friend in Barcelona

Hello! MISS LOPEZ here. This weekend I am busy writing so I won´t have time to parties. That´s why I have had the time to check out one of my favourites magazines from Spain: Hola!

And this is what I have found out: Shakira and her boy-friend holding hands in Barcelona. It´s public!! 🙂 Now you can check too Gerad Piqué´s photo session pictures. What do you think? Is he handsome? I think so but I think he is even more handsome in other pictures.

Check Shakira and Pique together holding hands, after an intimate dinner in Barcelona. So romantic! 🙂

As we say in Spanish, “la primavera, la sangre altera”…

Something like with the Spring, strong feelings… Let´s see!

Meanwhile I´ll be back to my writing and Feelgood!

Congratulations Shakira! and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Shakira meets "Shakiro"…Check it out!

Hello! Miss Lopez here. I have just read the news from Hola, that I love and look at this! Shakira meets “Shakiro” as this man from Chile really sings and sounds like her, Shakira! Isn´t it amazing? 🙂 By the way, do you know Shakira has now a Spanish boy friend, football player from Football Club Barcelona and he, Piqué 10 years younger than her said to the media that he is in Love with her? So romantic! It seems like Shakira loves all about Spain and I can undertand her!. I am sure she must be very happy! and with “Shakiro” too, don´t you think so? 🙂
Check it out and Feelgood! Fun, isn´t it?
Have fun this Saturday too. Myself I think I am going to have a lot of fun at Urban Deli at 02:00 eating Spanish tapas and lisening to nice music from Spain. An a big and red Spanish surprise coming too! Share the news and Enjoy you too!
See you tomorrow and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood with Shakira! So cute!

Till startsidan