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Successful TOUS & Miss Lopez event at Stureplan with mingling models and lots of Pongrácz Brut 7628

Here the amazing goodie bags by TOUS & Miss Lopez plus all the sponsors. Thanks!

Lots of amazing bubbel drink Pongrácz 7628 for all the guests! Cool!

Mingling models in Miss Lopez uniform! 🙂

Here with the great hairdresser Beba from Bebashairandbeauty

look at the hair! Beautiful! I must thank all the models too! Nice!

I love it! Pongrácz Brut 7628 

More models with Miss Lopez sponsor too, Beba from Bebas salong at Östermalm, Stockholm. Thank you Beba so much!

Here with Eva Littorin´s belts for a better gesture from HOLD ME

and me wearing all night DONDOCA shoes by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Believe it or not very comfortable! I love them!

See what a party! and the models on Miss Barcelona & Beba´s back with the goodie bags.

Yes I must say this new event in collaboration with Spanish jewelry brand TOUS & Miss Lopez has been really successful. Lots of people, bubbel, sponsors and the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood everywhere! And remmember use your code MISSLOPEZ to get 10 % discount at Tous Stureplan. Cool! 

Thank you so much my friends! I am touched! One kiss by Miss Lopez to you all! 🙂

Posh swap!!! shopping vintage. Viva Coolhunting!!!

Hola everybody!
I love buying good vintage clothes, bags, shoes, furniture…you name it! and now I will share some of my personal tips to succeed on your next vintage hunt.

  • Size: Don’t be put off if you find something you love but it is the wrong size. The chances of finding gorgeous things in the perfect size for you is very slim, so instead find the things you like, and customize them to make them fit!
  • Time is off the essense: Find out when your charity stocks up, and call in as close to that time as you can. Also research vintage fairs in your area, and make sure you are there when they open. The best pieces will go fast, so it’s worth your time.
  • Check the quality: Look carefully at what makes up the piece, and what condition it is in. Some pieces are just so fragile that one wash will ruin them, so while they might still be worth the buy, make sure the price reflects the quality.
  • Customize: I once found a beautiful dress, covered in badges, buttons and flowers. The dress itself was tired and worn out, but I used the accessories to brighten up other old vintage items, and give them a new lease of life. Keep your eye out for this type of thing!

Vintage shopping is so worth while when you find that dream piece, and know that no one else will have anything like it! You can pass it down through your generations if you look after it, too, and who knows, one day it might be worth millions. Have you got a tip for shopping vintage, or have you found an amazing vintage find? Please let me know!
So after a finding that vintage piece of your dreams, treat yourself and slip cleaning!!! Yes, you can now with Miss Lopez städ, just make an appointment and let the pros to take care of your house, just now you can get 3 hours cleaning for 250 sek, book an appointment at 0735787050 or go direct to

Coolhunter Miss Paulina presents :Our very first contest;Tea party a la Shaby Chic!!

Think you have what it takes to throw a tea party with your favorite celebrity? Now you can win a 150 sek gift card to Butik Downtown and make it happen! (celebrity not included)
All you have to do is write a few lines and describe the perfect tea party with the celebrity of your choice, max 150 words. All you need is a little of imagination and you could win this fantastic gift card to use it at the store to buy products from Kitsh, India house, GreenGate and much more. Sweet, so now ladies let the games begin!
So now leave your contribution at our Facebook event or send an e mail to or  Next Monday there will be a winner!!! Coooool! 😀
Feelgood womanhood a la shaby chic

Miss Paulina, simple fashion to look slimmer. Sweet!

Hello ladies, this is Miss Paulina on the left with Miss Lopez, new fashion blogger at Miss Lopez blog so here are some good old tricks to make you look and feel fabulous.

So you want to look thinner but have no time to drop those 5 kilos or more? Well I have a secret for you, and it all might be hidding in your closet.

Wrap dress: yes, it’s bold and busy, but in a good way. Worried about jiggly bits? Get firmer and flatter with smoothing shapewear underneath.
(Kate Moss in the picture)
Structured jacket: With its broad collar and princess seams, this nipped-in number fakes a tinier torso.
Long layers: To instantly shrink a size, play with proportion — just pop a swingy sweater.

Fitted clothes: Don’t think wearing a size too big will make you look smaller. Instead, find your perfect fit: This double-breasted, trench-style stunner proves that body-conscious is better than billowy if you have curves.

Nude-hue shoes: Smart styles that visually lengthen legs. With footwear that matches your skin tone, your legs will seem to go on forever.
Viva feelgood womanhood!

Miss Stena attends Business in Heart with Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona!

Hello everyone! MISS STENA here again.. What a great day! Started great and ended great!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank MISS LOPEZ for giving me the opportunity to attend the BUSINESS IN HEART seminar today.. All those women that I have met today are very inspirational! VIVA WOMANHOOD!
It made me think of even starting my own business someday! It is definitely life changing! To have the support and guidance of others trully matters, it is important… It is also very good to know that both BUSINESS IN HEART and MISS LOPEZ has the same purpose, to help each other.. To help other women and to make new contacts and keeping in heart those that you already have!

