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Weekend on the West coast Västkust inspiration

Godmorgon följare! Jag hoppas ni haft en härlig helg med tanke på att det fina vädret hållit i sig. Själv tog jag tåget ner till härliga Göteborg för att hälsa på familj och vänner. Jag passade på att med nya ögon inspireras av den Väst kust-iska stilen och kanske få med mig något nytt tankesätt upp till Stockholm.
Min mors hem är en “mishmash” av ting, färger, möbler, tyger med mera. Intresset för inredning kommer definitivt inte härifrån. För henne handlar hemmet om att bona in sig med minnen utan begränsningar, raka linjer eller andra sedvanliga “inredningslogaritmer”  …om det nu finns något sådant? Nej, här är det bara att slänga upp något på en tom vägg eller yta oavsett om det passar in eller inte. För mig är det svårt att inte gå runt och styra om lite här och där. Det kliar allt för mycket i mina inredningsfingrar. Jag tänkte om denna gång och gick runt för att ta lite bilder. Kanske kunde jag med hjälp av bilderna, se hemmet genom min mammas ögon? Visst fann jag fina detaljer och kombinationer men…. mina inredningsögon hade svårt att se förbi “skavankerna”. Skavankerna som skulle kunna rättas till på ett ögonblick och få hemmet mer harmoniskt. Jag kan dock inte klandra henne helt och hållet utan erkänner att jag är medskyldig. Det var jag som tapetserade och målade om där för några år sedan. Det gäller att det följs upp sedan av detaljer som ska smycka dessa väggar och rum. Här hade jag gett henne fria händer!!
– “Skyll dig själv, fröken besserwisser !”

Tapetval för hallen
Tapetval för hallen

Helgen avslutades med en härlig modevisning med höstens trender och färger. Någon typisk västkust-isk stil kunde jag inte finna men jag märkte av en söderkänsla. En känsla som påminner om Stockholms söders höjder där enkelhetens vindar känns vid. Här är klädstil och inredning kanske inte så kravfyllt som i Stockholms östra och västra delar. Härligt trots allt med lättjan, naturens intrång och havets närhet av denna kuststad i väst. Tack för denna gång och på återseende, vackra Göteborg!
PS. Vill du ha lite tips på enklare heminredning i form av tygbaserade produkter så kan du finna många sådan på Miss Lopez Home webshop.

Miss Paulina, simple fashion to look slimmer. Sweet!

Hello ladies, this is Miss Paulina on the left with Miss Lopez, new fashion blogger at Miss Lopez blog so here are some good old tricks to make you look and feel fabulous.

So you want to look thinner but have no time to drop those 5 kilos or more? Well I have a secret for you, and it all might be hidding in your closet.

Wrap dress: yes, it’s bold and busy, but in a good way. Worried about jiggly bits? Get firmer and flatter with smoothing shapewear underneath.
(Kate Moss in the picture)
Structured jacket: With its broad collar and princess seams, this nipped-in number fakes a tinier torso.
Long layers: To instantly shrink a size, play with proportion — just pop a swingy sweater.

Fitted clothes: Don’t think wearing a size too big will make you look smaller. Instead, find your perfect fit: This double-breasted, trench-style stunner proves that body-conscious is better than billowy if you have curves.

Nude-hue shoes: Smart styles that visually lengthen legs. With footwear that matches your skin tone, your legs will seem to go on forever.
Viva feelgood womanhood!

Miss Marisa's woman in fashion: Carolina Herrera's Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Buona sera a tutti, Eccomi Miss Marisa from Rome!!
The wonderful swimsuits Miss Miranda has posted reminds me that summer is already here and at least here in Lazio, -Rome’s Region- we can already go to the beach…I would choose the Michael Kors swimsuit but I would leave the belt at home.
Today from hot-rainy Rome we’re going to enjoy the Carolina Herrera’s spring-summer 2011 collection, just to refresh your mind and soul.

Carolina Herrera was born on January the 8th in 1939 is a Venezuelan-born American fashion designer and entrepreneur who founded her company in 1980. She creates lovely accessories lines, too, which I adore, and has wonderful fragrances and a bridal collections, too.

Let´s the sun come out  and feel-good womanhood!!

