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Miss Lopez wedding tips : bridal decolletage en V and be not Miss anymore!

Hi there! MISS Isabel Lopez! MISS LOPEZ! 🙂
And finally the best kept secret has been found out! 🙂 Miss Middleton is not Miss anymore and now she is Mrs Catherine Elisabeth Windsor, I hope for ever! Felicidades from Miss Lopez! Myself I found out she is Elisabeth too, or Isabel in Spanish. Yes Elisabeth=Isabel, a Queen´s name for sure!!! 🙂
See I love weddings  and weddings dresses too and as Miss Miranda said she had a fantastic dress, chic and beautiful and I agree with Miss Miranda I´d also have it myself in my own wedding… 🙂 Thank You Miss Miranda for your post and being so updated! Gracias!
And my wedding tip of today is the same style as the future Queen of England had today at her wedding: IN V. These necklines accentuate the shape of the breast, and can be both discrete and very deep. Its court-shaped vee neck lengthens, and makes you look more stylish and in line with shoulders. Myself I think the combination with lace and V decolletage is so beautiful! I love it! 🙂
Viva the wedding dress of the future Queen of England, Catherine Elisabeth!
Felicidades and Vivan los novios!!
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Miss Lopez wedding tips nr 3 this Wednesday: bride asymmetric decolletage

Hola !!!!
Miss Lopez is back with my wedding tip nr 3! Asymmetric bridal decolletage. This style become fashionable for some seasons ago, and it´s usually associated with asymmetrical neckline dress drapes and falls soft fabrics, inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, but the fact it can be applied to all types of clothing. Cover  by a shoulder and leave the other open.
In fact, if there is a Latin style, it should be this one. I love anciant style from Rome and Greece!! Yes I do! 🙂 In fact I love Roman films from Hollywood and my favourite one is Gladiator with Russel Crowl !! So why not try this “ancient” style and make it new! This is what I call renewal! 🙂 As there is nothing like the classics! Sometimes you don´t need keep looking for! What it´s good, can last for ever!!
Feelgood Womanhood for ever and Feelgood!!!
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Miss Lopez wedding tips: bride decolletage nr 2, "palabra de honor"!

Hi there Lovers of Miss Lopez tips!
A promise is a promise!
MISS LOPEZ here with my wedding tips! In other words, I gave you my word of honor to give you a new tip about wedding decolletage every day this week and that´s what I am doing! By the way I hope you are not too hypnotized by my tips after my last post! 😀
In fact, as least in Spain we call this kind of decolletage “Palabra de honor” or word of honor! Never better said! 🙂
I´ll tell you about this wedding decolletage, one of my favourite ones:
Word of honor. One of the most universal necklines. The strapless dress is perfect for princess line, and provides a very feminine look to the shoulder line. It suits nearly all brides.
Waiting for the big wedding this weekend in UK…to be continued tomorrow with my wedding tip nr 3! Stay tuned at Miss Lopez!
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Ciao amigos!+++

Miss Lopez wedding tips: Bride decolletage nr 1, "boat" style

Hola amigos y amigas! MISS LOPEZ here!! How are you doing today? I don´t know if I am going to get married this summer 🙂 but for sure a new Royal wedding is just round the corner in UK in just few days. Cool! Miss Middleton and Prince William are getting married, the wedding season is here so I decided to start a new wedding serie in my blog: Miss Lopez wedding tips! once a day, all this week! I hope you like my wedding fashion tips!
As you know I used to have my own wedding/party shop with cloths from Spain at Karlavägen Stockholm  long time ago so we´ll focus on the decolletage in this serie, one of the most important things to think of when buying a wedding dress, so check it out!
Today, Miss Lopez wedding tips nummer 1 about decolletage in “boat” style, one of my favourites and the one Prince Victoria had a her wedding last year. So romantic!
Boat Style like the one is the pictures. The boat neckline is rounded and is characterized by a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, front and back of the dress. It is unobtrusive, fits perfectly with the shoulders and usually a favorite of brides looking for a classic traditional wedding.
And You, would you marry with this kind of decolletage?  I wonder which one will use Miss Middleton…
Have a nice day waiting for my second wedding tip and Feelgood!! 🙂
Vivan los novios!! By the way check more about Fashion from Spain
Viva la moda Española!