Let´s share the Feelgood Womanhood spirit this Christmas! For a Misslopez Media Group together & Funded by me!

Let´s do it my friends!! Miss Lopez here!  Thank you so much my Facebook friend Birgitta Köhler for helping us to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood! I am so happy!!! 🙂
You know with my blog, Miss Lopez, I want to reach out to more readers to spread the concept Feelgood Womanhood, therefore, I am seeking your support for a marketing campaign, together!! Miss Lopez’s goal is to inspire women entrepreneurs in a more interactive way. This is the way! : with FUNDED BY ME, Swedish Crowdfunding!
´Cause we women worth it!! Viva business women everywhere!!! For a more balanced live & Feelgood! Check Sarah Jessica Parker! She is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Interested in helping us to share the spirit of Feelgood womanhood you too? You can do it too!
And the best of it: helping us helping you as you´ll get a good reward too! Viva crowdfunfing! Viva FUNDED BY ME!!
For a better world a bit of  feelgood womanhood! Cool!
THANK YOU Birgitta Köhler and all Miss Lopez´s friends!

Would you like Miss Lopez as your personal shopper now before Christmas? Get it by FUNDED BY ME, Crowdfunding

Check this out!
Hi MISS LOPEZ! 🙂 I am so happy to inform you my new colaboartion with Swedish Crowdfunfing, FUNDED BY ME ??? so you can get a very nice reward by helping me to improve my blog. Wouldn´t it be great! Helping you helping me! I love it!
The thing is you can get me as a personal shopper among other options by helping me to share the spirit of feelgood womanhood. This is crowdfunding! Perfect now you are thinking of your Christmas presents! 🙂
In the picture the new Brazilian collection Vivara with top model Gisele Bundchen! Beautiful! 🙂
Viva Miss Lopez to make you feelgood! Now as your persoanal shopper too!
Viva Crowdfunfing FUNDEDBYME! Are you helping too? 🙂

Help me to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood. Would you too? I´ll tell You how soon…

Pictures by photograph Felicia Margineau and Miss Marisel make up artist from Beauty Team

One more, this time Miss Barcelona. cool! 🙂

Hi amigos & amigas! 🙂 MISS LOPEZ here! It all started with an idea (MISSLOPEZ´s Blog=FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!) not long time ago…me a Spanish woman in Sweden, Stockholm, almost all by my own after a lot of hard work and a strong believe in myself and my idea. So now Miss Lopez together with my team and a lot of GIRL´s POWER wants to reach out to more readers to spread the concept FeelgoodWomanhood, therefore, we are seeking support for a marketing campaign. Miss Lopez’s goal is to inspire women entrepreneurs & wellness in a more interactive way. So cool it will be? 😀

Interested? I´ll tell you how you too can help us to make this dream comes true. Would you too?

Coming soon…and forever FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD for a better humanhood together! 🙂

By the way, thanks to beauty team, Photograph Felicia Margineanu & Miss Marisel, Bloggers at Miss Lopez too! Coming to our event? Check it out!

My meeting with EQ Swedish expert Louise Mebius. Emotional Intelligence to success. Yes!

Hola amigos! Miss López back on truck again! 🙂 I´ve just got a call from San Francisco about my blog and now I can blog again. Well today I am going to write about something that I call my favourite subject: human behaviour & EQ, in other words, emotional intelligence. I love it! 🙂 So today I´ve had a meeting with EQ expert, Louise Mebius. Check it out!

Here Louise Mebius at the Hub Stockholm.

Louise Mebius fron Inspiro and Miss Lopez!

Nice! I´ve been really interesting to meet Louise then we had the chance to talk about a cooperation with Miss Lopez. Wouldn´t be good to share what she knows about this subject in order everybody & business women  to feel good for real, ever better? Well the thing is according different studies, 80 % of our success at work depends on our emotional intelligence too. Didn´t  you know that? Yes!
In fact IQ is not the same as EQ. We (we may even relate to ourselves maybe?…) sometimes encounter people with very high IQ, still with BIG difficulties coping with personal issues and social life. EQ is even more important in that sense and I do think we all should have more focus on it. Here from Miss Lopez, we aim everybody to learn more about your personal EQ to feel good and cope with your own social & personal issues much better. At the end, all is about finding balance in your life and improving  your EQ will even help you at work. Cool! As I always say, Be Cool, not cold! 🙂
This wonderful woman, Louise works in consulting, evaluates and develops EQ – the emotional and social intelligence. You know,  IQ is almost  fully developed at age 18 but your EQ can develop throughout life. For sure EQ is the key to a successful and harmonious work-life. She told me in order to help companies and people she uses established, scientific and validated test that measures emotional intelligence. Perfect for human resources with recruitment needs too!  Besides EQi test her company Inspiro also provides tests for analytical skills and leadership. Fascinating with human behaviour!  to be continued…
Let´s improve our EQ and feelgood!
Viva emotional and social intelligence!
Emotional intelligence to success!!! Viva Business Women cooperations too & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! Thanks Louise!
Hasta la vista amigos!

Till startsidan