Miss Marisa's Woman in fashion: Frida Giannini for Gucci

Hello Miss Lopez readers. This is  Miss Marisa from sunny and frozen Rome can not wait to go to the Lady&Kalufsen hairdresser I’ve found spectacular and I hope that Miss Lopez learn a lot on Per Ulghiem ‘ Clickthru marketing’s seminar in SEO’ to positionate better, if possible, the blog.
Today I would like to remember you the amazing Gucci’s 2011 spring-summer collection; prepare your fantasy and shopping bags I would buy it all.
Gucci is not only an important and fashion brand, Gucci is also the biggest-selling Italian brand. Gucci operates about 278 directly operated stores worldwide (as of September 2009) and it wholesales its products through franchisees and upscale department stores.From modest beginnings at the end of the nineteenth century, the Gucci company became one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of high-end leather goods, clothing, and other fashion products.
The founder, Guccio Gucci (1881–1953) was impressed with the luxurious luggage he saw sophisticated guests bring with them. Upon returning to his birthplace of Florence, a city distinguished for high-quality materials and skilled artisans, he established a shop in 1920 that sold fine leather goods with classic styling. Together with three of his sons, Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo, Gucci expanded the company to include stores in Milan and Rome as well as additional shops in Florence. Film stars and jet-set travelers to Italy during the 1950s and 1960s brought their glamour to Florence, turning Gucci’s merchandise into international status symbols. such a rich brand couldn’t avoid  internal family disputes during the 80’s that brought Gucci to the brink of disaster.
 Tom Ford was called in 1990 to design a ready-to-wear line. He was promoted to the position of creative director in 1994 when Ford became responsible for creative direction, and by 1996 he directed all aspects of the company—including ready-to-wear clothing, visual merchandising, packaging, interior design, and advertising. Ford that now has his own men line, restore the former reputation of Gucci, while redirecting the growing brand to a new level for the market of the late 1990s. Tom Ford has been part of  Gucci until 2004.
Let me tell you why Gucci has a lot to do with woman not only because of dresses, in 2005, Frida Giannini was appointed as the creative director for women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, previously joining Gucci in 2002. In 2006, she also became the creative director for men’s ready-to-wear and the entire Gucci label. Giannini has been applauded on her fresh, feminine take on contemporary fashion. Born in Rome in 1972,- she is incredibly young women for the position she has in the company-  to an architect father and art history professor mother she studied fashion design at Rome’s Fashion Academy. Once she completed her education she went on to apprentice at a small-scale fashion house. In 1997 Giannini began a career at fashion house Fendi, where after just three seasons of designing for ready-to-wear she was promoted to designer of leather goods. In 2002 she moved to Gucci as director of handbags, and in 2004 was promoted to designer of all accessories. A year later in 2005 the designer was promoted to creative director of women’s ready-to-wear at Gucci, in addition to her role as designer of accessories. In 2006 Giannini was named creative director of the label when she became responsible for design of menswear. In addition to clothing design, she has also developed retail concepts for Gucci stores, and creative control of advertising.
Keep inpired by Miss Giannini  and feelgood womanhood!!!

Lopez News: a new blogger at Miss Lopez´s blog, Miss Marisa!

Hello! Today I am very happy to introduce you an old friend of mine from A Coruña, Galicia in Spain. Another blogger from Galicia! 🙂 We were almost kids when we first met and many things happened to us after all this time. I, Miss Lopez moved to Sweden after living in UK and being almost around the world and she, Marisa Perez, a Venezuelan+Spanish+Galician beauty moved to Rome were she lives now: Ladies and Gentlemen: my Dear Miss Marisa!
Here come her own words!
” New kid on the blog
My name is Miss Marisa and I’m a new blogger on Miss Lopez great blog.
I’ve met Miss Lopez in La Coruña city.
I was born in Caracas Venezuela and then moved to my parents city where I grow up and from there I began to move all around Spain, England and Italy and at the end I’ve arrived in Rome where I actually live: my mind is a beautiful cultural ‘melting pot’ where I still have a lot of room for the good things life will bring to me.
I have studied at university here in Roma at La Sapienza University and I have a degree in communication sciences. I love cinema, fashion, music, travelling, information, communication, reading, dancing and all the things that make all of us more relaxed, more informed, more prepared, ready to face anything.
On my posts we are going to listen and see expert people from Ted conference informing us about the new future challenges and explain us the revolutions we need. I find them absolutely inspiring and interesting and I hope you like them too.
I have also a lot of travel surprises, we will explore some multimedia works like short films, pictures, events and any interesting thing I find for you.
We are going to have a great time together!! And remember ‘Feelgood Womanhood’ “
Great, isn´t it?  Miss Lopez back to you now after Miss Marisa´s words. She will be back soon!
So coool with old friends coming back to you! The revolutions we need! Viva Women´s revolution and Feelgood!

