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Are you good at breathing properly?. Read this!

Hi there!. Something very important today..I do believe breathing can make you feel good even better. I´ll share this with you. Breathing is fundamental: your health, your mood and your performance depend on it. It is essential to oxygenate the body. To breathe properly, it is important always to inspire through the nose because the nasal passages act as natural filters as well as air temperature equal to that of the body. Exhale slowly, expelling the air gradually and even feel how empty the lungs. Hyperventilation occurs precisely because of an accumulation of excess air, produced when it is not completely expelled.
It is also essential to maintain good posture with your spine straight and support the body structure in the kidney area, both when you are standing or sitting. The rhythm of quiet breathing of a normal person is around 15 times per minute, and during intense exercise can reach 50.
All of these tips will make you feel good, because the lack of air and inadequate breathing can cause various side effects such as nervousness, sleep disturbances, restlessness and tension. This is one of the reasons why there are respiratory therapies that help solve energy blockages, and often very effective to release hidden tensions. And an additional advantage is that deep breath strengths the muscles of the abdomen, the kidney area and back, helping to improve the figure and make it look slimmer. Also, if you’re stressed, try to breathe deeply, calm probably will recover.
Learn to breath properly and Feel even better!

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