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Miss Lopez at the Royal Palace in Sweden and…

Hello amigos! MISS LOPEZ is back!  Miss Miranda is coming to Sweden soon, are you ready? 🙂

Well, today I feel sooo tired but as I really love writing to you I feel it´s my duty to tell you what I have been doing my last two days. I have had problems with my USB cable so it has been a bit complicated with blogging, thay´s why!! I´ll make a resume then!

First of all I must thank my sponsors Prime Wine Group for the excellent Spanish wine I got for my event. The name of the wine is Cruz de Alba from Ribera del Duero, Spain and it´s really, really good! I recommend it for sure! Then as well I must thank my health coach from Herbalife as it really helps me to be alert all day as well as Go for Life snacks. Thank you all for make me Feelgood or al least make it easier for me! 🙂

Yesterday I have been invited to a very special award, the enviromental medicin award for allergi and cancer investigation at Karolinska Hospital in Sweden. Check it out at Svenska Folk Fonden! It has been a honor to be at the Royal Place, in Stockholm where the award was held as you can see in the pictures. Nice!!

And today me and Miss Barcelona had a business meeting with the Swedish journalist Kristian Borglund that writes at METRO about Time management for entrepreneurs. Good idea, don´t you think so? I think it´s a very good thing for me as I am very creative person and sometimes my mind is out in the clouds, or “las nubes” as we say in Spanish. Viva la creatividad whatever! Don´t you think so? 🙂

The Latin touch of the day comes in form of chocolate in my last picture, see? We went to Panini at Kungsholmen and as the waiter that came from a Spanish speaking country in South America realizes I speak Spanish, she invited us to some small balls of chocolate. Delicious! Gracias! This is what I call connection!!! Viva the Latin touch! So nice! Viva la generosidad!

By the way, do not miss my next event about Healthy balanced meals See you there!! so Feelgood!

Hasta la vista!! 🙂 by Miss Lopez!!


Princess Victoria of Sweden in Germany, Feelgood Womanhood with a Scandinavian touch by Miss López

Hello! Miss Lopez is back again! According to the Spanish magazine Hello, after the great reception they had in the town of Ockelbo, birthplace of Daniel Westling , the Crown Prince and Princess Victoria and Daniel from Sweden in Munich began a four-day official visit to Germany , country of birth of Queen Silvia. This official visit has been affected by delays in air traffic caused by the volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland Grimsvoetn . Check the pictures! Miss Lopez loves Princess Victoria´s style!

It´s been a while since I write about Miss Lopez´s royal news. I hope you like them! I know you do…It´s very easy to get news about Princess Victoria of Sweden in Spain! I think in Spain, we love all news about her as the great icon she is for all women as well. I would say, Feelgood with a Scandinavian touch, isn´t it right? 🙂

I must say the most important for me is the idea of Feelgood Womanhood with any touch from all women in the world. Wouldn´t be nice with a Scandinavian touch too as I live here to start with? So if there is someone out there who want to start blogging with a Scandinavian touch for the new coming blog-networking, Let´s me know! Princess Victoria will be our first icon!! NEXT THE WHOLE WORLD!!

Let´s keep the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood alive for ever anywhere you are, and fight for Your Rights!

Viva Woman´s rights and Feelgood! by Miss López 🙂

Nice to get reminded sometimes…

Miss Lopez tip 7 for San Valentine: Watch out Cupido´s arrow!

Hello again my Latin Lovers!. 😉 Here comes my tip nummer 7 for SanValentine. Do you know that according to a study by the University of Syracuse in USA, love at first sight does exist for sure? It´s true! I find these kind of studies very interesting and that’s why I share it with all of You! I hope you like it!
In Roman mythologyCupid (Latin cupido, meaning “desire”) is the god of desire and  is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor.  So apparently, Cupid does exist, or at least his arrow 🙂 as that university research has revealed falling in love at first sight happens just sometimes in life, but when it happens, it takes less than a second! You may want it or not…
According to a review by this Syracuse University that studies physical reactions resulting in love in our mind, Cupid’s arrow takes about a fifth of a second to take effect in the brain. Also, when a person falls in love, there are up 12 different areas of the brain working to produce the pleasant feeling of euphoria.
But not all types of love are the same. Like love to friends or to a mother (“unconditional” love, says the study, which is stimulated by common and different brain areas), or to a lover ( “passionate” love, stimulated by the reward area in the brain). Moreover, the feeling of love affects intelligence. Several cognitive functions are in place when we are in love, as the ability of mental representation, to construct metaphors…
These results confirm that love has a scientific basis,” said study author Stephanie Nettles. Also, when love does not work it can generate a situation of emotional stress and depression for the disillusioned. So there is also a lack of love as a disease.
Of course, the study does not indicate whether the positive effects of love have an expiration date. We’d better take the risk!
And now, do you believe in love at first sight? For sure Cupido´s arrow exists so watch out! 😀
By the way follow this new worldwide trend on Facebook: make a lonely and very FROZEN 🙂 Swede a bit warmer by sharing a kiss with Miss Lopez!!!!  Puss, Puss
Fall in Love by Cupido´s arrow if you dare and Feelgood. Viva el Amor!

Miss Lopez: tip 6 to succeed during San Valentin!

Hello my Sweet readers! 🙂 How are you doing today? Myself I have a sweet tooth today so here it comes my sweet tip to you for San Valentine in order you to succedd!

Do you know that historically chocolate is considered one of the best aphrodisiac? Yes it´s true! 🙂 Chocolate has properties that emulate endorphins and since the time of Aztecs in America, was used for this purpose and even today chocolate links with pleasures in every sense. There are scientific arguments that support the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate. For example, chocolate makes you alert, relieves fatigue, helps to release endorphins… In short, it makes you feel better!.