Fall in love again…with shoes!



Hello!. Are you mad and addicted to shoes? So, you’re in the right place, MissLopez!. After being on Swedish TV Förkväll yesterday with my Latino makeover, I loved my shoes from Zara so now I  have just reviewed the catwalk with a magnifying glass to show you the trends of this autumn-winter from Paris, Madrid and New York. But there is more.
What should I buy with the arrival of cold? I am sure you have asked to yourself this question a thousand times. What shoes to wear this season?. Have a look at the pictures from the best catwalks!
You know I sell shoes from Spain too, so dare to ask me for advice.
Time to spy on the shoes of the best shows of the season and fall in love again of course!.
Feel the “love” again this fall even in your feet, and Feelgood!

Misslopez soon in an Italian shooting at Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Hello!. You know I love the seveth art, I mean movies and working in shootings as I actually do sometimes. Today Tuesday and tomorrow I am going to be in the shooting of an Italian film at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  Every time I work in this things, I have a lot of fun, so I hope it will be the same tomorrow. I hope not to get sick or something…
I´ll tell you about this production rigt now. Italian Medusa production and Swedish films AZ proudly presents their new thriller “The end of the catwalk” that takes place in Milan’s legendary fashion world to the Swiss Alps, the most beautiful of Stockholm and in the idyllic Fjällbacka outside Gothenburg. Taking part in this exciting thriller there will be Italian car chases, fashion shows, luxury nightclubs and beautiful palaces!
Acting the beautiful Swedish model photo Alexandra. The film is directed by Carlo Vanzina, one of Italy’s largest and most beloved directors who have produced nearly 20 feature films, among other things, “South Kensington” where he worked with stars such as Elle Macpherson and Rupert Everett.
In this film I may meet famous actors and models from Sweden, England and Italy as Richard E Grant and Vanessa Hessler. The Swedish roles are made by Mr and Mrs Birch Mybrand as we have seen on television and film, and at Stockholm’s City Theatre and Royal Dramatic scenes. For the Swedish production is the Swedish actress, director and producer Ann Zacharias and her film company AZ.
From the 13-18 September 2010 the movie is shooting in Stockholm and Gothenburg and in Fjällbacka. The rest of autumn is the film set in Switzerland and Italy.
The film will be shown in cinemas across Italy next year.
For contact information in Sweden: Ann Zacharias executive producer or
Sara Alström production assistant sara.alstrom @ 070 142 17 67
Well I hope to get some good pictures tomorrow!
Viva the seventh art and Feelgood

Misslopez Fashion tips: Get ready to trackpants fall 2010

Yes to trackpants

If you want to “survive” in terms of fashion  this fall, you´d better learn the name Trackpants!. They are pants that will dominate your wardrobe throughout the season. The trackpantsstomping come to stay.
How are they?: type “sweatshirt”, wide leg and tight to the ankle. You hook your convenience.
Carry it with heels  to bring some elegance.
A tip: Many stores lowcost have already taken their versions of these pants. It is the time to pick up some.
(Photo: Chloé).
Nice!. I like it. Say Yes to trackpants and Feelgood
Feelgood Womanhood
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Misslopez Fashion Fall 2010: get warm with a woolen sweater

Hi amigos y amigas!. How to survive in terms of fashion this fall 2010?. I´ll tell you then!. Have a look at italian Prada catwalk in the picture, which certainly gives us some of the keys to the season.

What I propose this time?: The designer is committed to return of the classic wool sweater. It’s time to rescue them from your closet, in the far corner where they are.
How to wear them?: always with a fine belt. And if it is together with a pen skirt, to give it a lady touch, even better.
(Photo: Prada)
Nice with a warm woolen sweter and Feelgood this fall!

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