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La sombra: Integra tus personalidades contradictorias y mejora la relacion contigo mismo

Hola a todos! Hoy ha sido un dia dedicado a Youtube. Me encanta este canal y me da mucha energia positiva de empoderamiento. Ahora lo que quiero es compartir con todos vosotros mis ideas y experiencias que tambien me han ayudado a mi a crecer como persona. El tema de hoy va sobre la llamadaContinue reading “La sombra: Integra tus personalidades contradictorias y mejora la relacion contigo mismo”

The strong Independent Indian women

Hey guys! How are you? I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and getting some sleep . Well thanks to my busy schedule I am hardly getting any sleep! Talking about today’s topic , Its my personal favourite . The concept of being independent is different for different countries. In India being an independentContinue reading “The strong Independent Indian women”

Indian Women in technical fields

Hey guys How are you? Well its my last week in Sweden and I am looking forward to going back to India . I miss not eating 1000 different types of tasty Indian snacks. So I even watched the  Sweden – England Football match . Well even though Sweden lost , we should be happyContinue reading “Indian Women in technical fields”

The Indian women on a shopping spree!

Hey guys! How are you? Oh my god you all must be looking forward tot he Argentina Vs France football match happening today. The football fever is high . And today  I am going to mention about the Indian women and how much she loves to shop. Do you know how many types of IndianContinue reading “The Indian women on a shopping spree!”

The International Yoga day in Stockholm

Hey guys! Shreya at International Yoga day! Its Shreya here again. On the 22nd June 2018 we witnessed the International Yoga day. On this day many Indians and people from different countries, cultures, religion came together to celebrate Yoga day. I also went to the  International YOGA DAY STHLM 2018  at the Waterfall Congress Center Continue reading “The International Yoga day in Stockholm”