Beyond this, the chocolate has substances that liberates pleasure feelings, such as theobromine, phenylethylamine (a substance synthesized by the brain in times like orgasm) and anandamide, which causes general wellness, as well as working to improve levels of dopamine, a substance associated with sexual arousal and pleasure. As you can see, the chocolate is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiac that exist and the most appropriate for those who want to incorporate it into their romantic evenings. Can you imagine next San Valentine night with such a gourmet as this chocolate fondue? 🙂 Or just eating a bar to increase passion naturally … and so delicious!
So very simple, eat chocolate and feelgood at San Valentine!

Miss Lopez tip 2 for San Valentine´s date: cute or sensual. Choose yourself!

Hello there! Miss Lopez here with my tip nummer 2 about your outfit for your San Valentine date. Myself as I am single, right now I have no plans for San Valentine so let´s see if there are good surprises! 🙂

Anyway you can actually choose a more cute style for the day time date or a more glamorous for the night. You choose! If you and your partner have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a daytime appointment with a meal or going to the cinema, my tip is that you can choose a more naïve style, a romantic blend of Lolita and yourself. I love it by the way! 🙂

In the firs picture a blouse in pink from Mango and sailor-style jacket with pink ribbon from Kling . Green shoes and socks in crude tone flounce of American Apparel. Cool!

All know for this day lingerie plays an important role so I  propose this outfit in white tulle broken. Romantic!

For the great event probably at night on the other hand, I propose a wine-colored dress with asymmetrical draping and black male blazer from Topshop , laced sandals with heels of Zara and handbag of Miu Miu. Nice!
About jewelry, choose a  collar with stones to match the dress like this one. Oh my God so nice! I love it too!
Be yourself and dress like the one you want to be. Cute or sensual? You choose and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez news: Good start of the day with Swedish Reztart!

Hello my Dear Feelgood seekers…Yesterday was a really “up and down” day for me, I have it all! 🙂 Good anyway with a good start of the day today with food and products that makes you feel good! You are what you eat and how as well! I do believe so! I must say I am very much into healthy products as I think it´s the most important! Our wellness so Feelgood!

You know yesterday I have had a business meeting during the day in Stockholm and now I am very happy to inform you my new collaboration with Reztart. I´ll tell you what Reztart is: a natural and healthy snack that keeps you alert at least during three hours. Reztart is an unique blend of proteins, carbs and good fat as Omega 3 and 6 that keeps your blood sugar on an even level so you can Feelgood all day! It´s a patented Swedish product in collaboration with Lund University Hospital in Sweden with no artificial ingredients, just natural. Great!

I must say I´ve tried this produt before and I really love it! I though it could be perfect to make Miss Lopez feel good and share it with you! It has everything you need to make you feel satisfied betwen meals. Good for me as the very busy business woman am I, isn´t it? 🙂

Yes I think it´s great I can trust in a product like this during my busy days. From now on, I am going to have a bar and a drink with me always when I am out working every day, even at home. You should try too, and this is my tip of the day to you. At the moment you just can find these products in Sweden at Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven…or at their webbshop. Check it out! Reztart

Nice with natural snacks that make you feel good and Viva Swedish Reztart! Good for business women!!!


The Latin flavour of La Lopez on the floor. Check it out!

Hello amigos! Miss Lopez here again! I have missed you already! Just let me ask you, do you think I am a party girl? I may but now I need a rest from parties and mingligs, at lest for today…waiting for my next one! 🙂  By the way, tomorrow I have an event at Venture Cup, Stockholm in the evening for women´s entrepreneurship, so I´ll let you know then.
Well, did you know that when I was a child in Spain when people asked what did I want to become as an adult, I used to say an artist like Picasso, a writer like Garcia Lorca or a dancer…like Jennifer Lopez? 🙂
Yes it´s true! Can you imagine Miss Lopez dancing all day long? 🙂 At the end I did not go the dancing way and I studied other subjects but at least I can show you now the shooting of the new video of La Lopez, 41 years old J.Lo behind the scenes, “On the floor”. So check it out!
The new American Idol seems to fit as a really party girl as well, wild and crazy, sexy and sweet too! Both the video and club jam features Cuban rapper, Pitbull. Nice! Don´t you feel like dancing already?
I can´t wait to see Jenny from the Block and Mr 305 in the finished work, but for now, check this video behind the scenes! Cool! By the way, Miss Miranda is busy today with a party but it´s coming tomorrow with more news from Italy. See, another party girl! 🙂
And remmember tomorrow it´s Friday! Friday night fever with a Latin touch!
Viva the Latin dancing and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez´s blog among TOP 50 women´s rights blogs in USA

Hello! Miss Lopez here again. I´ve told you the other day there is something special with social media and online marketing that may make you really Feel good!. Feelgood Blogging as I have said the other day, so Check it out!
And you know what, it´s about the feedback you get from people and in Miss Lopez´s case from all over the world, and this time from USA. I have just got an e mail from Cate Newton from education online in USA, and said she and her group love Miss Lopez´s blog! Cool! And for a very good reason: women´r rights! I love the thing they got the message!
Here come Cate Newtown´s words:
I am writing to inform you that Miss Lopez has been featured on Online College Degrees’ list of the Top Women’s Rights Blogs, found here: We hand-picked a list of our favorites and outlined the unique reasons why we love them.
They have decided this new year to focus their efforts on uncovering blog sites that wrote persuasively and positively on issues affecting women around the world. Many of the selected sites feature an emphasis on international womanhood, so as you may know already:
FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD and Feelgood everybody!
Here is my “degree” so Check it out and Viva Women celebrations! 🙂

Till startsidan