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Miss Lopez Christmas dessert: homemade Turrón de yema

It´s my favourite Christmas dessert and so typical from Spain this time of year! I love it!
Turrón de yema! By the way do you know that the only thing to have to eat at Christmas for sure in Spain, that it´s the same for everybody is the dessert, I mean turron in different flavour.  The dinner & food itself may vary but turron you must always have at the christmas table. Viva my favourite turrón & Feelgood! Do it at home and tell how it goes!
1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of almonds, 12 egg yolks; wafers (optional).
Blanch and peel the almonds crushed in a food processor, but without making almond flour: it is better to leave a slightly thicker texture.
Pass the sugar in a blender and mix well with almonds.
Add to the mix the egg yolks obtained somewhat slowly and work hard to make a paste.
If something gets hard, add a bit of unbeaten egg white and mix well.
Line a cake pan with parchment paper and pour the pasta. Cover with paper and place a weight on top (for example, some milk cartons, etc.) to press it well. Leave for several hours in a cool place.
To toast the nougat you can use a kitchen torch (those used for example to preparecrème brûlée). Another option is to beat an egg, paint with a brush the top of the nougat, set the oven to 250 meetings (only top) and put the nougat a minute or less or until you see it has begun to brown.
Once cool, cut into rectangles but  not too thin.
Hasta la vista with more Christmas cooking tips with a Latin & Spanish touch! 🙂 FELIZ  NAVIDAD to everybody! 😀

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