Fall in love again…with shoes!



Hello!. Are you mad and addicted to shoes? So, you’re in the right place, MissLopez!. After being on Swedish TV Förkväll yesterday with my Latino makeover, I loved my shoes from Zara so now I  have just reviewed the catwalk with a magnifying glass to show you the trends of this autumn-winter from Paris, Madrid and New York. But there is more.
What should I buy with the arrival of cold? I am sure you have asked to yourself this question a thousand times. What shoes to wear this season?. Have a look at the pictures from the best catwalks!
You know I sell shoes from Spain too, so dare to ask me for advice.
Time to spy on the shoes of the best shows of the season and fall in love again of course!.
Feel the “love” again this fall even in your feet, and Feelgood!

Final of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week with daring Antonio Alvarado and Carlos Díez

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Carlos Díez Antonio Alvarado Pasarela Cibeles primavera-verano 2011 desfiles

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Carlos Díez Pasarela Cibeles primavera-verano 2011 desfiles

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Carlos Díez Pasarela Cibeles primavera-verano 2011 desfiles

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Antonio Alvarado Pasarela Cibeles primavera-verano 2011 desfiles

Hello!. More fashion news from Madrid, Spain. Here you see the latest and daring designs of Antonio Alvarado and Carlos Díez from Spain.Their fashion is not for everyone but the truth is that their success is unquestionable. In addition, this time, both seem to have agreed to recreate the catwalk an aesthetic that comes from cuts in the seventies.
About Antonio Alvarado:

  • Colors: White, ‘nude’ … and printing of pictures inspired multicolor stripes on white sailor, navy and red, three colors that, in this collection, joins the snuff color.
  • Materials: Cotton, wool, stretch poplin, raffia ottoman … and reptiles synthetic plastic finish.
  • Lines: waists and shoulder pads embossed with ‘XXL’.
  • Collaboration: Swimsuits in ‘nude’.

And Carlos Diez:

  • Aesthetics: The seventy succeed in the gateway, in which could we be seen baggy pants with bell ‘XXL’, breastplates and asymmetrical skirts.
  • Pattern: Tropical drawings in black, red and yellow.
  • Staging: Wigs and faces metallized paper.

Interesting, don´t you think?. I hope you´ve got a bit of fashion-inspiration from my dear Spain!
Viva the seventies in fashion and Feelgood!

Fashion news from Madrid catwalk: Galician Adolfo Dominguez

Desfile Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Pasarela Cibeles Adolfo Domínguez

Desfile Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Pasarela Cibeles Adolfo Domínguez

Desfile Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week primavera-verano 2011 Pasarela Cibeles Adolfo Domínguez

Hello!. More fashion news from Madrid Fashion week, this time from one of my favourites as he is very good besides from Galicia and one designer who started the new fashion phenomen industry from a region in the north of Spain where I come from, together with others, as well Zara, Inditex company and many more at that time, more than twenty years ago now.
More about Adolfo Dominguez
A very visual parade, full of details and a well researched work pattern, this is my analysis of the collection  of Adolfo Domínguez with a classicism based ‘seventies’. However, the Galician designer transforms his clothes with a deconstruction that presents us  new silhouettes, which finds its inspiration in the architecture of Gaudí.
I´ll tell you the details of the Adolfo´s collection:

  • Fabrics: Silks ‘shantung’, crepe, cotton, ‘voile’ pigmented silk and linen. For the night, ‘glitter’ of colors.
  • Colors: green, white, black and lavender.
  • Lines: The clothes are presented with an asymmetric pattern, strategic torn, overlapping panels and geometric transparencies. Highly structured bodies and skirts cut trapeze.
  • A pattern: spots randomly placed black and blue on white.
  • Accessories: brown leather handbags inspired equestrian clogs with patchwork materials and jewelry inspired by endangered species.

I hope you like too Galician fashion so Feelgood
From La Coruña, Galica, Spain: Zara´s new site
By the way, which is your favourite Spanish label?. Please let me know!.

Michelle Obama chooses Spanish shoes

Hello everybody!.
I am back again and this time with Spanish brands that I love so much, as shoes and I am proud to tell you that Misslopez agency is bringing a new label to Sweden, Victoria Delef. By the way, do you know Spanish shoes are considered to be one of the best in he world?. I think so.
Even America’s first lady wears Spanish label Alexia sandals for a splash of elegance with her more casual looks like in this picture. Michelle Obama has chosen one of the creations made by the brand from Alicante this summer.
According to Fashion from Spain site, her choice is the flat Alexia sandal, which has an anatomical shape and is made from high-gloss calfskin, decorated with large Swarovski sew-on stones in crystal jet, rounded off with a grosgrain bow. Michelle Obama was seen wearing Alexia on July 16, when she took the Air Force One to spend the weekend with her family.
The first lady’s style has been praised by fashion experts the world over, and this is not the first time she has donned a Spanish brand to enhance her customary elegance.
As well as its prestige in the USA, the shoes/sandals Pedro García brand she is wearing has gained a foothold in other international markets, including Asia, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal and the UK.
More about this Spanish label:
Pedro García, a family company creating footwear perfection
Pedro García’s US bid
Soon I will be coming back to you with my new brand from Spain as agent for retailers, Victoria Delef. Send me an e mail and I´ll tell more in detail:
Enjoy Spanish brands in fashion and Feelgood

Misslopez Fashion News: Galician fashion fall/winter 2010-2011

Hola amigos!. Galicia, in the north of Spain, should be considered one of the fashion world capitals as there is so much quality in terms of fashion from this region in the north in Spain. There is something called the galician fashion phenomen, La Moda Gallega and it is not strange that Zara comes from this region originally.
During the Galician fashion catwalk we have found stars that shine with great splendor
Guest Star: She was the first step on the famous Galician catwalk and could not fail in its silver jubilee. The former Miss Spain Maria Reyes has put the finishing touch to each of the collections presented, except that of Florentino.
Another star on the front row: The Galician designer José Castro did not want to miss the proposals of his countrymen and has held a privileged place in the first row of Pontus Veteris. There was a rumour during he last edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week that Castro could be the new creative director of Alexander McQueen Then during the meal on which the Galician gateway the designer were asked about it. Well, the international firm has not been in touch with him but they might be interested.We´ll see…
Good luck, Jose Castro!
Feelgood wearing Galician fashion
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Misslopez news: Lady Gaga succubs to Spanish Fashion

Hi there!. Today news from Fashion from Spain about Lady Gaga.  The current undisputed queen of pop opts for the artistic elegance of Josep Font and the cutting-edge daring of José Castro. The thing is you can find a lot fashion from Spain that it is very good.
Her eccentric and provocative style has turned Lady Gaga into a fashion icon. Her extravagant appearance, plastered over major magazine covers, has turned the singer into an object of desire for fashion designers keen to see the diva don their creations. On this occasion, Lady Gaga has succumbed to designs by two of Spain’s most famous designers. The singer of hits like ‘Telephone’ sported a jacket by Josep Font at one of her photo sessions. The jacket, of military inspirations, was part of his summer 2009 couture collection. Lady Gaga also went for baggy pants by José Castro, from the latest collection on show at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. But this is not the first time that Spanish designers have dressed top international celebrities. In the first instalment of the film ‘Sex & the City’, Sarah Jessica Parker wore jeans by José Castro. Beth Ditto, singer of The Gossip and actress Paz Vega are also fans of the brand. Both José Castro and Josep Font have appeared on the Paris Catwalk, one of the milestones in their respective global careers. José Castro is currently engaged in a partnership with casualwear brand Siempreesviernes for which he is creating a limited edition collection.
More at
Feelgood like Lady Gaga 🙂 with Fashion from Spain

Till startsidan